People, Process, and Product: The Fundamentals of Talent Acquisition

Mary Faulkner, Talent & Business Leader | Writer | Speaker

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13 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Welcome and Overview

    • 2. The State of Talent

    • 3. People I: Why it's so hard to fill open positions?

    • 4. People II: Building a foolproof job posting

    • 5. People III - What makes people tick?

    • 6. People IV: What makes a great recruiter?

    • 7. Process I: Pipeline & the Candidate Experience

    • 8. Process II: What Candidates really want

    • 9. Process III: The recruiting process

    • 10. Product I: Introduction to Employer Brand

    • 11. Product II: Why your brand matters to candidates

    • 12. Product III: Basic steps to build your brand

    • 13. Wrap Up


About This Class


Everyone has heard of the "3 Ps of Business" - People, Process, Product. This model applies to Talent Acquisition as well.  In this session, we will examine the current state of Talent Acquisition today - trends, challenges, and opportunities - by framing the topic around the 3 Ps:

  • People: refers to both the talent companies pursue as well as the recruiters who pursue them. We'll look at candidate expectations and market realities. We'll also discuss the characteristics of a successful recruiter.
  • Process: this is the heart of the pursuit for talent - the Candidate Experience. We'll focus on how candidate expectations are shaping the way companies should be approaching the attraction and selection process.
  • Product: if you're in talent acquisition, you're selling a product - the job/work, the company, the total rewards package, in short, the value proposition. We'll look at how to package and sell your "product" to attract the candidates you want for your organization.


  • Describe current key trends in talent that impact your company's ability to attract and retain the right people for you
  • Identify who you are looking for - who are the right candidates for you?
  • Identify the characteristics of a successful talent advisor/recruiter
  • Use current trends to create a candidate experience that will differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Build an employer brand and value proposition that not only attracts the right candidates for your organization but helps re-recruit your exiting employees every day.

A quick note: This class is designed primarily for the in-house recruiter. That does not mean agency or contracting recruiters won't be able to find some key takeaways, but the content is directed more towards those who work within an organization.