Pensons à l'avenir 3: Learn to use irregular French verbs in the Future Tense | Carol Harvey | Skillshare

Pensons à l'avenir 3: Learn to use irregular French verbs in the Future Tense

Carol Harvey, Language Teacher, Education Consultant

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5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction and Overview

    • 2. 2. Les verbes avoir et être au futur

    • 3. 3, More irregular verbs

    • 4. 4. Mon rêve

    • 5. 5. Conclusion


About This Class

Language learning is a journey.

Learning French verb tenses in the present, past and future is an important gift that you can give to yourself! Once you are comfortable talking about what you did last week, where you want to go next summer etc. you are really able to connect with French- speakers. You will have the enjoyment of meaningful communication with a new community!

I want to help you learn the future tenses with this three-part series. This short class concentrates on irregular verbs that don't follow the normal pattern. In particular, you will practice the verbs avoir and être- but you will also learn how to form the future with other irregular verbs as well.

I try to make my classes enjoyable and interesting for you... let me know how I did!





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Carol Harvey

Language Teacher, Education Consultant

Welcome! As a bilingual Canadian, I'm dedicated to helping busy learners progress in English, French and other areas of interest. I currently teach English for Academic Purposes to international students at our local university but love online teaching as well. Have a look at my classes and see what might interest you.

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