Pendant Light DIY: Learn How To Make Your Own Lights | Josie Hardy | Skillshare

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Pendant Light DIY: Learn How To Make Your Own Lights

teacher avatar Josie Hardy, Furniture Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What you'll need

    • 3. Wiring the plug

    • 4. Wiring the switch

    • 5. Wiring the lampholder

    • 6. Glueing the lampholder

    • 7. Hanging your light

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About This Class


Everyone wants these cool pendant lights in their home these days (maybe it's just me but they are just so versatile and useful to have).

This class will teach you how to make your own simple and super affordable pendant light. 

Never wired a switch or a plug before? Don't worry - I'll show you how! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Josie Hardy

Furniture Designer


Hello Skillshare friends. My name is Josie and I am a furniture designer, culinary enthusiast and general maker of things. I am also 21 years old and currently studying a BBA brand building and management in my hometown Durban, South Africa.

You can read about my furniture design endeavours here:

And you can also see more of my work here:

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1. Introduction: Hey, school shape. So my name is Josie Hottie, and I have a strict design, and today I'm gonna be teaching you how to make a hanging pendant and anything like me. You spent hours on the Internet looking for things to having room furniture, relax things that are affordable and cool. Some ideas of these images being that's like this I did. You have to make your already that just looking like this. So I'm going to stop. You need please bear in mind that with the products I use, so the plan is different. But if you about what you have in your country, just YouTube, how to the UK and so forth which will be released this which is as well. But that's a good general. I don't do it. And I'm sure you got it. Actually, story easy and I'll show you a somewhere giant and I'll show you with detail off because I was really great couple pieces and love, which which adds detail. So, yeah, I want to start showing what we need and how to Why everything up. If you enjoy 2. What you'll need: Okay, So I'm gonna take you through what we need in terms of tools. You're gonna need a selection of screwdrivers, but it's tossed. You're driving a flat screwdriver. They need some scissors to cut the insulation tape activation table. So for inside the switch, we need some cutting the grass to cut cord for the cable that we're going to use supplies. You need some Y strip booze. My wife strip is which are adjustable. This is cold cab tire, and it's going to cause inside of it. It's flesh colored. And everyone was I'm just using to unearth under whatever that's cold. And this is 3.5 meters, but you can use every documents. Five model, captain. Then you'll need a plan. What if your country has plugs? Used two kinds of switches yet is a floor switch and this is three switch. I'm gonna use that through such It's beautiful. I need a lamp holder. This is a bra Sam holder with the totem. Oh, hold a base here during an ask just cross. They were easy to use and if you want to just hang it by this looks quite that's I also had a couple thing I spoke about earlier, which was two pieces of copper and they glued together. You just put Joe Lamport inside and then it hangs like that and it just looks a lot better than just had this. But you can find use this more than enough. Lost me. We have the the globe. This is a filament globe. It is from your lacks a border here on the base is saying it. But you make sure ever lamp holder you get is what base you get relaxed. It's screwing to screwing base and they just pretty last. You can get one Amazon Look for them into close element full. 3. Wiring the plug: We're going to start by wiring the plague to one end of the cable so you can stop us to remove the cable jacket with your wire strippers, you'll find two. Why is inside? And you can unscrew the screws that were holding the place together with the screwdriver. This will open up your plugs. You can get inside. You'll see inside your plug that you have three places to put your wise. I'm when you're going to use the bottom two. It's about screwing it and us to open up the holes that you can put the wise and they construct the wise down to the be a wire. And then I usually twist them to make me go and easily You can stop, are slipping one wire into the open home and then tightening closed with same screwdriver and then during the game. For the second, Make sure it's tied to that doesn't come out if you pull it once you face in birth and give it a tug so you can see that it's tightly fastened in and pull it through backwards and put your cap back on anything. Screw or screws back into place and the you guard your plug is done 4. Wiring the switch: okay, When you have done the plug, we're gonna Why the switch? So you need to make a cut and look it in the cable, and it doesn't really matter. We may God, just think about we'd like a switch to be. We'll be hanging it up. I normally do it close to the bottom. So by one meter up from the plug, cut it with your pliers and then you're going to strip the cable jacket off of each end about four centimeters down. Once you've stripped both your cable jackets, you're gonna open up your switch using a screwdriver very soon or to the flag. Inside, you'll switch. You'll see this. Toodle screws. There's a switch in this little copper piece that connects and disconnects the circuit to the lack on and off. So what you're gonna do question into the play Beginners you're gonna end. Screw the little screws and you'll see underneath is a plate that's holding that's being held up by the screw. So as your inscrutable loosen that you can slip the wire underneath that plate and then return it, it'll bring a plate up in little clothes. That officer that the wires stuck inside they now you're only going to be putting one wire from each side and the plates and in the left, ever wise, you're going to be binding together with intubation tapes that the circuit is still intact . Case ago on and use a screwdriver to open up the, um, a little screws. You see a gap opened up underneath, and you can strip your cable jacket to get down to the bare wire about a centimeter from the top. I'm doing this on my to flesh colored wires because I'm on a banned list together with my insulation tape. He hasn't insulation tape. Just cut a small piece, twist your wires together and then put the insulation tape arana toe. Hold it fast in place. Then you can place your wires back over the switch so you can get your measurements full of blue ones. You're going to see how much need to cut off the broods, make it fit snugly and delete the screws. After you've bound the two flesh colored wires together, you can see on mine. I need to take off about office in tomato on each and strip them down to that. I can put the bay wise underneath with screws are so here. Carefully strip each one. Make sure about the right measurement in that place underneath. You can see there. Sorry, it's a little bit far away from the camera, but you can see then in a tattoo on my screw over it and little hold in place. Just be clear. I'm putting my wires in between the plate underneath the brought us that you can see and the screw And then when I tighten the screw it closes that gap between the plate and the screws so that I hold your wires be firmly in place. Then just try and push your cable in between those two little gaps so you can close it off neatly but Joel cap back on and your screws in the back and talking it again to close it. And the EU Gorius, which is done 5. Wiring the lampholder: our last component. Why? It is the lamp holder. So you take the lost in that you have open on your cable. You're going to strip it down about four centimeters again from the top to expose the two wise underneath. And you got to strip those two wise down about sin to Meteo from the top to get your haywire. Okay, Now we'll take apart the lamp holder so you can see here two rings. The first bring them. Taking off now is actually for a lamp. Shade is not really important. The second ring holds the base and the top part to get us that is important. Then you'll see inside you have the small ceramic compartment, and in that is where you're gonna be putting your wise and same concept with screws. You open up the screws and tacking him over. So first of all, we need to put our carpet peace over the wire. So there's a two copper pieces. Well, blew them in later, but that over the wire so that they could go on the bottom. If you leave, this are you can get it on. So you need to put on now, then you do the same with the bottom piece off the lamp holder that goes on and you just leave it there. Why you wire up the inside of ceramic piece. I like to twist my wife again so that they fit and I sleep. So seeing the bottom yet that that to open holes and two screws on top when you under those screws opens up the whole so you can get your white all the way through. And then you talked in that screw, and it closes its over the wire and holds in place. So he I'm just opening up my screws. You could do the same with the flat screwdriver. This is what you'll sample uses and then make sure my wise on tax, if they could fit nicely into these holes once I put it in a talking one. And then when I'm finished wrapping this one with sick and wire through, and I talked it over that one also, I get a little time just to make sure that it's tact and I get my bottom piece and I bring that up to the top so that I can screwed on the big ring. I mentioned the important one. It's the thicker looking ring. You put that over, and it takes a load of fiddling around to get it to sit flesh. But just fiddle. You'll get that on perfectly intact mint. You can add on the sauce a little bit lost little ring, but it really isn't important. If you are having a lamp shade to go with your latte, then we're going to put some brew inside to fit the lamp holder inside the copper piece. But if you don't have a cup of peace, it's really fun. You can just hang the lack from the brass lamp holder, and when you do that, you'll pull the top from the cable just to make sure that it's stuck in nasty. But I'll show you how to do that in the next video. 6. Glueing the lampholder: okay. In order to glue the copper pieces together and into glue the brass piece inside the copper I used Pratley's Quick City clue. It's two tubes and mix them together, and they make a really strong blue. But you can use any superglue that you have or epoxy if you have, so we'll start by viewing the two copper pieces together, and they will put through the inside to hold in the lamp holder. So it really doesn't take much grew just but half of some size of each kind to mix them together. And then they bond to make a really, really strongly make sure you mix improperly. Otherwise it won't work very well. You can stop putting glue inside the bigger ring off copper, and then you slide that over just smoldering. It drives really fast. So if you just hold in place for a little little drive and then you can put their on your sample, don't wake and put it inside the cop out. Whatever seats you, this is just easier for me because I don't want to get my do you all over the side of my car just on the bottom part where it's needed to hold the lamp holder in place. Make sure you get a thick layer so that it can actually touch the copper. Then use your cable just to pull it through tightly. Make sure sitting in there and then you must make sure it's straight out of your butt. Bell will be skews, so just make sure I looking that it straight, and then you can let it drop and your whole that is now done. So the next video, we'll just hang it up. 7. Hanging your light: Okay. Now that my night is ready, I've decided I want to hang it up in my bedroom above my bed. So I have two tries in this piece of wood to hanging off, and I'm just looping it around a few times just to hold it in place and my quite cables long enough to reach the plague and puppet, which is really nice. So the longer you cable, the better it is. And just choose whatever had you want by Justin. Your loop. Then just put your lap of inside, make sure you keep reviews up. It was a quite fragile and test it out, make sure it works. And that is your lap. Oh, the end.