Pencil and Watercolor Tree: Beginner's Level

Beth Gatza, Artist in Los Angeles, CA

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5 Videos (43m)
    • Warm-up: Line Drawing Exercises

    • Intro and Materials

    • Drawing the Tree

    • Painting the Tree

    • Advanced: Details with Color Pencil


About This Class

Draw and paint a tree in pencil and watercolor using class techniques.





Beth Gatza

Artist in Los Angeles, CA

Beth Gatza is an art teacher and an oil painter.

Previously, Beth has worked nationally and internationally on over 35 films, music videos, commercials and T.V. shows in art department, including art directing and production designing 16.

Beth has painted 5 backdrops for theater sets, including a 16'10'' x 35' backdrop for Alice in Wonderland in 25 hours.

Beth has production designed 2 fashion shows, and designed a pair of men's jeans as a guest artist for RAWK Magazine. 

Beth is a practicing artist and spends her free time working on 2 graphic novels, paintings and wood sculptures. She has had work displayed at the Fred Weisman Mueseum in Minneapolis for Red Bull, the Terra Museum in Chicago, and her own film and art installation at The Doug, in Southern Illinois. Beth has apprenticed at a metal shop for sculptor, Eric Stephenson for his piece, 'Strut'. Beth has also graphic designed over 50 peices for film, fashion, independent companies, schools, and events.

For a full portfolio of Beth's work, please visit her website at: