Pencil Portraiture: Drawing the Analog Selfie | Veri Apriyatno | Skillshare

Pencil Portraiture: Drawing the Analog Selfie

Veri Apriyatno, Artist

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3 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Free Video Lesson: Sketching

    • 2. Painting

    • 3. Finishing Touches


About This Class

Go behind-the-scenes with renowned artist and painter Veri Apriyatno as he draws a realistic self-portrait, captured in a stunning 35-minute timelapse that will inspire you to create a portrait of your own.

From gathering materials to sketching to actually drawing your self portrait, Veri includes a few surprising techniques on drawing depth, highlights, and realistic features. By the end, every student is encouraged to share a portrait of their own, inspired by a selfie.

This class is recommended for those with basic drawing experience, although students from all backgrounds are welcome to take part and experiment.