Pen Tool in Photoshop: How To Create Paths and Precise Selections | Dawid Tuminski | Skillshare

Pen Tool in Photoshop: How To Create Paths and Precise Selections

Dawid Tuminski,

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19 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Pen Tool in Photoshop :Promo video

    • 2. Pen Tool :Introduction to the course

    • 3. Pen Tool :Design chalenge

    • 4. 1. Pen Tool in Photoshop - Creating Paths and Shapes

    • 5. 2. Pen Tool in Photoshop - Common features with Illustrator

    • 6. 3. Pen Tool in Photoshop- Common features Continued

    • 7. 4. Pen Tool in Photoshop and Illustrator - Differences

    • 8. 5. Pen Tool in Photoshop - Freeform Pen Tool

    • 9. 6. Pen Tool in Photoshop - Add and remove anchor points

    • 10. 7. Pen Tool in Photoshop - Let's sum up what we've just learnt

    • 11. 8. Pen Tool in Photoshop - Creating shapes. Adding,removing and converting anchor points

    • 12. 9. Pen Tool in Photoshop - Adjusting Paths

    • 13. 10. Pen Tool in Photoshop - Quickly manipulate paths

    • 14. 11. Pen Tool in Photoshop - Make selections out of shapes

    • 15. 12. Pen Tool in Photoshop - Make selections with the Pen Tool

    • 16. 13. Pen Tool in Photoshop - Save and load selections

    • 17. 14. Pen Tool in Photoshop - Make selections with the Freeform Pen Tool

    • 18. 15. Pen Tool in Photoshop - Design challenge resolved

    • 19. Thanks for watching

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14 of 15 students recommend this class
Mohit Verma

Freelance Designer

As i am watching this class on aug 2018 & using photoshop cc 2018, hence can clearly say that, This class was recorded way earlier may be in 2010-12. And the photoshop version used is also way older. But having said that, there is still relevant info out there and one ting i liked the most about dawid sir, that he kept the videos shot 3-5 min [max] so that we can easily practise what is being taught. I already knew how pen tool works but watched the course for more insightful infor which i surely got. Things such as magnetic freeform pen tools and switching between different tools while on pen with shortcuts were some key point which i have taken from the class. Overall a nice class. Learned some new techniques and improved myself as a designer. I definately recommend this class to someone who wanna learn to use pen tool in photohsop in a very basic manner [as this is a basic course nothing advace here] Thanks & Regards Mohit Verma
Manuel Alves


excellent lecture, hope you could make more photoshop lectures for us.
I really enjoyed this course. I have always been intimidated in using the pen tool but now that Dawid has made it so easy to understand, I am happy to give it lots of tries! A great teacher. He explains things that a beginner can understand. Please keep the courses coming. I want to learn more!