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Peaceful Patterns in your Art Journal with Nikalola

teacher avatar Nikki Jouppe, artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. hello!

    • 2. supplies

    • 3. exercise one: raindrops

    • 4. exercise two: foliage

    • 5. exercise three: abstract

    • 6. exercise four: bubbles

    • 7. exercise five: curlicues

    • 8. class project

    • 9. thank you!

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About This Class

When I am stressed and anxious, it helps me a lot to get my art supplies out and fill a page with a pattern. I have a few designs that I come back to again and again and they always seem to make me breathe a little deeper.

I wanted to make a class that was a chill, easy, paint-along style for all the people stuck at home during this crazy quarantine time. I hope that this class will relax you the way it relaxes me.

First of all I'll show you the simplest supplies I am using, but I will encourage all my students to use whatever they have on hand and to JUST START.

Canson Multi Media Spiral Book

Prima Marketing Watercolors - Tropical

Pentel Water Brush Pen

Fiskars Paper Trimmer (similar)

Black Ink Brush Pen

Then we will do five pattern exercises together, with soothing sounds and music in the background. I am showing these all in real-time, and I will be doing minimal talking. I think it is soothing to just paint with another artist.. and sometimes it helps to have prompts to get you started.

This class is perfect for anyone of all skill levels. Even if you don't think you are "artistic" or "creative" I think you may be surprised how enjoyable this can be.

Meet Your Teacher

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Nikki Jouppe



Hey everyone! My name is Nikki Jouppe, also known as Nikalola and I live with my rowdy family in Montana! I have been teaching on here since May 2019 and I love encouraging others to make time for creativity! I feel like making time for art has helped me so much with my mental health and my mood!I was always an artistic kid but I put most of my creativity on the back burner when I first became a mom in 2004. Later on, I realized that I am a happier mom and a more relaxed human being when I make time for art every day! I have an Etsy shop where I sell some of my hand lettering pieces, and also am dipping my toe into the many ways I can sell my artwork on different sites online:

I have always enjoyed opportunities to teach: I try to do art projects with my kids' classes (th... See full profile

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1. hello!: Hey, guys, it's me. Nikki Jobe, also known as Nikola, and I'm back with another art journaling class for you. I'm calling this one peaceful patterns. We've all been going through a lot lately, and I wanted to make a class that might help with some of the stress and overwhelm you might be feeling whenever I'm keyed up. There is nothing that relaxes me more than get now my paints in my art journal and just filling a page full of patterns. Something about all the repetition is just so good for my brain. It's like I go into this Zen state because I'm not really worried about the end result. This class is going to be a bit different than any of my other classes. I wanted it to be longer, slower, less talking, less editing, just a chill painting time. Together, I'm in a geigy through five exercises of patterns, each one kind of different in their own way. But I can do all of the's on autopilot. So even if you don't think you're an artist, especially if you don't think you're an artist, thes are not hard. I totally think you can paint along with me no sweat. Even if you've never painted before. I'm gonna play some soothing background sounds and music, and we're just gonna chill and paint five pages of patterns together. I promise you're gonna be more relaxed when you're done. I encourage you to let go of all your expectations. Let go of your perfectionism and just enjoy the process. There is no and goal other than calming yourself down. We are all artists. You can do this. At the end of the exercises, I will show you two different ideas for these pages of patterns. If this sounds like something you need today joining in the next lesson 2. supplies: Okay, So for this class, you can use absolutely anything you have on hand. You can use scratch paper just out of the recycle bin. Whatever. You know, old school work sheets from your kids. You could use any sort of sketchbook or no pad or whatever. Um, you could totally choose to use watercolor paper, which is definitely the most premium paper for using watercolors. But I will be using a mixed media book. I talk about these in a lot of my classes. They're just a really affordable way to get into watercolor. That's still pretty good at accepting a lot of liquid. And there's just a very slight texture to the paper. I'm using a little bit book, bigger book this time and then my favorite set of paints. These are by prima marketing, and this is the tropical set. My absolute favorite. The palette looks like a mass, but that doesn't even matter. And with this that I'm gonna be using a water brush pen, which is basically how water filled paintbrush. So you start out with your dry paint, and you need to squeeze a little water into each of these paints to activate it. But then you can draw with ease, just as you would a marker, and you get those same little brushy details that you would get from a paintbrush. It's just such an accessible way to get into watercolor. Highly recommend everyone get them. But don't hesitate doing this class just because you don't have these supplies yet. I promise you, you will get just as much out of it if you use just maybe you have some markers on hand. Those would be just fine for these exercises. These air. So Prisma color markers. Or maybe you have some felt tip pens. I have some of these here. You can do all these patterns with whatever supplies you have, so round up some art supplies and we'll start with the first exercise. 3. exercise one: raindrops: So in this first exercise we are going to paint rain drops. Just take it slow. You can draw them big. First of all, you can draw them solid or leave them empty like I'm going to. I'm gonna fill them in later with some patterns. And I'm just using shades of blue you can make. This is multicolored as you want. When I'm drawing these raindrops shapes, it makes me think of kind of washing clean renewal. Spring kind of makes me think about teardrops. Brain isn't all bad. Rain cleans the earth is a fresh start and I'm kind of alternating my colors from light to dark, kind of moving from side to side on the page so that my hand doesn't touch the wet paint. Just take it easy. Don't stress. It's the opposite of what we're supposed to be doing here. We're supposed to be relaxing still, the page with rain drops, you can experiment with sizes and shapes. See if you prefer to do them all in one stroke or, if you like doing them into strokes like I am No. Two raindrops look the same. So now I'm going to start filling in some of these raindrops with some shapes. Sometimes it feels like enough for just at the shapes of the rain drops. But this time I am not ready to be done, and I want to clean doodling between each one. I'm kind of thinking about what I should do next, and it feels very familiar to me. Like something I did when I was in elementary school lines. Dots followed. Fills, scrapes, circles. So many possibilities. Just remember to keep your shoulders loose. Wrist loose, your jaw loose. Remember, this is this is for your mental health and just relax and enjoy it. Sometimes I even catch myself holding my breath and you need to let it go. Anything goes in these rain drops. I love all those blues kind of fade and how they look on the page, lights and darks. This is a place to play an experiment. Maybe we'll take some of these techniques that you're playing with here on this page and use them later for something. Something else in your are journal. But for now, this is just pure relax ation. Sometimes it's hard to think of something unique to put inside a raindrop, and I have to pause for a minute. Anything goes. You'll all have our own ideas and our own spin on this one. I hope you're enjoying it and you can just be done. Whenever you feel like you're done, it's totally up to you. - There you have it or don. 4. exercise two: foliage: So for the second peaceful pattern today, we're gonna do leaves on greenery, and I am just going to start with some lines going from top to bottom. And then I'm gonna paint in some leaves on either side of the stock. I'm not worried about them being perfectly a like one another, adding more paint when I want to. I like how some of them are lighter and some are darker. I'm just thinking about spring growth renewal, playing with some different leave shapes. For this page, I'm gonna be using shades of green, maybe a little brown. And as I'm drawing these leaves, I'm kind of, incidentally, drawing a infinity sign. And that kind of makes me smile. Right now. It's spring time where I am, and we're just starting to get the very faintest hints of new girl from the trees. And it's lovely. I want you to imagine differently if shapes you have seen, or if you want to make them more stylized, like mine. That's fine, too. There's just something so relaxing about doing things repetitive, Lee. And yet each leaf looks a little bit different, depending on how much paint I have on my brush, depending on how much pressure I use, gives it such a charming, hand drawn look good experiment with some heart shaped leaves, maybe coming off stock at different intervals. Maybe heart shaped leaves are actually inverted like this. I don't even know. But like we said in the other lesson, this is just a place to play and be lighthearted. Be relaxed. Just have fun with it. Don't take it so seriously. When I try filling in some of these anything goes, and I were going a little more into the grounds, and I'm just making, like, a long read or something with maybe some buds on it. It's not so important if this is actually what a branch looks like in nature, we're just playing around maybe a few extra circles here. Now I'm going to again experiment with filling some of these shapes with some lines and patterns, using the very tip of my brush. Just seeing what my hand wants to do. This is the opposite of planning in advance. This is complete and total improv experimenting with how the veins might be on the leaf. That's it's you some of these air pretty modern and Some of these are a little more traditional, but it's fun to have this page of experiments in my art journal. Maybe later I'll come back and pick my favorites to recreate. But for now, I can just turn my brain off and mess around and see what happens. Did you know that your brain is wired, that when it hears birdsong, it gets calm instinctively because the birds only seeing when there's no danger around? So I liked to harness that and really appreciate birdsong when I hear it and imagine that my primitive brain is really chill. So we're veering into some reds here just because I had it on my palette. You can make these pages as colorful as you want. Whatever makes you happy. It's sometimes it's hard to know when to stop, but usually I stopped because one of my kids needs me not because I'm actually second tired of painting. So you do you and just enjoy the process. It's 5. exercise three: abstract: third exercises a lot more abstract, then raindrops and leaves. But it's one that I come back to again and again, and it's just basically painting shapes and lines and blobs kind of in layers and letting the colors inspire me. So I'm starting off with some irregular blobs of pink and keeping in mind that that I likes odd numbers of things. So I'm gonna pick an odd number of blobs, and then I'm gonna pick up some of this orange on my brush and layer over some circular lines. I can only go over the pink where the pink has dried otherwise and bleed together. And maybe you like that look, but looking for some dry places to we're in these loose shapes. I love how pink and orange look together. Next up, I'm gonna take a little purple, I think. Look and experiment with some dashes thes Remind me off sewing, mending. We're starting to kind of tie pieces of this pattern together, overlapping onto some of the orange on to some of the pink, and it starts to make this all look more cohesive, but it still looks pretty random. I love how the different areas overlap and blend. It's just so soothing some of these air reminding me of rain clouds. But overall it's just a very abstract pattern. And if you'll notice, I chose an odd number off groups of stitches as well. How I'm making some different marks with my purple paint, some watery wavy lines. And I love watching the water Slow paint pool. I kind of see all the different effects you can get. Now I'm gonna add some more lines in a rich pinky red color. Absolutely. Anything goes on these kind of patterns, but experiment with line and shape and see what kind of things you like to dio. I feel like I could go on forever, but at some point it does start to fill up the page, and I can be satisfied with what I have. Sometimes I intentionally leave a place open so that I can journal later. Or sometimes I feel the whole page. Yeah, E. I hope you like this one as much as I dio. It's really fun. Combinations are endless 6. exercise four: bubbles: this'll fourth exercise. We're gonna be drawing bubbles or circles or falls or dots. However you want to think of it. I don't know why, but my hand always wants to paint thes circles and rings, touching some of them, touching some of them not what some of them bleeding into each other. There was a drop start a new one over here. I'm keeping the colors in similar color family right now. Since I like pink, I'm just going to kind of do all the colors that are nearby, pink on the color wheel, pinks, oranges and purples and continuously mixing new colors. When I see all these circles in bubbles touching Onda adjacent to each other, I think of our communities and how we're all connected in various ways and nearby some and not not so near others. I also think about I toy that I had when I was younger, where there's oil and water droplets, oil is in the water, stay separate from the other droplets, and it was mesmerizing to watch the same way. It's mesmerizing to just paint endless circles. What I kind of see how things look when certain colors are next to each other and what move from one side of the page to the other to keep things visually interesting. What? I don't worry so much about them being perfect circles, although my hand has practiced this enough that they're not too terribly wonky. What? But I just feel like I get in this flow state where my mind can be wandering in 100 other directions and my hand is just calmly painting circles, varying big ones and little ones. What, being an extra squeeze of water if I want to lighten the color. What, what? One night recently, you're a few off. My girlfriend's got together and way. We're staying at a cool house up in the mountains, and I brought my heart journal and I was painting a page full of circles for a big portion of the evening on, and I hope it didn't look rude to my friends. But I feel like when my hands are busy with my artwork, especially something kind of mine less like this, I am a better listener. Rather than quickly thinking off a reply, I can just listen. Take it in and you can just keep adding heading layers, adding dimension, and it just looks so pretty the whole the whole time. What way e think It's good for our brains to make our just because I'm not thinking about this as a fabric pattern or a stationary design. The sole purpose of this exercise today is just to quiet my brain and have some time for myself. Juicy paints at what? And of course, maybe later I will come back and say I like that. Then maybe scan it in and do something with it. But right now there's zero thought going into that marketability of this design. What? And these pages are a little bit bigger than my typical art journal, so definitely takes a while to fill the page. But I like the irregular edges where they kind of spill off like a jar of parables. What? Maybe I'm weird, but this also kind of reminds me off cells of our body doing what they do. Maybe you want experiment with doing squares instead, having you look more geometric. I'm just showing you what my go to patterns are. What what kind of thinking about how to connect these two sides? It looked a little bit just joined in there. What? Feel it in a little. No way. Just enjoy the process and when duty calls and you have to put your paintbrush tone. I hope you look back on this page with ah feeling off. Zen. What way? 7. exercise five: curlicues: So the fifth and final exercise we're going to do today is probably my most treasured through all the years, and I'm just calling it curly cues. I've been doing this design ever since I was in high school, and there's just something so hypnotic about taking a little curlicue and branching off with another curlicue and just kind of endlessly branching off and making this feminine pretty vine pattern. When I am feeling my page with these curlicues, I think about connection and reaching out on and kind of back to the greenery. One reminds me of growth and change, but even if you're not thinking as deep as I am E. Hope, youll enjoy practicing, experimenting with he's flowing shapes, and I'm having extra fun on this one. Moving through the Rainbow Order. It started with greens and blues moving into purples and pinks make some of these curly cues quite large, some tiny, but you can just always branch off and add another curlicue. No matter where you are in your design. Sometimes these remind me off, maybe the curl of a wave for the curl of hair. I don't even know thats one goes pretty fast I have confidence with your brush strokes and just trust the process. I just like how it can go infinitely in all directions and by now, my muscle memory of my hand Just can he goes on autopilot. You could add little leaves to these branches if you wanted, but I'm keeping it simple this time, focusing more on the colors way e don't even know if you can teach a person how to do toe, so I encourage you to paint along with me, using whatever shapes and styles that you intuitively are drawn to. This is not so much a instructional class, but more hey guided prompt to encourage you to use patterns, a za way too repetitive. Lee draw things and calm down that busy brain. And then this could go on in all directions until I spill off the I to the page. But I think I'm about done for now. 8. class project: Okay, Doke. You did five pages of peaceful patterns, and I'm curious how you're feeling. I have a couple options for you going forward. Sometimes I like to leave these pages in my art journal and then at a later time Aiken layer over writing and ends up being a really cute page that's a mash up of art and journaling. But the other idea that you might enjoy is sharing some of your cute out artwork with someone. If so, you can totally trim down the artwork that you've made. Fold it and turn it into a card for someone special. Or, if you're like me, make a copy of it first and make a card out of that so you can use your original for something else. You should totally check out my class out of your art journal in into the world for more ideas. I had loved to see what you guys come up with in the project calories, so be sure to take pictures and post it on your laptop or desktop. I know it's a pain, but you can't post from your phone. We all love seeing how all the students in a class can get the same prompts and come up with such different results based on each of us having such different styles and using such different materials and colors. 9. thank you!: Thank you so much for painting with me. Guys. I hope you feel so much more calm and relaxed now. And I hope that moving forward you reach for your journal when you're feeling a little amped up. Life is crazy these days and we all need more tools in our toolbox to kind of de stress. Use my same prompt ideas I gave you today or come up with your own Go to patterns and share them with us in the discussions. If you like this class, be sure to rate it and review it here on skill share. Or tell a friend. Even better, Follow me on skill share So you can hear about all the classes that are coming up next. And you can follow me on Instagram for all my daily artwork and the new items in my Etsy shop. I'm Nikola on all the platforms Until next time hang in there, guys, we'll get through this