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Payment Gateway in your Site

Navneet Tiwari

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3 Videos (27m)
    • Intro of payment gateway

    • How to add pament gateway in ASP Net

    • Implementation of payment Gateway


About This Class


In the edge of  Ecommerce you Need a payment Gateway to accept payment from customers. This is very easy and quickly understandable Lecture for you.

this lecture provide you information about how to integrate third party payment gateway in your page. after this tutorial you will be able to  add payment button

in product or service page. this button help to customer to pay amount as per your instruction. you can select a fix amount of product to be collected OR you can leave it free . so user can enter amount . this tutorial requires a third party integration tool which makes easy integration with your website. this tool also provide the details of previous transactions reports. you don't need to code in for this critical process.

payment gateway can be implement in a running site. if you do not have a site , then you can make it free. wix or wordpress like many others service providers offer to create free website. you can also search in google for create free website.

if you looking for professional look in less effort , then my payment gateway integration tutorial is perfect lesson for you.

payment gateway provides lots of options to payment. user can pay though credit card or debit card or Net Banking. that is the main reason which attract more customers to buy product on you page.





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