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Pay Per Click PPC - How to get Laser Targeted Traffic to your Website in an Instants

teacher avatar Brian Cliette, I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

PPC Training: Learn the foundational information of Google Adwords , Yahoo Bing PPC, Facebook. Find our exactly you can  use Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to grow your business online. This is a basic introduction.

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Brian Cliette

I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly


I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly. Via High Velocity User Acquisition & Data Driven Growth Marketing!!

Meet the Mad Scientist of Digital Greatness.

What do you get when you combine a data geek, a social media master and a growth marketing connoisseur?

You get a mad scientist named Brian Cliette. Brian has been working his brand of magic for more than 10 years, serving the hospitality and digital media industries with a unique, holistic approach that allows him to see the entire picture, tear it down and rebuild it into something amazing.

Brian gets a lot of joy from helping people and companies to be better than they were. He's a people person, a problem solver, and holds an unusual balance between the analytical and creative sides. After trav... See full profile

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1. PPCadvertising1: Brian Client here and welcome to the short course on PPC advertising in this little short course over the next 15 to 25 minutes when we covered everything that you should know to get started with. PPC advertising wanna share some common mistakes a lot of people make when getting started with PPC advertising? I'm going to talk about some of the four major platforms advertising platforms that is for PPC now there others. I'm just going to focus on the major ones that I have the most experience with. I'm also going to share some tips and advice on how to maximize our increase, your chances of being successful with PPC advertising. So let's begin. So what exactly is PPC advertising and found this definition? Pay per click advertising aren't better known as PPC. Okay, it's also known as cost per click or CPC, so you see those used interchangeably, but they're pretty much the same thing. It's a Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites in which advertiser pays a publisher typically website owner, our network of websites when the Addis click. So simply put ur publisher your blogged on. Ah, let's say wedding dresses OK, that's always the example that I like to use my videos. So you have a block on my wedding dresses and you want to monetize that Blogging some some fashion. So you go to Google, you sign up for the Google AdSense. So you put advertisements on your wedding dress website, so I'm a manufacturer of wedding dresses, so I need to reach people that go to your site. So one way of doing that is that Google will facilitate that advertising relationship. So you put the and on your site I'll pay Google when someone visits your site. When they see my advertisement and they quick on the ad on your wedding dress, block it. Then they come to my site, and they make a purchase. Are if they don't make a person, it is quick. You will receive a certain percentage of that clip, so goo will charge me. Let's say $5 a click. You get a certain percentage of that $5. Um, and I will get the traffic so it's kind of exchanging kind of traffic for dollars Sorted of speaking, this is the business model. It facilitates that whole trade. Now, another thing that you commonly make you. When we talk about PPC advertising, you may hear people talk about paid search, and pretty much they're very similar. But paid search has one unique actually, Butte that typically pay per click does not have, and it's the cost per 1,000,000 are the cost. Per thousands are the CPM model, which is the cost per impression, and m being representative of 1000. So here is a definition I got for pay search off consultancy dot com, one of my favorite blog's deals with a lot of high level strategy. Not too many tactics, but nonetheless a great resource that you want to add to your ah resource list as you prepare your journey in this digital marketing. So paid search market Amisi advertised within a sponsor list of such engines are a partner site way. The pain each time you add it's click are less a commonly when your ad is displayed. So with the CPI and model, Um, every time your ad is viewed by 1000 people you're charged a set are fixed them out so the cost could be $100 per 1000 impressions are could be $20 per 1000 impressions. Typically, the lower amount of the lower cost burn per 1000 impressions. Probably the lower quality of the traffic kid, that lower quality two track. So that's something to keep in month. So what is PPC advertising? Just in case you've never seen PPC advertising. If you're going to Google right now and you type in PPC training PPC advertising a PPC software Ah, you may see some results like these that you see here. So this area here, the top okay, are paid results. Okay, underneath these advertisements are organic resorts results. Okay, so this is what someone naturally optimize their website for. This is what something paid for here. I could go in right now and compete for this placement here. Yeah, I can't go on. Complete compete here. Definitely can't do that. Overnight. Over a period of time, I could maybe optimize my website sucky become number one for people searching for PPC software. But that typically takes a lot of time. So that's one of the powerful things about PPC that you can get. You can start getting traffic a soon as you want to. Okay? As fast as you want to with no real delay. Okay, so that's the beauty of PPC advertising. So this is an example, PP Ever since Tyson at work. And this is the AdWords model here. It's the AdWords model. This probably one of the most popular PPC platforms is AdWords by Google. So how do you get started in PPC advertising? Um so, um, here I have the kind of top four PPC advertising platforms. Um, I have Google AdWords have good at words, but that should be Google AdWords. That's a typo there. But add worse isn't always good. I was isn't always bad. Adverse is a little tricky. So AdWords was really probably the first platform to really popularize the PPC model. There were some other our competitors back in the day. Like seven. Search was a really popular one that I used to use a lot. But Google ad was really tech took the model to a whole nother level, and I was really, because the popularization of the AdSense program. So you literally had thousands of bloggers, website owners and publishers around the world that wanted to monetize their blocks. So in doing so, they will put a little snippet of javascript a little snippet of code on their site to, uh, populate their block with ads from people advertising the Google Network. And because a lot of people made a lot of money doing this, it really popularized the whole concept of of PPC advertising que So they kind of use kind of this social growth model for that PPC platform was a lot of other PPC platforms. You could do some publisher advertising, but you weren't getting as much money as you were with ghoul. Okay, so that became the choice for premium publishers. So if you wanted to appear on very popular sites on sites, they had tons of traffic, then you needed to go through Google because Google was paying the most of publishers and the publishers were the most popular sites made the most money Google. So if you want it to appeal to the demographics going to those sites, he had to go through Google. Very smart model. Not a lot of people talk about how they grew in popularity, but that's that's pretty much a little small breakdown about how they really did it. Another network? Yeah, who used to have their own network but they've merged with being so Yahoo being network, probably notably Thesiger and 1/3 largest PPC platform, because you're taking really two very popular search engines. Not as popular school, of course, but two of the most popular ones the MSN being, um, and the Yahoo Network again. Ah, yahoo on being ads typically going to give you a better Our ally Ghoul is very expensive tons of competitors on Google, and I found that I get a better return on investment with being, adds Aziz. Well, just because the cost per click so the amount that actually pay being per click per visitor per person, visiting my site for advertising is a lot lower than Google AdWords. Okay, so I find that on average again, a very popular network. They have a certification program. When I talk a little bit about that, when I share some resource is we're really getting started. PPC advertised. But that's important. Note. Also have Facebook here, so people may not consider Facebook true, like Page search. They do have a PPC model, but it's within the Facebook network, so I can advertise almost anyone on Facebook. I can't advertise on other sites outside of Facebook, so it's not paid search, but it is a PPC model. And ah, people were getting some great results. Uh, using the PPC model on Facebook. I've done some Facebook advertising and I've got clicks as low as 5 10 cent. Ah, with ah high level of engagement again, you want to try to keep most even advertising efforts on Facebook. If you want to get those lower cost per quicks because taking traffic from Facebook to your site, they're going to charge you more of a premium on that. But if you own a group of Facebook group, we have a Facebook page on this. Brand it with your product or service. Then you know it may not be so bad to just really focus on getting as much engagement with your post. There are China. Grow a melon list by capturing email addresses on Facebook and the market in those people trying to get more Facebook at a later date. But there's trying to get them off of Facebook to your site is gonna be more costly. And, ah, Facebook is probably going to show you as a little less is well because they're very smart they've a drink, which is the Facebook algorithm for how they determine how ads is showing how content show . They're pretty smart in that they give less priority for people trying to advertise is trying to take people off of Facebook. So one limitation there you can almost reach any demographic that you really, really want to on Facebook, which is absolutely amazing. And you cannot get that level of granularity on any other ad platform. And if you know of another AM platform that allows you to break down your target market the way that Facebook does, please contact me. Um, but guru does not allow that type of break down. Ah, Yahoo being does not allow that type advertising dot com They can break things down based upon content. It's kind of psycho graphics, a kind of lifestyle. So if you wanted to go after pet owners, you want to go after the l b G l t l b g lt community, you can kind of target them eso more so, um, lifestyle cycle graphics. What? Facebook has it all demographic psychographic likes dislikes. Um, everything. People recently divorced. I mean, you could target anyone on Facebook which really makes you adds that much more effective. Effective advertising is the right message in the right time for the right person, the right message at the right time for the right person. Okay, so advertises all about that. So being in front of a person that was recently divorced are being in front of person to just announce that they're pregnant. And you have, baby your, uh, your Jessica Alba's honest brand, which is a brand of high end organic baby products. Then you want to reach people that are new mothers because they're gonna be concerned about the health of that baby. They're gonna be concerned also about purchasing baby products. So Facebook will be your your ah vehicle of choice of reaching that demographic. Also on getting started with PPC there few things that you must understand, uh, one component to your PPC success outside of the way that Facebook said. I mean, we're still talking about Google, and being here is, um, your keeper research is going to be crucial. Okay, you have to know what keywords your potential customers are will be searching for what keywords are they searching force? You have to anticipate both East, so you must have a research component. So there must be some keyword research component. And when you're researching those keywords there basically three categories of keyword types. And if you familiar PPC, you know exactly what I'm talking about. But I figure someone that's maybe watching this video for the first time may not be familiar or realized that three basic types of of keywords when you do PPC advertising that's broad match. That's phrase match and then s exact match. Okay, so that's broad match phrase messes that match. And the distinction here is that we talked about broad match. Let's say you've been on a key work. Um, attorney. Okay, let's say Miami a turn. Okay, that's your broad match. That's a key work. And now you want to go abroad match So someone might be searching Miami attorney for divorce. Okay, that's a broad match, because part of the key word that the people are looking for is Miami lawyer. Ah, Miami attorney. Okay, the other part is Miami attorney that does divorce on Miami, turning a divorce lawyer in Miami. Okay, that is a broad match. So broad is all of the words that your bidding or are part of the words you're bidding on? Okay, that will show for people searching. So it gives you kind of an expanded approach to your the keywords that you bid on. But this can get very expensive. And if you don't watch it Ah, broad. You can waste a lot of money with broad advertising. So the next type of PPC advertising is what we call phrase so phrases any mix, the words kind of in any order. So let's say we are bidding on a keyword. Ah, Miami divorce lawyer. Okay, so Miami divorced lawyer Everyone may not search in that order. People might put divorce lawyer in Miami here. That would be a phrase match. So we we would then, um, are advertising which showed a people search for that Miami divorce lawyer are, ah, divorced lawyer Miami That will also show our phrase because within kind of the quotes, you can just kind of move the words around. And that's how you get the phrase, then exact matches. Exactly. Your advertising only show when someone puts exactly the words that your bidding on in the exact same order. So if we're bidding on, uh, Miami Divorce lawyer. So Miami divorced lawyer was the word that were bidding on. If someone does not search Miami divorce lawyer, even the search lawyer in Miami that does divorce, we will not show it's only Miami divorce lawyer in that order will our advertising shell. So that's more of an exact match. So, as you see you, probably high levels conversion with his that match. What? You're getting more traffic with broad match cake because not everyone gonna be searching for that exact word. People may be searching for parts of pieces of that work, but again, you may get a lot of traffic that does not convert a follow up or call you because you may have someone that is looking, Let's say a student is doing research on divorces in Miami. Okay, they may be doing research on the top divorce lawyers. They don't want to necessarily get a divorce themselves. So if you're bidding in a bunch of broad keywords, you get people they're doing research. You may get competitors that wanted call around and see what other divorce lawyers are charging again with broad match you may attract your competitors is kind of doing some research in the market. You may have people that sell products to lawyers, so they may be doing some searches. And if you bid on a bunch of broad keywords, those people do searches there, clicking asked. Try to get in contact with you to sell you some type of lawyer legal management software. Something along those lines. So again, you have brought to get more traffic. Exactly. Get a lot less traffic. What it converts better, Um, also this getting started with PPC advertising on their few things, you must manage a PPC campaigns. Ah, beginning a beginner's mistake that I often times come by is that people will go through all this work to set up the campaign and bid on the keywords. If then I think it's set and forget. They think like, always like s CEO, a kind of manager from afar, kind of checking once a week, and that is a huge mistake, and I want to talk about some common mistakes on later on, and it is in this training video what I figured out what touched on that now, so you must actively manage your PPC campaigns. I actually suggests you know, checking it, logging into your account at least twice a day in the beginning of the day to see the results from maybe last night and the end of your work day as well. Okay. And I mean, that would depend upon what type of campaigns that weren't running. If you run any specials, you know how often you check your PPC campaigns. But for your average user, I mean, twice a day should be sufficient. If you're managing thousands of dollars in in advertising, probably just want to monitor that. You probably have some software that kind of manages that, um, for you automatically and you just kind of set parameters, which is kind of above. Probably most people taking this course over there do have software's that can manage all of your PPC advertisement across being Yahoo, Google, Facebook advertising dot com all in one platform. Another thing that people calmly don't do as far as man is, you need to constantly adding keywords. You need to constantly adding keywords to your campaign, testing different keywords you need to add negative keywords and negative keywords are once you add negative keywords into ad campaign. That word would not show. So you were not being on that keyword. So, for example, a negative keyword for a turning in Miami. A negative key worker bee D u I So let's say I have a legal practice. I do everything but do you? I I'm not a dealer. I turning. So I don't want people Miami searching up calling me a clicking on my ass because I do not do d u i's so negative key worker BTU I. So I will put that in my campaign. So anytime someone searches Miami lawyer do you y the U. Y. Miami lawyer. My advertised would not show, and I will not waste money or time on people looking for that key work. So a lot of people don't aren't actively kind of testing different negative keywords. Another kind of thing that talked about this the daily management should be looking at adding negative keywords in the database is a daily basis. Adding different keywords and daily basis need reveal your cost per clicks as well. So if you notice and it cost book picks of going up across more cases going down, you just need to, you know, be able to monitor those on a ah Duncan said, a daily basis as well. To get that that better are a Why. Because there's always room for improvement. PPC and they also want to tweak your landing pages. Sometimes the cost that you pay per click is determined by the relevancy of the page that you're seeing in the traffic to so tweaking and landing page testing titles testing Call the actions, testing high headlines. Doing so maybe split testing all that stuff is very important. So here I'm going to be focusing on some advice and tips on PPC advertising. Eso. One suggestion that I recommend is to get Google AdWords certified. Even if you're familiar with using Google AdWords. They roll out a lot of cool products that somebody came out with some cool, expanding ad product on, and I was actually at the Google headquarters this summer in San Francisco and get in the training on this new um, product that they were that they're rolling out, and I actually had access to it about a month before it's released to market eso getting Google AdWords certification just shows that you're seriously about your practice serious about learning Mawr and also shows your clients that you know the best practices when it comes to go at it worse. And is this good information? Great information applies That will make you a much better digital marketer. So that's one advice, a tip. Another thing that you should learn the basic terms and concepts, associate PPC marketing said. A lot of terms are a Y conversion rate. Took the race. IPCC PM All these things. You should be able to have a working knowledge of some of the basic terms associate PPC and I commend you because you're probably taking this course because you want to learn some of the basic turn the concepts associate PPC. But so continue now that spirit of scholarship and really understanding PPC advertising. Another thing. You want to research the main types of advertising PPC advertising that you can use So you want to be looking at new platforms. Wanna be looking at new features within Google looking in new features within Facebook? Looking at new advertising features with advertising dot com. You just want to know because these companies have to be innovative in the way that they display as and allow you to reach customers. So you really want to always kind of keep open minds to try new things, and that's really going to come from continue that research patina scholarship really becoming a student off PPC. Another thing. If you have not gotten started, I always recommend its opening a Google AdWords account and a Microsoft at center account that myself add sin is what you're gonna be able to use to advertising gal who on being and just do a trial run. Typically, you can get some free AdWords credits, you know, $250.50 dollars free AdWords credit free. Microsoft adds center credit. Use that credit and just run a campaign. Just get comfortable, do a dry run with the campaign and used the credits, you know, bid on keywords used to negative keywords to some broad mats. An exact match. Do some phrase match keywords. Um, experiment with the headlines that you use in your ad. Experiment with the call to action in your ass Experiment. Taken out certain words and a certain words you know and learn by doing learn by doing step for our tip five really is to find video tutorials on PPC marketing again, you're taking this course on their other learning platforms. Ah, you know me dot com skill share dot com lynda dot com, of course. A co dot com Khan Academy. So there's so many online learning platforms. A lot of them have tons of PPC, marking of videos. You can also go on YouTube and reference and videos there A lot of great content on YouTube these days Regarding PPC marketing, the next step is a re online articles about common PPC mistakes. So you want to try to avoid the mistakes. So someone told me that a wise man, a smart man, learns from his mistakes. Okay, and a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. So you really want to try to be a wise man, a wise woman when it comes to PPC when it comes to PPC marketing. Okay, so you want to look at the common mystics others makes and I do have a slide that I dedicated solely in this training to some of the common mistakes. But you want to try to avoid those like the plate, okay. Make your life a lot easier of taking the approach of learning from other's mistakes versus making this hard mistakes you. So you also want to research into marketing news, Okay? And I mean, search engine land is a popular one and there few others you can go on Reddit Tons of subreddit. It's on the topic of PPC advertising. I would suggest reading all of those again. You want to look at as many PPC blog's that kind of seed. Latest trans best practices, what people are doing. What what are the trends on a PPC advertising? You just really want to keep a pulse on what's going on in the world of PPC advertising That will just make you a much better marketer. Also give you some opportunities for next working to reaching out to the authors in the bloggers that right, these articles reach out to normal social media followed him on Twitter. Make comments are developed relationships with them because, you know, you never know. Maybe they'll come become part of your master mind and maybe they will be willing to mentor you in some capacity. But it all comes down to the power showing initiative as well as the power of networking. So what are some common PPC mistakes or some calm PPC mistakes are. And these this this isn't a, um the end all be all list of common mistakes. These this sort of six and I've made over the years as well as once. I know a lot of people getting started PPC typically made so sending traffic to the home page. Um, I know the kind of your first idea is that you want this in traffic to your home page. Typically, average webs, like has a lot going on. Typically, the specificity where you need a conversion is not gonna happen. On the home page was the home page. Tipping is very broad. Okay, That breaks down different pages of categories that a little more specific that will increase the chances of that traffic that keyword that you're bidding on of actually having some type of conversion and make it some type of purchase. Now, if you have a single landing page, that's a lot different. So if you just only have one paging and site that's different. But for very large site, imagine if Amazon was bidding on a ton of keywords and you just went to amazon dot com and Let's say you're consumer. Let's say you saw advertising for a coffee maker on some coffee Ramaker Coffeemaker Review site and you quit through and you just go to amazon dot com. You don't land a coffee makers. You don't land on anything about coffee. You're seeing books. You're seeing DVDs and seeing jump ropes. You're seeing everything. What, you don't see anything about coffee maker? What's the chance that you're going to go through Amazon? Actually search and look for coffee make. You're probably gonna be hit the back button and and I mean Amazon. Maybe a little different. Maybe you having a counter Amazon? Maybe it's easy to navigate and Amazon because you've been there before. But imagine I've never been amazon dot com. You never even heard of amazon dot com, but they're bidding on coffee maker. You click through and you just go to their home page. It's so busy that the chances of you finding coffee makers and making a person's gonna be pretty soon, especially we've never heard of them. So you want to avoid the sending traffic randomly to the home page again, fell in a split test, add text so you want to test everything. You want to take a word out. Remove award Capitalized the word on capitalized work. Use a certain call to action. This is going to be very important because PPC is all about tweaking and testing and optimizing, tweaking, testing, optimizing, tweaking, testing, optimizing. And if you aren't tweaking, testing, optimizing and not fully leveraging PPC for all that, it has to offer to you as a marketer. Also, as I talked about earlier, about kind of broad match. One common mistake is that people don't know about the other two match types. Don't know about phrase don't know about exact match, so they're relies solely on broad match. This is a common mistake that a lot of people make. This is something that you want to avoid. And when you're doing your keyboard research, you need to kind of really understand, um, you know, really kind of draw even a picture of who your ideal visitor is. Okay, and that will help you categorise What type of match type you need and also help you categorizes this This next tip here of not using negative keywords. Okay, I explain this a little earlier. But for example, I'll give another example. Negative keywords. So you have. Let's say you are a baker and you do not. You don't have any demon free products can. Gluten free is kind of ah, popular search term. Right now, a lot of people look for gluten free desserts and gluten free doughnuts and gluten free cakes and all this stuff. So let's say you don't offer any gluten free products. You may want to add the word gluten free. Okay, you may want to add the word gluten. Free is a negative key work. Therefore, when people are searching, when people are searching for your work people searching for your bakery, you know they won't waste time coming to your bakery website and realizing that you don't offer any gluten free products and then I'm gonna click what you've already paid for that particular quick so gluten free would be a negative keyboard that you at if you were a baker. So hopefully that really elaborate and helps you out with the whole concept of negative keywords. So I'm gonna conclude the video here it and I'll get started with the part two of this video. I will continue about PPC advertising 2. Ppcadvertising2: welcome back for part two of our PPC advertising. Short course I left off it talking about not fully leveraging negative keywords. So here, I'm gonna continue on common PPC mistakes. And I'm gonna move on to another common mistake that a lot of people make when beginning PPC advertising. And you just set yourself what? Completely for failure when you do this mistake. And that is not tracking, not tracking. Okay, so you're not tracking was converting. You're not tracking what's working and not tracking. What is costing the most in your campaign was costing the lease you're not tracking. And, um, this is very problematic for a few reasons because you always have to keep in mind. At the end of the day, these advertising platforms are out to make money. They themselves, of course, they're going to serve your key where they're gonna do what the tail would they claim that they will do OK, But at the end of the day, ghouls more concerned about Google's profitability than your profitability. So when you don't track, you don't know what's going on was coming. You know, Ghoul is making money off of that ignorance. So what I mean by this. I've worked with several, um, PPC campaigns over the years and one particularly PPC campaign with the larger ones I worked on a few months back. Uh, they were probably spending about 2 to $3000 a month that they didn't not have to spend. There were just bidding on keywords that had nothing to do with their product. And, of course, Google came up with his campaign for them. So do not let Google manager campaign for you. I mean, not necessarily managed, but they will. They will set your campaign, especially if you're managing a certain amount of money. They will get you an account manager and they'll have their team set up your campaign. That's fine, but you need to go in a need to change a whole lot of stuff so they will help you, like with some of the tediousness of you know, 1000 ads and 2000 keywords. But you need to go in and go through everything that they've done for you because they will be it on keywords to have nothing to do with your product. Miss Service. They may be somewhat related, but again, you're wasting money So one large campaign and I worked on a few months back there spend about 2 to $3000 a month on wasted keywords, and to me, that comes when there's not tracking. You're not tracking what keywords converting which ones are not working. You're not going through your campaigns. You're not pruning keywords, not removing keywords, just not tracking anything. And I could be very costly, and we would talk about tracking, especially. We talk about other platforms outside of Google AdWords, especially if you're using a program such as Google Analytics. To track your analytics traffic on for your website, you need to use what they call you T M tags. You need to attach tracking tags to every keyword that you bid on on platforms. Now go AdWords attach. Is these tax for you? Because it's the Google product that's doing the tracking in Google analytics so they automatically track this for you. But if you're using being, if using Facebook, you need to add these tax the back of every keyword, our every time of advertisement that you're doing, and these tags will let you know what platform what was the key word. Um, so you can get better understanding of which words are converting for you. So you tm tax is something that you must understand you must utilize. And again it goes back to that whole importance of tracking. Now, this is the last common PPC mistake, and it relates to the 1st 2 not reviewing your account every day. You should long into your Google AdWords account at least twice a day, especially if you're just starting out and the larger buzzard. The larger your advertising budget, the more frequently you should log into that account. I recommend not logging in less than two twice a day. And do not just leave your campaigns on the weekend that let's say you work a 9 to 5 job and you're the digital marketer for, uh, no restaurant group on the weekends. You still log in and check your accounts is not something you can leave on Friday. Then check on Monday. I've made this mistake bid on a certain key where I come back then. I have, like $900 worth for charges for just Saturday and Sunday, because whatever reason, there was this influx of clicks okay, again, not really. See much benefit in that surge of clicks over that short period of time. So if I had I logged in on Friday night, I had I logged in on Saturday morning, I would see that certain quicks are certain keywords to getting a lot of clicks, and I would be unable to adjust my account. But Monday morning, I now have to explain why have all these additional charges to my PPC, but it so make sure you're reviewing your account every day. So here I'm going to share some comment. Resource is for PPC. And as I said earlier in this training, you wanna look at becoming Google AdWords certified. You also want to look at becoming Yahoo being certified. They both have certifications. This looks really good on your resume into that kind of thing, but more soul than resume building. It also helps you get some basic skills and understanding off everything that entails and PC PPC, another resource. I have his words stream word Stream is a PPC research tool and kind of management tool. They have several classes that they offer on day seem to have pretty positive sentiment across the web, so people have taken. The classes are pretty. Please, I have not personally taking it classes. But I can say I've heard about their classes for quite some time. And everything I've heard has been very positive. Think they have, like on a PPC won one If in a PPC 202 are like a second level class and then they do offer some advanced PPC class is there as well. There are some courses that teach you how to do Facebook advertising Facebook PPC, which I think of probably even more important than Google AdWords. If you haven't started using those as well, I'm a lot of people getting great our ally using Facebook again. I don't really have a resource for Facebook advertising because they don't really have a certification program through Facebook. Officially a lot of kind of people that have their own training programs. I don't want to recommend anything that I can't fully vouch for at least that I've heard some positive things about. So I just to circumvent issues and leading down on wrong direction, all this kind of not suggest anything. So hopefully now you have a good idea about PPC advertising some of the pros on the consummate common mistakes. You have a good idea on how you can get started. You have a basic understanding of the importance of PPC as it relates to your overall digital marketing campaign. As I said earlier in the first training video, you probably going to get some of your best R a. Y with PPC s CEO is kind of a shot in the dark. It takes time, But with PPC, if you're tweaking, testing and optimizing, you could get some of your highest. Our allies. You can get some of your highest level convergence from this traffic source or channel. Then you can from other traffic sources of channels. Just because the power and ability to like be it on entire keyword and I have to do is continue to be be of the highest bidder. For that particular, he worried you could continue to get that traffic so a lot of potential here. As I said, a lot of benefits, but you need to know what you're doing. It's not a walk in the park is not just something. Go bid on a bunch of keywords and this wait for the phone to start ringing. It is something you have to actively do. It is a craft. It is a skill set you have to refine and development into something you have to do every day. So it's not something you set and forget. If you have a setting, forget mentality. PBC. You're not one of fully leveraged the channel and you're gonna sway. So a lot of money I've seen it happen Time and time again with everything from mom and pop small businesses, two companies I worked for out in Silicon Valley. Ah, lot of people take this setting. Forget all check it once a week type of approach and they waste tons of money and tons of time on effort that they have done. But by not fully leveraging PPC for everything that has to offer. So as always, if you have any questions regarding PPC advertising, feel free to reach out to me. Shoot me email and our post your questions on the discussion board again. Thank you for joining me in the short course on PPC advertising and I look for and seeing you and other courses