Pavlova Cake Step by Step Guide | Veronika Isaeva | Skillshare

Pavlova Cake Step by Step Guide

Veronika Isaeva, Desserts

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3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Pavlova Cake Recipe Instructions

    • 3. Class Resume


About This Class

My name is Veronika, I'm the owner and founder of Veronikacooks pastry store in St.Petersburg, Russia.

In this class I will share the Pavlova cake recipe, technique and decorating method. It is a step by step guide using which you will be able to bake your own delicious Pavlova Cake.

Pavlova cake is desert which is famous all over the world, especially in Russia.


1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Veronica, them a master chef in ST Petersburg. Crushing. I opened my own master store over a year ago. And I'm ready to share my experience of making an amazing case with you. In this last, I will show you how to make a delicious problem. Okay, We just They was all over the world, especially in Russian. I will show you how to make wide and salty delicious cream and they decorating. By the end of this lesson, all of you will know how to sew. Prize your friends and family as faras in Russian on Russian is my native language. I'm really sorry for all the mistakes that I made. 2. Pavlova Cake Recipe Instructions: get down. Pure. Thursday's got your face. Take home temperature. Expand separate yolks from the egg whites with me. Just egg whites. I'm gonna go pre hit over to 130. Decreased. Okay, if you think you're okay with Well, thank you. Okay, with if you think you're okay with, then we will need a mixing bowl clean and soft without any water drops. Otherwise, the egg whites Brilliant form bigs that we need for the cake. Start whisking egg parts with a tablespoon of sugar. Bother with you. Serve on a medium speed for a minute. It is then on a high speed until they form stiff peaks. Then basic. And this will go on for girls pulling at a time. Until then, arrange locus, glossing way skin, the languages corn flour and many other extract. It is a chance, Taj, covering between two fingers. If you don't feel the sugar boater, Fandor works spreading drink inside the circle, creating equity, thereby making besides a little higher than the middle. You consumed Japan. So on mark out the shell conference played on bacon Pledge. I was just my eyes. Lower the temperature in the open toe. 90 degrees south and begged them Arinc for three hours. Attention! Don't open the oven door doing this time. So the Mirek wants. Why the meringue cake School and out risk The queen chased. Whether have a cream and sugar powder. Don't forget that all the ingredients should have the same temperature bringing pure Thursday's got your face turn. It is a chance to So I'm gonna if you think you're okay with If you think you're okay with no to spread the cream, you can use a spotter as pastor back with the news. Oh, so you will have some cream patterns. It will add some beauty to a cake. It is a chance. Use your fantasy and decorate the cake as you want using the infection risk drinking, chocolate foods or other. Let's some sugar butter. Other top off your raspberry. 3. Class Resume: Now you know how to go about looking. Don't forget. Don't open the door. You second. Don't forget when you made that forget that all the temper show off the old should have. So I don't see my lesson. Health. In the next lesson, I will show you how to make health left. Takes cold made caramel. Really? Uh, I hope my lesson. I hope you understand everything. I'm truly sorry, but how? Well do my letter. Thank you.