Pattern Play: Layered Designs | Dylan Mierzwinski | Skillshare
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12 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Project

    • 3. Breaking Down Patterns

    • 4. The Big Secret

    • 5. Grouping, Arranging, and Layers

    • 6. Making Motifs

    • 7. Getting the Idea Down

    • 8. Tiling Pt I

    • 9. Tiling Pt II

    • 10. Finishing

    • 11. Saving

    • 12. Thank You!

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About This Class



In my first Pattern Play (series) class we learned a workflow that combines Illustrator and Photoshop to create a final pattern. In this Pattern Play class we'll learn a process to create a tile that has multiple layers of repeats! We’ll leverage the help of groups, arranging, and layers to keep our workspace organized, we’ll cover best practices for manually building the pattern tile, and take a look at some color tools and effects.

When you're done with this course you'll not only be able to make beautiful, multi-layer patterns, but you'll be able to look out for common pitfalls in amateur patterns, and have an organizational system within Illustrator that can help you on any project you create in the program. That's a lot of great stuff! I hope you'll pay me back by showing your super, awesome, unique project. Talk to us about your process and show off that hard work you did. Okay, I'll let you get to class now. 


p.s. are you on Instagram? I am! (too much..)


B L U S H (here's what other, really nice people have said about my other Pattern Play class)

  • So far this is the best repeating pattern class I've watched on Skillshare. -Katherine Moran
  • A very detailed and descriptive class, it was a joy to learn. I recommend this class for anyone interested in surface design.-Karen E.
  • Loved the class, super useful techniques and tips. Dylan explains really well and is great to listen to! -Boris Dimitrov

(Thanks, guys. Hearing that stuff is the best!)