Pattern Drafting: The First Step of Garment Production | Hyden Yoo | Skillshare

Pattern Drafting: The First Step of Garment Production

Hyden Yoo, Owner, Hyden Yoo

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4 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. T Shirt Styles

    • 3. Taking Measurements

    • 4. Creating a Paper Pattern

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About This Class

What You'll Learn

In the world of fashion, the paper pattern plays an essential and often underappreciated role in the production of garments. We'll cover the simple 4-step process for pattern drafting: 

1. Measurement. Taking the proper measurements to build a pattern

2. Detailing. Creating dIfferent collar types, specifically for T-shirts. 

3. Materials. Selecting materials for a desired fit

4. Paper Drafting. Drafting the paper pattern

We will illustrate this lesson by generating a pattern for one of the simplest articles of clothing in your closet: the t-shirt.     

Young designers find themselves paying hundreds of dollars in order to have a pattern made for their samples.  With this class on Skillshare, however, we hope to teach you the basics of pattern making in order to improve your skills as a designer and take more control over the development process.


Whether your end goal is to start a clothing line, make several of your favorite tees for personal wear, or just learn an integral part of the garment production process, this class will give you the professional insight you need to create paper patterns.