Pattern Design: From Straight to Wonky Lines With Adobe Illustrator & Fresco

Maja Faber, Surface Pattern Designer

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11 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your Project

    • 3. The Basics - Straight Lines

    • 4. The Basics - Diagonal Lines

    • 5. The Basics - Zig Zag

    • 6. The Basics - Waves

    • 7. Wonky Lines - Draw in Illustrator

    • 8. Wonky Lines - Draw in Adobe Fresco

    • 9. Wonky Lines - Make the Repeat

    • 10. Finalise the File

    • 11. Thank You

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About This Class

In this class I will teach you all about line patterns. Line patterns can be so tricky to get right, especially the wonky ones. But once you get the hang of it - you’ll feel that you’ve taken your pattern design to the next level.

This is a technical class for you who want to learn a smooth and easy ways of creating wonky lines patterns. Maybe you’ve struggled preciously with it or you’re completely new to it all.

The class is built up so that it get’s more and more advanced for every lesson. We will start with the basics and you’ll learn how to create four different types of line patterns: straight, diagonal, zig zag and waves. We’ll then use these basics techniques to create our final wonky lines repeat.

You need to have basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator to take this class. As a bonus I will show you how to draw wonky lines in Adobe Fresco on an iPad and export a PDF to create a repeat pattern in Illustrator from our drawings. It’s no must to use an iPad to draw in this class, most of the class will focus on designing in Adobe Illustrator.

I would love to see what you create! Be sure to share your project here in class and if you post it on Instagram feel free to tag me @maja_faber