Pattern Design For Painters (A Photoshop Class for Traditional Artists)

Bari Ackerman, fabric and surface designer/painter

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13 Videos (1h 24m)
    • Preview - Pattern Design for Painters

    • Welcome! What will you learn and need?

    • Photoshop Basics

    • My Fav Photoshop Tools

    • Scanning 101

    • Removing Backgrounds to Prep Your Art: Lasso and Magic Wand

    • Removing Backgrounds: Pen Tool

    • Removing Backgrounds: Freeform Pen Tool

    • Creating Dynamic Motifs with Multiple Pieces of Art

    • Creating a Simple Half Drop Repeat

    • Creating an Overlapping Half Drop Repeat

    • Creating Multiple Colorways by Indexing

    • Conclusion - Bonus: About Pantone Colors

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About This Class


Get your art ready to go on products! Using Photoshop, learn to use your traditional art (paintings, drawings etc) to create pattern repeats while maintaining the hand done charm of your work.

Working knowledge of Photoshop is a plus but not 100% necessary. I will cover scanning and some photoshop basics.

What will you learn:

• Photoshop Basics

• My Favorite Tools for creating patterns in Photoshop

• How to remove backgrounds from your scanned art

• How to create pattern repeats (half drop and overlapping half drop)

• How to change the colors of your original design, reduce for screen printing and create multiple color ways.

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Thank you for an eye-opening course Bari! Cleaning up the background is tedious and I find it difficult not to over clean it. Hopefully my next design will be truer to the original artwork after have seen this. How to change the color palette of a painting was completely new to me and it will be very useful. I am sure that I will return to review this course quite a few times. @toiledelina
Lina Thuresson

Toile de Lina - Surface Design

Loved this class and it was easy to follow!
Laura Cantu Smith

Illustrator / Graphic Designer

Excellent class lot's of tips bravo!





Bari Ackerman

fabric and surface designer/painter

I'm a 10 year veteran surface pattern designer with over 16 collections of fabric on the market as well as wallpaper, rugs, dishes, homewares, phone cases and more. I design for Art Gallery Fabrics, Wallternatives, Murals Your Way, Loloi Rugs and a host of other manufacturers.

When I started in fabric design in 2008, there was nothing like Skillshare on the internet. Online teaching wasn't really a thing yet. So, I was making stuff up as I went along which made it a much harder "row to...

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