Pattern Design : Create Brand Specific Surface Patterns & Repeats | From Sketch To Illustrator | Shubham Sharma ☺ | Skillshare

Pattern Design : Create Brand Specific Surface Patterns & Repeats | From Sketch To Illustrator

Shubham Sharma ☺, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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10 Videos (49m)
    • Class Teaser

    • Introduction To Surface Design

    • Keynote On Branding

    • Understanding Brand Needs For Surface Pattern Design

    • Sketching Your Pattern Design

    • Vectorizing Your Sketch

    • Adding Color

    • Creating A Simple Pattern

    • Applying Branded Surface Pattern Repeats

    • Thank You!


About This Class

Brand experience can be improved immensly well by using branded surface patterns and repeats. Those days are gone when brands can only be obsessed with their logo and brandmark.

Today almost all the successful brands are using branded surface repeats at various touchpoints between them and their market. One of such examples is the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. And even most of the pizza outlets are using the surface pattern repeats for their packaging. That's not it, I have seen almost every successful brands, both big and small, using unique surface patterns and repeats to enhance their brand identity.

You don't have to be an 'expert' to create beautiful and effective artwork. This class is designed for the everyone who want to improvise their brand identity. Or those who feel that their brands are getting boring and tired. Then surface patterns can add spice in their brands. I have been a graphic designer on my own and after working for variuos clients and startups, working on these patterns I have learned how to do a surface pattern designing work on my own.

You don't need any prior experience to take up this class. For this class, I have taught all the necessary skills and knowledge you need to begin working on your own patterns! And it will be fun! See you in the class!





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Shubham Sharma ☺

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Hi! I am Shubham Sharma. I am a professional graphic designer and illustrator from South Asia. I love to share my skills and get interacted with budding designers. Design is an integral part of my life. I like to stay inspired and keep people motivated.

I love to talk about design, and stay close with the design community.

Thank You.

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