Pattern Bootcamp 2018 | Mel Armstrong | Skillshare
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7 Videos (10m)
    • 1 - introduction

    • 2 - Idea generation

    • 3 - Prompt Cards

    • 4 - Research

    • 5 - Weekly Project

    • 6 - Coordinates

    • 7 - Final

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About This Class

Have you ever been stuck for an idea or had no idea what to draw.  Well let me help you.  For 6 weeks we’re going to build our portfolios together using a method I use to generate ideas.

If you're an aspiring Illustrator or Surface Pattern Designer or an established artist, this course will help give you the tools to further developer your sources of inspiration to create unique and interesting work that sell.

See this as a fun creative challenge to build your own disciplined practice of building a body of work that is uniquely yours. 


You can do this bootcamp at any time.  But, I'll be giving away 1 year free premium membership to 1 person who has completed 6 weeks of mini collections and uploaded them to the Projects Gallery by the due date (see below).


24th April 2018 - Enrolment Opens

1st May 2018 - Pattern Bootcamp begins

12 June 2018 - Pattern Bootcamp ends

19th June 2018 - Last day to upload to the project gallery

26th June 2018 - Winner announced


Pattern Courses

If you've not created patterns before, I recommend doing my one of my other pattern design courses before completing this bootcamp:


Music: Ben Sound





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Mel Armstrong

Illustrator, Pattern Addict & Teacher

Hello and welcome!

I’m a full-time illustrator from Wellington, New Zealand.  I’m obsessed with creating beautiful things, from craft to illustration to sewing to IKEA flat packs (no kidding).  

I’m also obsessed with learning, which is what drew me to Skillshare.  Years ago I stumbled across this little (well actually big) gem, did some classes, then voila, I became a teacher!  I teach what I love - illustration and surface pattern ...

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