Pattern Basics 1 : Understanding the Geometry of Patterns

Eleni Dracopoulos, Pattern Designer/Instructional Designer

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12 Videos (1h)
    • Class Trailer_Introduction

    • Lesson 1 : What are patterns?

    • Lesson 2 : Finding the Tiles in Patterns

    • Lesson 3 : Understanding Pattern Direction

    • Lesson 4: PATTERN MAKE TOOL_Repeating a tile

    • Lesson 4 : PATTERN MAKE TOOL_Repeating One Vector

    • Lesson 4 : PATTERN MAKE TOOL_Repeating Two Vectors

    • Lesson 4 : PATTERN MAKE TOOL_Making the Class Cover Photo

    • Lesson 5 : Scaling Your Pattern

    • Lesson 6 : Changing Color and Exporting Files

    • Lesson 7 : Playing with Pattern Direction

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About This Class

This class breaks down what patterns are and how they are formed geometrically so that you may better design them from a conceptual perspective. 

You will learn what a pattern fundamentally is, how it is formed and repeated, and how playing with the composition, distance and direction of the vector items within your pattern can improve the conceptualization of your designs in order to create many pattern possibilities.

This class is geared towards students who have basic Adobe Illustrator knowledge.

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Great class, clear explanations and rich in detail. Please create more classes.
Good course! I admit I never would have experimented so thoroughly with the pattern options tool on my own, and now I will never again sleep on how easily you can explore different layouts with this tool. I hope Eleni makes more pattern design courses - this one was quite worthwhile.
Great intro to patterns for anyone interested in creating repeating patterns. I had dabbled in some patterns, but this tutorial gave some great little hints and tips that I didn't know. I have two jobs I am going to go apply my new knowledge to! Thanks!





Eleni Dracopoulos

Pattern Designer/Instructional Designer

Hi Skillshare! My name is Eleni Dracopoulos. I am from Montreal, Canada and my two loves in life are designing patterns and teaching others.

I have my own brand of designs, called ELIANTHI PATTERN DESIGNS. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram (@elianthipatterns) and I will soon be opening an ETSY SHOP selling accessories and home design products.


Pattern design for me is a very playful and unexpected experience. When I am designing p...

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