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Path to Success - 5 Life Hacks to reach abundance.

teacher avatar Fernando Albert, Your daily dose of Light

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (2h 12m)
    • 1. 1 - Get to know me and get to know how and why I built these techniques.

    • 2. 2 - Why applying these methods?

    • 3. 3 - Commitment is key, comfort zone is your demise.

    • 4. 4 - To-Do List & Scheduling your calendar.

    • 5. 5 - Organizing your life and setting priorities

    • 6. 5 - Assignment - Create/Update your To-Do and your Calendar

    • 7. 6 - Brain Time! Have a date with your mind!

    • 8. 6 - Assignment - Spend 5-10 minutes a day on "Brain Time"

    • 9. 7 - Visualizations that accomplish and materialize.

    • 10. 7 - Assignment - Visualize a desire.

    • 11. 8 - Why proper communication is crucial?

    • 12. 9 - And now what?

    • 13. 10 - Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • 14. B1 - Why a second quicker To-Do list helps a lot!

    • 15. B2 - Adding reminders to check your doings.

    • 16. B3 - How goes a typical day with these?

    • 17. B4 - Morning brain times. Good to visualize the day. Early opportunity to be grateful.

    • 18. B5 - Breaking tasks into smaller tasks matters more than you believe.

    • 19. B6 - Organizing your work duties in "brackets."

    • 20. B7 - Path to success taking time for you

    • 21. How to meditate.

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About This Class

Are you seeking changes in your life? Do you want to empower any area of your life?

If you answered yes, then definitely this course is for you!

You will learn five easy techniques. You will not be required to buy additional stuff or to make significant changes in your life. I know that sometimes, schedules are very demanding. However, you can apply these techniques during your free time. No free time? No problem! We all can find five-ten minutes during the day to work on these, and I will help you how. You will be surprised at how easy are these techniques.

I have been transforming my life through the last several years, slowly shaping and improving these techniques. I have shared with hundreds of people these techniques, and I received fabulous feedback when these were applied. For this reason, I have decided to create this course!

NEW: This course is upgraded! Five additional bonus lesson content. Make sure to keep posted since this course will only expand!

EVEN NEWER: I revamped all the classes, and also, there are two additional classes.

MORE UPDATES: I added a few more bonus classes, up to October 2019!

Now, you can go through this course (as you can see, it is not a very long course!) and start to applying these techniques TONIGHT! I can guarantee that while these techniques look easy (and are easy) in the short term, and especially in the long run, it will bring astronomical changes in your life!

See you there!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fernando Albert

Your daily dose of Light


Fernando Albert is a very gifted Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. He speaks English, Spanish, Galician, and Catalan. Fernando believes in constant learning and both personal and spiritual development, so he has both attended and taught spiritual workshops around the globe. Fernando follows his life purpose in being of service to others. He dedicates himself full time to providing psychic readings, energy healings as well as coaching and teaching others.

Although Fernando is extremely talented at doing Energy Healings, he loves working with Tarot cards, taking his readings to the next level. He also enjoys doing Mediumship readings. In addition to these services, Fernando offers Energy Clearings on homes, venues, vehicles and small objects such as rings, statues and more. He love... See full profile

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1. 1 - Get to know me and get to know how and why I built these techniques.: welcome the path to success. So I am very glad you guys came here today. You know, I'm from the Albert Andi. I like to share a little bit about me. I have bean pretty much my whole life finding ways to improve myself. But not only that. Improve myself in school. Improve myself with my family and myself at a personal level. Now, even as an adult, I have found on discovered many techniques that I want to share with you guys in these cars . I have been able to run my own business for seven years already. And before these one, I have always had a certain degree off business. While I had a regular job, I also had a degree off a business on you know, I have found, especially during the last three and four years. Very powerful techniques, which are the five techniques I am sharing this course today. Okay. Techniques that they come from practice day after day after day. As I said several years on, I have seen myself today. If I look back three years, it's amazing everything that has changed. Andi. Yes. We have a little bit of changes in my life, the society. It's going into a way that sometimes we means give factors that could make our life much easier on avoid us many problems, you know, in this course, mainly, I'm going to talk a little bit about finding depiction times to be ableto enhance yourself . Okay, finding moments where you can use to take advantage and have great ideas. There is even some talk about the law of attraction by know their way. You know it because they love attraction is incomplete. It's at a more profound level with Have it take next to it. It's a combination off different techniques, Okay? It's a combination off different abilities that you can learn. You don't meet any tools you're going to buy. Anything else? Yes, To go through these short cores, Andi, that's promoted. You're going to find results within a couple weeks. I can wear the that because I have seen amazing changes in many people have been sharing these techniques with many people over the years. And, you know, this is why I wanted to create a scores to be able to share it, even at away their level. So I hope you decide to go for it. You are definitely going to take a lot from it. So see, Annex Class 2. 2 - Why applying these methods?: Welcome back, folks. I'm very glad to see you here. So in this one is wanted to share a little more off. Why about these techniques? Okay, I and I wanted to make a quick introduction first, but I want to go a little lever. So we are aware that during our thing there are a lot off little times maybe waiting in line for your groceries. Maybe traffic, maybe. Yes. Growing that you are? Yes. Waiting for somebody. Ills. Come on. There many moments that we have nothing to go and these moments occur. I'm not really a lot more than was we aware us, you know. So it's something that you can take advantage off, and I will be sharing in the later classes. How? Okay, this is going to bring a lot of self discovery. You know, it's going to bring a lot of self realizations as I was sharing with you. I can tell you from a gun experience, Okay. In all of my life areas, I have in ableto figure out my weakest points. My struggles points. You know, there is no perfect person. We'll have mistakes. We are on a constant learning for our entire lives, you know on it's something we should never forget. We're always learning developing girl. There is always Morton Growth. And when a party there is nothing else to improve, their is a breakthrough. There is something new for you that's going to come to you as a new lesson to bring you the opportunity to keep growing. So in this course, with these techniques, you are going to be able to accelerate. That person's going to be able to skyrocket your business. You're going to be able to skyrocket your marriage, your relationships, because you're going to find very easy all these areas. How to proof them how to enhancing. Okay, can heal everything in life relationships. You know, I have worked with people who were in a crumble in marriage. On out of using these techniques, they have been able to realize that each of them were doing something wrong, how to improve it and yes, out from seeing the benefits off brewing on out off the results. These techniques, it usually motivation to keep going more and more okay on, especially when you do this with somebody else because even more powerful okay, it can be with your significant other is any you can find much easier. The issues Okay, because you talk about seeing them and chatting or having an argument. It's about using these techniques. Yes, together. Okay, you will learn more in the later classes, but you're going to notice that it's amazing. The same thing goes with friends with a associated your business. You know, in any area it's a very powerful and very flexible. Okay, on the vision of all, there's also going to be a way for you to eat. Track off your improvement. I'm going to share how on you're going to be able to go back on, look three years back and see Well, I was there, and now it ends here. It's amazing how much I have changed, and you're going to be very happy with yourself. And this is going to be a constant empowerment, developing and moving forward. So it's like a look, a positive loop of constant growth with very east techniques that you have to spend nothing on. Yes, invest a field minutes of a varies. Okay, so see you in express 3. 3 - Commitment is key, comfort zone is your demise.: Hey, hoax. So one more thing before we go into the techniques one thing that it's important for the complete success off a pint is techniques. Okay? And I want to start this with something you know, called me Many scheme being in the comfort. Soon it's your demise exiting your comfort. So I'm challenging yourself. It's very important as well as having an amazing an absolute honesty with yourself. This is something that uniquely committed to. If you don't come into this, then the course will do no use. This is why this third class is also Frito Review. Because if you are willing to do this, please go ahead and get this course done. It will take an hour, tops off your life on its gonna change. It's for labor. But if you're willing to make no changes, then I prefer for you two years close this tab on. Continue with your life. Don't take this cursed unless you truly want to make a difference. Cocaine. Why? Because these are techniques. They're very easy. But the year no magic spells or mumble jumble like that. You know, no freaky stuff, neither. You don't need even to do any spiritual process. Obviously, there is a tax off spirituality in some office very much in, yes, one of them. They love attraction one, because the rest agree down to earth in your very own brain. You know, that's when that's why one of the gorgeous skull brain time So you can imagine it's pretty down to earth. Easy for everyone, really. Jenner Now believe it in it or not, doesn't matter. If you believe in success, that's the only thing you need to believe in success and in commitment. You need to stick to these techniques. You need to make them a lifestyle. Not that sure, okay, any at first you need toe bush yourself a little, but then you need to make the my lifestyle. You know, it gets to a point for me that if item work on this, especially on the brain time on the introspection times, you know it's very for a recent one day or even two days in a row, I think don't manage to do it. I feel makes a difference in again. So you get used to this. It becomes part of your life on then it's part of you, and it's amazing because you create something and it's part of you. It will help you toe kostanic it growing so it's really good. Okay, Another good reason for this. It's to use it to break them on us any Okay, it's use it to allow yourself to bring some differences in your eyes that always make the same things at the same time because you don't have to do these techniques. Morning. Evening. Afternoon. No, you have to take advantage of your own free times. You can do them whenever, as long as you make the empire of you. OK, so it helps to bring them enough money because you don't. You get two different things who arrange the distinction at different times. And that brings some changes about that. Really? You can you can even go ahead. And if you want read more about a remote about monogamy in for their glasses, OK, but for now, we're going to focus on a different topic. We're going to focus on this technique sound. This upset itself, you know, don't have schedules as they have shared with you. Very important. You know, you have to allow yourselves to use it as you need it at first. You might want to take a break from one of these tickets. Maybe you are going on vacation and you don't feel like bringing for a wing. You feeling going out to have some dreams? Hey, go for it. You and have to these, like a Sure. Okay, Yes. Make sure that you don't stop doing them forever. Okay? You neither interplay all of this all day. Once it goes by faces, it goes depending on how your life. Let's see that you are improving your business. Then you want to do brain things. You want to introspection. Let's say that you run your own business. You want to do that to released on, set your goals in your schedule. Let's say that you have a broken relationship or you have some health issues that you and understand You need to look inside yourself. You know what you have multiple of these are you have none of these and you just went to enhance and improve yourself to a next level, you know? So you have to use them at a flexible level, the way it works well for you and even your techniques on the advice and you will apply them at your discretion as you feel you need them. Okay. But you know, it gets the point is I could get first. It's your very own consciousness that he's going to ask for it, that you're going to need it as I mentioned to you earlier. Okay, so that's free much. All the introductions I wanted to make. Now we has going to the techniques and see that. 4. 4 - To-Do List & Scheduling your calendar.: you know. So I am very glad to see you here and let's go for the topic. You know, you have heard a lot about to release would come in their usage there bef Indians off articles out there. Okay, from fin See economies, newspapers for professionals, to bloggers for the daily user, you know, and they'll have great information. But you know, they conflict. Some dislike calendar. Some dislike to the lists for many, many reception. You can find that on 9 11 I am going to talk about that. It's at the point. In my end, I combine both on I take into the next level because what I have done, it's toe grab techniques from daily belies. The social stuff will know, and I have to take them to a next level. Actually, I want to mention that thinks toe brain time, which we're going to cover churchy. In a follow class, you will. You will see how much it can tell because part of that it, broadly they via to create this course and created in this former Cain. So what it was wanting to saying It's it's a way to enhance the techniques that it's already there, you know you can find online that released are not to be used. There never done you writing down and they're sitting there forever on. Then after a year, you have released almost in the or you have them, the few through for things that are easy on. That's it, you know, And they tell you, Don't don't don't do that. Don't do that. But put it in your calendar instead. That's what they say. That's what it's technically the right thing to do to go ahead breathing the calendar. Andi, write it down as by this day, I have to get this done. Boom. Yes, I'm not going to say that's wrong. It's true. Saying yourself goes saying yourself, Deadlines, It's very important and it's useful, and you must do it. Eight rules alone. It's going to fail. It's true. Okay, it's true. But it's not the solution to get go ahead and have a calendar. A calendar itself can fail as well. Why? Well, especially these days, you can feel you know, these techniques are very old. I am not discovering America here, folks. Okay? And Columbus, we all know this. However, the 100 years ago you had to write something down the calendar in ink on who? Scratch it. You can see a failure. Scratch, Scratch, Scratch, Scratch. Scratch. You know on Then, if you see a kind of full of scratches, you can see that you're doing something wrong on. Then you push yourself when you say no, this is wrong. I can't keep doing it this way. So you avoid it. But right now, with Google Calendar or many other calendars, so is too. Yes, Dragon drub on? Yes, Push it, I'll push it. Who cares so that what happens it fails as well se me to combine both of us. OK, you need to combine a saying yourself A date like, for instance, for the scores I have said myself a bed lying to get it done. OK, but in addition of that, I have admitted to my to do list. OK, bathrooms, xx course parking it fullest, we think that civilised. Okay, I do this with excellent. OK, I do this with excellent and you can see a small example right here. Okay. As you can see by the comments, as you can see, I do entries. This is a way to try to make a to list within a to do list. OK, Why? I am saying my calendar. I have to do the scars on in that released I put I have to do this course So I have my to do list on my death thing. OK? No, in excellent. We're all familiar with it. You can with the right button you can at the commentary on. Then you can go in the commentary at little Italy's. Okay, like the example. I am so in here. It's a tribal example. It's something symbolic, but it's for you. But for example Okay on. Then you can mark what you are doing, and you can see a progress if you have a very large brush it. Okay, like one of the other courses that took me 200 hours to create. If you have a very large project, you can set yourself checkpoints in the calendar. Okay, Checkpoints to say Well, after here, I have to have this done up to here. I have to have Islam. This way. You're going to avoid toe overload yourself, okay? Or toe or toe create and shiny. You want to create and shady precisely. One of the reasons of this is not to create an shiny okay, Onda and going to say it's important. Even I'm going to appoint toe, be flexible. Okay, dragging and dropping something that calendar. It's not wrong. There is nothing wrong with that which many will tell you. But there needs to be a recent Let's say that you want to. There's something that I guess that has come out. You can move it or let's say you have a great idea during your reign time and you say No implementing this, it's something you have to go now. This is something that can wait a little, so I'm going to drag it until these other day, you sating accounting there again on. Then you put in the way that you were supposed to have that solid line, the red line off. Whatever near you are including so flexibility. It's important in that. Okay, so it's not about a solid calendar and to do list in. It's really a flexible, but you need to have progress and you have accomplishments, which is what they want to talk. Knicks tracking become small accomplishment. It's very important we live in a world that we want around negativity. Something's on we. It is here for everybody toe saying what they're not doing. Then say what they have a chief So that realist is also helpful for them, regular to the least. Once it's done, you dress it, you scratch it through the trash. No, now we have technology. So with this very excelled, you can make an entry and say, OK, so done. You can make a released on a don't list on. You can use more than one sheet in this thing file. So that way it's more comedians. And you want to keep track off everything that you have been doing. You know, you can keep track of the small accomplishments on the big accomplishments in my in the small accomplishments, I guess right on down the big accomplishments. I Botham like big accomplishments. I have made an upgrade to my entire side. I have created a course, you know, a manger course. I have created 10 block entries and no, let's say something like that. You know, a small accomplishment. Maybe you can say like, Well, I have a calm placed whatever, you know, small things. Let's talk about business, for instance. Well, I have gone. I have done those fear reports that they were left with you or I have been able to fix these image that wa s a broken or I have been doing some backups or I have finally a file they report for my kids in school. Whatever you know, it's important to keep the big and small accomplishments and keep track of them. Why? Because then you want to date them, OK, you went to date. You want to date them as as a way of saying, OK, on the 10th of July of 2015 I have a complete is creating a new guided meditation, for example. Okay. And you've right down it seems a little pointless. But, you know, I have been building these for several years, and when I open that file and I see that there is more than 500 a little accomplishments on more than 50 major accomplishment is like, Whoa, I actually have dug a layer of things, you know, we're human beings. We are not robots. We get us motivated. Sometimes All of us, you know, there is if there is a code tilted to be motivated all the time that you should be pumped all the things wrong. We have feelings we got have a good day. Spare days worth these, but keeping track off her accomplishments at least can see can be physical proof or digital this case. And if you want to printed that you have done a lot in addition off what you have them because even if we have the product or the better relationship or whatever done, we seem to not see it sometimes something for your very down to that negativity. We can have a bad day. We can be in a bad mood, but we have that two released and that journalist to be ableto check and see. I have been working hard. I have been doing this. I have been doing that. Have tried this, you know, and you can't even serve as a reference off something. If there's an issue, you can have, you know, this daily it was so you know. So it's definitely very, very helpful to go back to see what you have known as well. Okay, so this is prima sheets for their for it released so well, I hope you enjoy this class, and it's gonna get more interesting. Okay, This was probably the most or the least interesting one, but the most important. So see an explicit 5. 5 - Organizing your life and setting priorities: So how are those cannon? There's going. How are those two? Little is going well. I'm pretty sure that he has got started and there is no match. But, you know, I would love if you win ahead and share. Okay, Share how things are working out for you, especially if you have any questions or something that even comes a good idea for you that you want to share. It's all about learning. As I told earlier, it's a constant learning. Okay, so I would welcome any comments and it's a distance or any ideas you have. So before we go into the brain and technique, which am it's not coming yet, but it's very soon. I want to talk about something additional. It's important. In fact, I wanted to this one as the first class, but I failed. That it, to the least, was more important on this is about how to organize your life and said, Pray guarantees. You know this guy is going to be a certain because this is really a few things that I want to share. These are widely shared their thousands of books about this on, you know, in this one, really very snow technique, but not no secret. I mean, but, you know, it applies, and it enhances all the other techniques on. Still, there are a few things here that well, we know them, we forget about them and we need to be constant constantly reminded about this. Seems you have left them access to the scores. You can read any of us and a 21 and remind yourself, OK, but you know the first thing you want to come in, if there is something you can do in five minutes, Yes, do it now, you know. And it is something that it's harder than it. It's harder than you believe, you know, And you know, I mean applying this for many years and sometimes it's like, Oh, I would like to reply to this email. I just shut down the old look, but I go ahead open. It happened. I say, Come on, let's do it because it's It's a It's a moment. You know, there are many things in life that they get five minutes to the maybe a phone call, maybe une male. Maybe, you know, something insignificant that maybe if you don't do it, it can make very negative consequences. Okay, maybe you need to give a call to a customer. And yes, to remind him. Hey, don't forget to do this. And maybe you feel Lacey and you? Yes, and do it. Or you You do it to this later on. May be the customer said. Oh, yeah, Thanks. I already figured that out. You know, if you would have years, those five minutes to call it customer and say Hey, get is done this way, you would have reached extra mile and probably you would half approach it. That customer to you. First on, you would have gained the customer trust in a very white level sometimes maybe helping someone. There is something that will take two minutes of your time. Me? Maybe. Yes, do it, you know, but especially for oneself, You know, there are many things in life that take us a moment on. We need to do them it during brain time. You're going to get a lot of ideas, and you're going to be using boys notes, which I'm going to explain to you what they are. Okay, But those voice notes you need to translate them into to who as well. A setting time in the calendar. Cocaine. Because all of these techniques are connected. Okay, It's one whole technique. Nothing. Gloves and competence, all of these techniques. But if out from those memories, you get to the things that they only two or three minutes, maybe you have reminded Oh, I have to call a frank toe. Tell him to come next week to the party. You know, for instance, on its 11th 30 year going to call him. But you can go ahead and you write it down in your voice. Notes will talk about it later on, then next time in the morning when you see a bullish note. Oh, yeah, I got the gold, Frank. It takes only five minutes. Go and you go ahead and go and you get out of the way, you know, and even those that take it five minutes, you don't even to track those in the accomplishment because it would be too ridiculous. Okay, we have to remain anything to lay that take five minutes and you want to have 1000 least or 10,000 things done because it makes no sense. But, you know, I think that they a short time go for it. Another thing. Let's say that you have a few things to go on your self employed you and half that lines as far as a boss or 1/3 party telling you must do it by this time. No, let's see that you like me like I'm doing this for myself. Okay? I have done a few more things before doing the scores, you know, And for an instance, it's alerting process. And I have done that. $2000 cars, I mean, 2200 hours. Course. Okay, so you were a mistake. I have them that 200 hours scores, you know, before an instance doing this course, they have the idea off doing a few more short courses. Maybe I should have them that first, you know? And this is precisely why I'm sharing here. Small things first. In my case, I didn't really think about these. These core from your sewing, the other one, he's true. I was thinking about all the courses of their shorter and I panto. But if you can, you want to go a small things first, recording a course that really something that exiled of time. Okay, but let's say that little Weblog entry or for the next month, or, you know you need to record the cores or you need to take the car to the shop or you need to go. BC, your grandma for a week, you know, and you and half set schedules for anything. You want to get the small things first. Okay, done. It's honestly see that when you get them down, you get them out of the system. You know a computer when so far it's only or your cell phone when so far it's open. Okay, it's taking resources from the computer when you close it. Those who servicer liberated this is the same. You know, you have a few things to do, anything. Your brain constantly. I have to do this. They have to do this. Even if you don't think about it, it's yours. That consciousness on Ben, you know, if you get them down, you forget about it. It's like done boom. Alfa might come out for my consciousness. Andi, it makes a difference. After time, you feel more mindful. Do you feel more relaxed on that? Extremely important. Okay, Another thing. It's doing one thing at a time. You know there is a big war in terms of multi Paschen or not. Okay. Psychologists say that human beings cannot multi task while boss is required to move the desk. And you might be thinking, Well, I wanted a chance. Yes, I wanted to ask us. Well, I am not multi tasking right now because in front of the camera, when I was preparing discourse, I was multitasking either. But if I do a few minor things that they're not important, I can multi task for an instance. When I get to render discourses, you know, it takes some time to rendering. I am rendering courses. Okay, the computers BC working. Well, may I can. In a different in the world document, I can start working on brightening look entry, for instance, or preparing the section off my sight for these cars. Okay, you know me. And you know that means multitasking. Technically, I am with it asking because there's something going on, but it's doing It's a computer doing it, and then I am myself doing analytic computers. Campbell get asked. This is why they have ram. They have a CPU on. They have a ton of things inside. Okay? Because they can move the desk. That's the whole purpose of a computer, OK, but the human brain it family task to a certain degree on when you want it and you lose attention. Okay, When a computer, when you reach the top off the ram, you lose power, and then it goes slower. The brain doesn't work the same. But what happens? You lose attention. You stop paying attention on. This leads to mistakes toe errors. We can be from small mistakes to major mistakes on then. Sometimes, because you try to do two things at the same time, you end up wasting more time or doing something wrong. So where multitasking something sits a must You must make sure to know what you are moved it asking about okay, especially if you are creating if things if you're working of things on. I recommend this for any work. Even if you're a job and you're going to face job and you need to go thin phone calls and sent face emails, I wouldn't recommend you to go ahead and send your email while you are doing your phone call because the person in the fun is going to feel you are not even on the via detention shoes. Nothing proving you're awesome. Service Andi in the email, you're going toe Frank did in full of giving to forget things, make tables or waste more time having to review it. So multitasking to a certain point, if you can avoid that vest. Okay, But if you are doing things on your own, don't have half course Don't like I am doing the scores on. I'm doing every day, you know, working discussion, doing things in the middle. Maybe I have something that takes only five minutes, then yes, of course I do it. But it's not ready to my calendar in my to do list on I keep doing which what I'm doing right now. That's very, very important. OK, very important. You can say, Well, you know, all of this is great and, you know, even for the great thing, you can think it Well, I don't have time, but you know well, find it. You know, right now in these days, in this smartphone era, we spend way so much time, they hang that little screen on the work that we add computer, we add a television, You know, there many, many times really, that we could use for better things. This doesn't mean that you should not watch any TV or you should that. Will they use your phone? No. Off course. There's time to have fun to Jabe movie or whatever. Okay, But when you've spent several hours, we hang your phone, your TV, and you say, Well, I don't have time. You know, you have time. Always. You have time, especially for the techniques. I'm going to share it next because they take only 5 10 minutes. You shower, Correct. Well, when you're showering, maybe don't put music, maybe they could vanish between brain thymus. I said earlier in the classes. You know, when you are waiting in a lot in a red light or you are waiting with your shopping cart full of groceries, you know there is always time okay on, make sure toe use precisely if you are unable to find it. Okay, you can take them minutes from slipping on, find the time they're on, analyze your day and start organized nearly through great time, which I'm going to explain next on. Then you will be able to find this time to apply these techniques on. Well, let me at something at the very end. You know, A because of many reasons. Many people out there having something. Okay, instead, off being stressed out about it on, especially if you can do work at home where you can improvements at home since you're going to sleep. And you're going to be a stress at that. Yes, go ahead and try to take advantage of doing other things. Maybe your brain times maybe trying to find the results of your insomnia Or maybe, you know, doing work, you know, advancing job like one. Well, I'm going to get it done now at six. Again on then. You know, it gets 9 a.m. And you have done a lot already on the negative aspect of him. Some here that can be frustrating and such. It's going to be partially because you would have invested the time properly. So I really wanted to mention that in Vegas having some me. OK, but a pre mindsets eat for what they wanted to say in this class at the end, you know, it has been longer than they thought. But these are very important topic. So I hope you enjoy listening to them and you start applying to them. Now we're going to get to the more interesting ones can so see and express. 6. 5 - Assignment - Create/Update your To-Do and your Calendar: Hey, guys. So this is the first time and from the scars. Okay, I really that Adam, some assignments will definitely make a good difference and will help you guys get going. So, in these ones, praising the only thing you need to do it, you need to create a spreadsheet file. Okay, You can download the makers of pseudo are. Well, chase it, or you can download any open software, SATs, a slippery office or any other, any others. In fact, you can use a believe Excel Online for free. So I wanted to go ahead and create a spread its file with your to do's as well as your guns . Okay, keep track. What do we need to do? Track the prairie on also track? You know, they've done okay. Makes you have a section for dumb. You know, I could gets go ahead and bring to you a simply This is what most people ask the states. And if you really want it, I could give your template, but at a personal level, able if he will come and protect. So I recommend us a teacher that you guys a create it with your own style. Make sure it looks nice. Make sure you're like it. Make sure you enjoy it. That it makes you happy. When you went to school when you were a king, you wanted to have your your pen case. You know, we've made many colors, different parents, different pencils. You know, it's the same. He needs to be pre okay on. Also, make sure to add your A and everything that is here to the least all year to do things. Make sure you set them in your calendar. Okay. Make sure your schedule them and you could started working them. Okay, so that's it for the segment. 7. 6 - Brain Time! Have a date with your mind!: Hey, folks. So we get to my favorite technique, the brain time. This how we call it. This is a technique that changed my life, you know, on it was yes, out off. A quick petition off game started with twin brain time Onda. Actually, this technique has able for a lot since then, you know, And it has amazingly changed my life on. It's a very, very simple, silly technique that you know most people don't do because we are so submerged in technology that we never get to do this on. It's like a huge blessing. You know, we always find time. That's time, work time, play with her kids TV time, you know, how about brain thing, and you may be thinking on what's up with that? You know, it's yes, building a relationship with your brain, not even scientist understand our brain. But there is something that I understand that if you connect with your brain, the more you connect with your brain, the more you use it, you know, and these are some in playing those mind games, and in Houston, it in terms off. Stop chatting with your rain. At a certain level, it's when it's become amazing. It's when it becomes crazy. Crazy. Great On what you need to go. I'm going to explain how to do it, and I'm going to explain all it's all off its benefits. Okay, First of all, the only thing you need to do it's You need to find little times to do this. Okay? You can. The brain times in blue things, however, at first for you to get used to the to it. You want to use it 5 10 50 minutes before going to bed. Okay. You want to sit alone in your living room or in a room? Not in bed. Okay. At least at first. Nothing better. You want to sit alone? You know, no music deem light. Okay? Not dark, but not very bright. Andi. Definitely no television. No computer, no cell phone. Yes. You know, Pat, you may want to have a boy's note and in a voice recorder. Okay, you can have an app on your phone. Your have a nap. You want to put your phone in airplane mode? OK, Very important, because if not, you're going to get distracted. Trust me. You know you want to put your phone in airplane mode and boys, record your notes on Why? Because maybe you want to go ahead and synchronize your phone toe. Upload those boys notes to your club. You know you want to create a cloud. Most phones will tell you how on that way you are below that and you have a safe copy off your boy scouts. You know, that's all unit. You can do it alone. In fact, it's best who alone, Especially at first, you couldn't with her partner. But you're not going to be talking with the partner anyway, because it's alone Silent time. So you know, and you can do it in the Sekoff pushing its order to the world. If you guys have difficulties, but it will get appointed, you will grave for this. Okay, So you know what you're going to do in this time? Well, at first, Yes. Go through your day. Okay. I sit down on, you know? Yes. Go through your day. Nothing else? Yes, going through you. They And if I don't analyze it, OK, don't go analyzing. Yes. Sit down and allow, you know. You know, they mind chatter, you know, weird out and in a moment Classes? I teach that and there is one off them. Next one living going toe. But a You know, Charlie, a shutting down the mine parrot is great, but something that Iraq needs to be listened because we've not The pirate won't stop talking ever. Okay, on bring times is when you can say OK, Parrott, what the heck do you want? Okay, so you know, that's what is important. That what it's what matters okay? Yes allow their thoughts to flow Yes, listen to a nicety parrot, pay attention! Because if you let's say that you say 02 They have been doing these project and it took me went very slow because this work program is so bad and so it's low and I don't ever get to copy the processes from the database. And my boss gave me if I could Yes, copy it to these other file warps. What happened there? You have an idea. Have you noticed You already have any year? Yes, going through your day. Grab your boys, record their or your note pad and write it down. Okay, Very important. Ok, very important to that at first, Then you know you are going to be calling your mind, OK? Whether to talk about it next class where they feel it's best to do it in this one. Okay, I am going to share. You can see it attach or it's not. You can send me a message that you can't access it, and I will send it to you. You see, file, it'll look entry. Okay. It's Yes. Look, entry that I created because helps out of people that will teach you how to attain your mind. I am going to a bloated, like a pdf file here for you. Okay, but at first, many years went toe go through. They enter that parent to call them, but it gets to a point, especially after a few weeks. Well, later, after a few days that if you get to be constantly in that, then you truly need toe. Set yourself a little more mindful. Okay? Lower down that Katie off your brain. Then what? You want to go there? It's You want toe trying to set some topics or give You have a lot going on. You know, you have a lot of issues to fix. You have a complicated life. When you do, you bring them. You want to say OK, I went to focus on the work issues. Andi, say it. And if you have to say it out loud, better, you know, throw away your ears, listen to it and it's sent to your brain. Not only your brain things in your saying it, but this Also send to your brain OK on. It's very important that you that you do it this way because then when you shouldn't the brain, then you're going to be focused. Never that if you happen toe, get information out. Other staff at first don't allow it. Yes, focus about the topic. OK, because at first is going to take some practice. It depends, you know, in my end, they have always in a relaxed person and I could have organized my mind well, but I know people have a harder thing. So it's important to I love that to be organized. So what you need to go eating to go ahead and allow yourself to focus on one topic, you know, on if you think that topic for that session, then yes, resting silence, some things, you know, it's going yesterday that resting silence, thinking of nothing in particular. You know, the brain, it cleans itself and we go to sleep, okay? Organizes each thoughts. Well, you can do that awake during brain time on what happens when you're asleep and you organize the first you means the great idea that you would have. If you're awake, you don't. Okay, It's also great for brainstorming because, you know, it gets to a point. It has happened to me, but I sit down, you know, it's like my wife leaves for a second and I go ahead and positivity on. It's like ideas flow within seconds, you know, And that's not because I am super human or anything. That's because I got used to work on this brain time. Okay, you know, in front, when you get used to is the gringos faster, you get a V s faster, not only during break them throughout the day, you need to think out something. You have to make calculus. You make it faster because they bring get stronger. You are much, much more focused because you learn to appreciate much more years surroundings on what you are doing. You pay much more attention constantly keeping proving because this is precisely what bring names for after some payment, you don't need to always go for your day than as a mentioning by your glasses. You want to go through second point where you can enhance where you can fix we can improve on even you can ask your mind. Hey, give me some good ideas on you're going to get in, like, right away, okay on. And they said it's very important that they voice notes even if you if you get an amazing idea okay, Even if you get in a mission any and you say, Well, I won't forget this is impossible to forget it. Take a voice note because you can forget you can be received to a point of Yes, yes, I will remember this. But you know, when you bring them, you know your brain to go very fast toe prints and organize itself. So if you don't grab that idea is gonna clear away, it will be gone forever. Okay? It's very important to have that realization. It's very, very important. You know, it's important to the lease everyday because then you get to find very well, what's working for you? What's helping you on? You also get to find what it does not work for you, but it can be an issue, but it can be a block. Okay, what it needs to improve. It will. If you are sincere to yourself, you can improve yourself as a person. Massively, many marriages could be fixed instead of the bars if brain time was done because they break them. If you're honest to yourself, there is self realization of yourself because it's not about thinking out the other person . It's about your very own self realization and on trying to find your mistakes and trying to find your area stream proof off course in terms when there is a second person involved, you know, you can thought of suggesting of something that maybe you could tell that person that could help you out or could help that person out or could help their relationship itself. Definitely, you're going to get abscess too much more wisdom than you think. It's like we have, ah, huge amount of wisdom that were not even aware off on when we go brain times, we access to it. OK, it's like a said. You know, if something I like to go, it's a go ahead. Sit down and bring time. And this is when you have more practice. Okay. On. Yes. Open your brain. This is how you do it. Okay? Yes. Open. And now 80 s become many times when you do this outside the box ideas happen. Life changing ideas happened, and it can be quite quite amazing. You know, maybe fixing something that it seems unfixable. Maybe thinking something at work with your partner may be getting that $1,000,000 idea. You know what they say? The $1,000,000 ideas they come out off brain times. Okay, It's amazing. It's amazing. And you can't imagine how many realizations I have hand short term, long term with this brain times. It's amazing to rush me. I swear by it. You don't need all that. I'm spending five minutes they at first at night. It requires no spending. Money requires no sacrifice on. You're going to see correct, see results. It's brain time. The foundation to enhance all the other techniques on all the other things I share. So it's very powerful and quite amazing. So I hope you apply it in there, lady, But it's really going to make a difference on you. Guys are really going to love it. Okay, so see, Annex class. 8. 6 - Assignment - Spend 5-10 minutes a day on "Brain Time": way reached our second excitement on this is very important. Okay. I want you to find at least five minutes early for you to invest in silence and relaxation . Okay? You want to use this for your brain, Take as much time as you need. OK? But it's important. First to invest. Good time in tow. Sitting those 15 minutes a side. Okay. Make sure you take any necessary notes in your note pad or in your voice recorder. A slow missed. Your device is in airplane note. Okay. I'm make sure what you find this you do with a daily thing, Okay? Not saying the sketches like I said, but especially at fairs for a couple weeks. Try to the wit nightly, Free to get used to it on a start. Seeing it's been It's OK, so let's go for it. 9. 7 - Visualizations that accomplish and materialize.: e folks. Well, first of all, big things for continuing with me. It's a big owner for me that you are still listening here. It's a big owner. If you have any question, by all means, let me know. Okay. Andi, I am super grateful for you to come here on. You know, I am grateful because it's very important to remember why, Aunt, how to be very grateful, constantly threw away because this is part of this lesson. Okay, this is actually part of it. It's not the main thing, but it's part of the engine, part of the gasoline off this technique. And what is this technique? It's about visualizations that accomplished on materialize. Okay, there is a lot out there about love attraction, millions off articles on, you know, once again, I am not Columbus. I am a discover in America has been discovered already. Okay, so but we always enhancing them. And I feel that the law of attraction by itself by the movie the secret that we all know it's not enough, you know, they tell hard to do it. But they really don't tell the the truth technique okay on. But it is something that it also change my life so much toe a point that I even created myself a guided meditation for this. Okay, I created a guided meditation for these very purpose. Okay, because he's a very strong picnic. You don't need that guided meditation to do it. Okay? You don't need it. I don't leave. You want to buy it? You know, I really more than honored. In fact, you're going to find a couple some pdf files here that are going to talk about precisely the power off being grateful. Okay, because he's something they went to share. But first of all, why the law of attraction is unfinished. The left attraction is unfinished because they said you need to visualize on feel in your heart that you are having that already. And it comes, you know, it's very easy to say. I said it and it took me 10 seconds, and you can be thinking, Yeah, right. But my life is miserable, and I feel like water junk on. I am very unhappy. How the heck I am going to go there is, you know, that's what off attraction fails on. That's where their technique jumps, in which Easter trigger where I call it artificial happiness. How can you trigger artificial happiness? You know, there is literally no one that can't have or can't remember a happy moment in their life. Because with a happy moment, I ever mean your wedding. Well, with me, I mean that OK, you can use that. But I don't only mean your wedding or when you have your first born or when you graduated of school when you receive your promotion. Because chances hard that maybe you have experienced nothing of that. Maybe all of your birthing a parties have bean sad for unfortunate reasons. But in your entire existence. Maybe you had a nice moment. Maybe a friend that yes, came on. Lend your hand. Or maybe Or maybe something makes you happy. Maybe you know that Whatever. Whatever makes you smile at least a little bit. It's important toe work on it. It's very important to go ahead on two really cope with that. Okay, maybe at first you need to find maybe as a joke guests something, but literally everyone has something in their life that they can find and they can connect with, in a way of saying Well, this can make me smile A smile A little. Okay, on if you still don't find anything at all, it's when the power off gratefulness comes. But let me finish this. You first, Oneto, Look for a happy moment in your life. Look for a moment that you feel happier even if it's a tiny bit of success. Doesn't matter. Okay, Maybe you found today at the grocery shop the loaf of bread at half the price and you see wow, have the price. Awesome. I am very short of money. That's so nice. You know, that makes you happy. Maybe a little bit, but that makes you happy to the focusing them that you have little money. You know, focus on the fact that you were ableto find that great discount, and it makes you happy. So yes, grab something like that. Okay, Happiness like that. Even if it's insignificant, as long as it makes it feel a little happy and smile. It's enough. Then you want to visualize what you desire. Let's say that you want a promotion. So you have a bit of happiness because you say 50 cents at the grocery on that was a big deal for you on it meant a lot. And it made you very happy to save that money. Okay, on you visualize yourself having the promotion. You close your eyes and you try to visualize it like a movie with as much clarity as you can. OK, you visualize it. You know, imagine that your boss is saying, Hey, you have done a fantastic job. These companies very happy with you. I am lending you a promotion for you to start next week. Your center is going to increasing $400 a month on you are going toe have these extra responsibilities. I believe this is what you wanted. Correct. You know. And you imagine that The sound of the voice of your boss. You imagine your office trying to put us Matt Imagination. Let's that you want to attract love. You imagine yourself. The other person grabbing your hand doesn't matter. The physical appearance you got the person grand Your him going in a work of the beach going toe offensively. Diner. You know, you started off happiness. So instead off realizing that you don't have this yet since you started off from a moment of happiness than you Visualize that part of the visualize that this side here So what the universe sees the universe sees happiness on, sees what you are visualizing the universe. Doesn't I understand? In the reason they went, we though the union won't say Oh, she's happy because he saved money on the love off breath. But she's not happy goes off. No, you're going to be happy because of the love of bread. But you're going to take that happiness in your re solicitation when you make your visualization, it's gonna be easier for you to be happier to be more excited. OK, Do we happier, Andi, toe leave to the fullest much more that visualization. Okay, you're going to because you're going to bring that that official happiness and you will be so I said much more on then it's like the universe will say, OK, so this person is very happy for the promotion. There is no promotion, so the universe is going toe. Materialize it Okay on this has happened to me within an hour, okay? And things that are hard. Okay, It's not like I'm a magic like Don, go ahead and you know, with the lottery. If you have a strength enough, you could do it. But it's a conscious level. We know so much that winning the lottery so hard that we don't manage some people manage OK might try to attract something legal. You fuck the reason exercise for you to make a visualization because you know when you are motivated and when you imagine you multiplayer motivation on it went truly you send the strength of the universe. You need to use a lof attraction but being very happy, thrilled and excited. The more you are more powerful, it becomes he's not only the so listen, it is white and finished. OK, this is why it's important leaving there now because if if if you learn to live in the now , you will be able to easily visualize that promotion. Lee, if you'll really have it, that increases the power. Because if you be so I, sadly you already have it, then the universe is going to believe you already have it in a certain way. So, like the universe is going toe arranged entirely itself to make that happen because it how it works, OK, everything will arrange for this to happen because he's like is somehow, like, give you raise a hand. Okay? We're supposed to be my drink, you know? Imagine some route. A rich person that would do that, you know, sort like, sort like that, but in a very good way. Okay on, then, adding gratitude, it enhances it even more. You might feel that your life sacks and you're ungrateful for everything because you feel that you have very bad luck. But first you have some money the way for these cars. Maybe you you haven't offered to buy it for 10 bucks. You know, Andi from those time battery I s make two backs. We both her grateful, you know, because we both had that opportunity. You have to be grateful because you had those $10 to buy in the scorers Cocaine that alone will enhance your gratefulness on. Do you know there are many blessings out there that we are not aware off on might seem stupid, but their blessings that people would give their left hand for them 11 for instance, having a toilet, such a huge blessing, having a kitchen, having electricity, You know, it's something amazing that many people don't have on if you want to go to something that every single human being X step that people have is oxygen. If we remove the oxygen from the plant will die on we take it for granted. We learn toe. We need to learn to find to be grateful of the little things because also we got grateful our the little things, the universe taste more attention to you. Okay, Andi, it also when you feel your heart with gratefulness, you are able to multiply the strength off that artificial I m in a happiness. Okay, on that alone makes it more powerful, more easy to attract. Okay, on. Once you get this in motion, once you get used to this, this is where you mentioned it is more for lifestyle. Then get some techniques when you get used to it. It's when you have an exponential growth because it's a gosh these works. You get more excited. You money Fittler thing. It works again. You get even more excited and you keep manifesting, manifesting, manifesting. I becomes Gracie because they more excited. You get the fast Very. It works so more here where the stronger it gets ok on. Everybody can do it because you can start it off Artificial happiness. But then when you get a complex three or four things, there you go. You have those accomplishments toe add to your pool of happiness and to make yourself even happier, you are going to feel like dancing. You're going to feel like smiling. It gets to that point, okay? It gets to that point. So it's really powerful. So definitely this is something that you want to go on. You know a good time to do this. He storing brain time. Okay, When you finish your brain time or when your brains are off ideas, you can use this. You can use it also in your car. In that stop lighting that grocery shop weight thing. You can do it whenever on whatever. OK, you just need to make sure that your feelings are the correct ones on you for this technique, and you will see no time how powerful these becomes. Okay, so see you next class 10. 7 - Assignment - Visualize a desire.: Wait. So this is the last Simon. OK? And it's very single. What? I want you to go. It's for you to try to visualize some. Okay? With technique use Go ahead for something easy. Something small. OK, you've seen the technique and use in everything, even explaining. Try to visualize something cocaine. It will materialize. OK, but as long as you at least put the time to make the visualization properly, bring your heart than everything. The exercise can be counted as for field because the purpose of the exercise is for you to the technique problem. Then whenever you visualizing would materialize I at its right time okay, by the purpose for you to do the thinking so let's go for it. 11. 8 - Why proper communication is crucial?: so I wanted to create one more class. Okay, this is this pirate of the whole techniques. But more than a technique, this is something that really worries me. Okay, because this is something that I need to share is something that technically we all should know. But it's something that we are losing more and more and more on it. Concerns. Okay, because this could this could affect in a negative way to the other techniques. Okay, in addition, off affecting at the negative way in all our life in general, on this is the communication problem. We all know we have a growing communication issue. We're well aware about that. Okay? We are every time, more and more inside our phones on less and less looking to the ice off the rest off the human beings that surround us. Our world is becoming as narrow as seven inch on. We need to stop. We need to make a break. But it's getting and health, You know, one. It's making many repercussions. I want to bring those in here for you could precisely understand that. Maybe it's not about throwing your phone away. A cell phones have blessing When used properly. Everything, when used properly, can be a blessing on everything. Using express can be a poison on cell phones have been using excess so hurtful. Use the blessing of the years, that blessing part, you know, it's important to find when it's really important to experience. His blessing on we're not on in those times off express off cell phone usage is when you truly can find that time that you say you're going to have in order to be able to work on these techniques. So this is why I wanted to do movies because it's collapsing. You know, it's almost like a paradox, because smartphones and Internet brings us closer. You know, we can put with someone 20,000 miles away and real time, but we have love starts with those who are seeing next. Once, you know, we have connected to those that are far away. But we have lost the connection to those who are next to us, and that's something that we should stop. We should slow down. Okay, we should find violence. Another East, you know, it's that the first base were in this. It's making people not read the information you know human beings think this is the civilization of humanity has pride because we can communicate on. Technically, we can understand it's other on. We can work together to give growing and thriving, which is something that it's decreasing. It's stopping to happen, you know, and I can see it every day on hundreds and thousands of people they were with. And I see this issue even seven years already on. I see this issue getting worse on worse on worse toe. Ah, moment to be alarmed. Okay, on you know it. It's important. It's very important to pay very good attention to everything you are doing again to ring everything because you can have those great ideas haven mention about. You can get many, many ideas, but if you do it in a haste, it way in a lousy way or without paying attention, you'll screw up where, if it will require you to read something or to follow a certain out of guidelines, you're going to fail because you are not really in the islands where he has to get a scroll schools girl and get to the bottom, you know, and on not read things and this is being in issues. This will maximize the issues to be a scam. You know, this would Maxie myself. People take advantage of you and these will generate out of misunderstanding. So drink up a little more attention tryingto set time to read things properly, Whether it's your phone, your computer, a job, a letter or a billboard. Doesn't matter. Bring your undivided attention to that in that moment, but not in excess. Okay, pay attention. Pay attention. You know what you are reading? What you are doing because you know, this is something that it's bean use. Okay, It's mean loosened. It feels to me it's very important to have communication also, you know, not in terms off the lack off reading or the lack off. He came paying attention to what we're doing because this is his game so fast paced. But, you know, it's also a communication with those of their next once on with next to us. You know, especially, I want to target your partner if you have one, or if you're interested in having won or when you get to have one. You know, precisely this is an area I worked with a lot of people and communication is the foundation off all relationships, you know, about 78% off. The worst could be safe if there was good communication. When there is an affair, it comes because of communication issues. When you seem to not stand on their person, it's communication issues. When you see that you are you, everything, it's communication issues. When you feel you want to be next with the other person, it's because of communication issues when you perfect away with somebody else, then with your very own Buttner. It's all because of communication uses because they're blocks, their problems, their issues. We think that you are not sharing with the outside with the other person on. Then those accumulate until they grow up until the divorce happens until you truly can stand more big person. And there is so much junk to fix that neither of you have the energy to the oath. But if both parties agree to go through issues like every day, talk about the things, make sure things flow, things work properly, then it's gonna be fantastic. It's very easy to fix the issues, and not only that, but to it. Discover also greater potentials in their relationship. You know, it's relationship has its weak points, and strong points on those can be found should get to know it's other. But this is not only going out on the movies or in bed. This is also a few communication. Okay, that's very, very important. Also, you know, when you learned to communicate more and to get used to express yourself into the man orders to express entirely back to you, your life is going to enhancing in so many ways. In fact, you know you're going to have much at ban. It's off over others. Okay? Knowing that you're going to be at a massive advantage because people is becoming more and more like a somebody we're just following. You know, when you gain control of your life when you learn to communicate with your surroundings, when you learn to know, be completely on their a world off seven inches, you truly are goingto be a major advantage off others. You won't be able to get scam. You will find thank you everything. You will have thing to keep growing. You want go through many a psychological damage that social media, who and This is proven by psychologist. Okay, you definitely will be able tow go for your life at the faster and healthier pace Looking usually phone Houston swimming is fine, but with a certain degree off blue. Okay, as well as communicating, that's crucial. The morning communicate. The more you expressed that there. Okay, so these are a way for they techniques. But we have a couple more classes, Very short glasses, but I want to get to them. OK, so see your express. 12. 9 - And now what?: Hey, folks, So am one short class. So you might be thinking Well, and now. Well, well, now you have all that. The Knicks. Now you have everything I really wanted to go to share with you. As I told you, I am going to be the win bonus classes. As I think off new things, I keep doing brain times to enhance things. If I get to find things, you're going to any hands much more, and you are going to be ableto realize much more. Okay, so health ago A. You know how to go with this. You know, if there's opposition to this, you know, the best thing first of all is to start working with one thing at a time. OK, is you have to be fantasy home. If it gets hard to the ways you know, you can get to go for a walk on the part. What, you want to do it. If you want to find it's important for you to find your safe having okay somewhere where you can really, we can truly put yourself out of harm's way. Who put yourself in your own sanctuary where you are not going to be bothered where you can go through this. Normally, home is a real place because everybody when everybody goes to bed, you can do it, you know, And in the worst cases scenario he says recommended, But you can do it in there. Okay, so let me share with you. You know how it's a typical day for me with all of this on. You know, normally, when you wake up when I wake up, I wake up with my mind. Relax, because it makes a difference to me that I wake up and I go to sleep knowing that everything has been addressed that what needs to be addressed next will be addressed next day, which it makes it fantastic. You know? And I we got Relax it on. I wake up, you know, with the mind clear in this aspect. So then, well, you know, I go through a day like every other person, but, you know, I am not a big cellphone person myself. Then I almost do No sulphur metal. Obviously, I'm going to ask Theis Keepers, You know, in my case is a little extreme, but it's yes. I don't connect with with the type off Warren. So I went out of rain times during them. OK, but you know, typical day for the average Joe. OK, it would be like, Well, let's say that average Joe's wakes up, you know? He has his mind cleans because he brain time last night. Then he gets himself compared. He showers, he prepares. You know, that's a good time to do brain time. Because euro silent don't need to put musical ready. No need to put steam only from the very beginning of every on. Yes, allow that toe double. Oh, yes. Allow that to happen. You know, we relax without music. Yes. Washing your teeth, showering whatever this is a good time for bring them. Obviously you can't take a note if you get any ideas here. But you can hold it in your mind for a moment because he's not the same going to bed then and famously trying to recall it. Then gainer off the shower and trying to recall it. Okay, then you know you get through you with the war. You know you when you have chances to be relaxed, you can be reacting. You can be focusing and your own introspection times on, then you know, during the evening you know you want Oh, obviously, too much introspection is not good. You want to socialize and everything, but then find sometime of the night That's really all you need to go. Okay, because then when you get used to it, every little dine during the day and we have many, many more than we realized your brain. It's going to go in an automatic and it's going toe already get started. The work on on the brain diamond cycle looking, it's going to get started on that is when they get engaged. Also, you can journal these okay in additional vehicle, Julius, that's always mention to you can create a journal. Andi Yes, right. Entries in how you feel and how how things go. OK, I personally don't do this. You know, I'm connected to read and unite I observed every day. But you know journaling. It helps. Too many people say it's up to each individual, but make sure the journal in age now the chore. Okay, it's but better than a journal little. And have your voice notes. You're to believe your calendar. They think that you have accomplished on. Do you use the time to visualize? Materialize? I'm grateful for your life. Much better being visit claiming that. But if you still have time and you went to journal mes take a few notes How you're feeling , how your brothers seem, you know evil enough. But the techniques themselves one require that because you're going to be taken notable on a second reminder. OK, you're going to be having a constant and exponential growth. That's something that will be happening constantly. The more you usually ist debater. Okay. And you are going to be able to tell me, Fernando, you were very right with this. I am experiencing changes. And if you have questions, you know I'm always there for you. So one more sort thinking class and well, that's it. So a one more. Okay, CNN 13. 10 - Thank you, thank you, thank you.: Well, well, well. He were our last less on. You know, guys, I yes, really wanted to give you big things for for staying with me for standing. Lee, I hope you guys have enjoyed the cores. I hope that you have learned great things today saying these techniques have re changed my life. And this is why I am making the scars. And, you know, I hope he does change yours. Okay, I invite you to make comments, okay? And how these are making a difference. That will be very helpful. They were very helpful because others will see it and we're marking right then. So do not to keep going. We know we can go through pence office travel, but you know, this is going to maximize your like so many ways. You can even imagine if you have something toe my guest. Or if even there is something that you would including one of his techniques. By your means, let me know. And it would create a bonus glance. And I will even give you credit. Okay, if necessary. And I am very happy. So you know, this girl is going to keep growing. That's that's the purpose of it, you know, it's on had the strongest foundation. But we all grow one through these brain times. You discovered more things and ensure that now these questions don't I would think, Gosh, I could have talked about this. And I even loved about discuss. So it's gonna be updating constantly. What? They want you guys to really get involved with this. Okay, so, Well, eh, that's all I can say. So thank you. Thank you, Thank you. It has been a huge pressure. Check out me other courses. I am creating more every day, and I hope you have enjoyed scores. Andi, you know, that's always really appreciated on any questions. You have failed. Means I'm here for you. Okay. Thank you very much. On. See you next scorers. 14. B1 - Why a second quicker To-Do list helps a lot!: Hey, folks. So I decided to come out with these new bonus glasses. I didn't ask some questions, and I didn't seen people very involved. So huge. Thanks to all of you. I'm very happy that you're enjoying the cars and, well, I can only wanted to bring a few more things. And, you know, all of these bonus classes came out from my very own brain times. Okay, I really failed that. These would be good things to share because the court itself, it was more like a foundation. But these extra bonus classes is I want them to be more like extras. Okay, Extra things that you can add to the main course, and you can even make a better bath to success out of it. Okay, so the history match is a year small thing, Okay? It's about having a second to the least. You know, at this point, probably you already hear your spreadsheet. Or maybe you have an AB in your phone. Or or maybe a note that I know Pat or something, you know, that you use as your to release and as we have seen. But you know, this catchall and everything nearly lessons will, especially those who use the computer for work. I definitely recommend a second to the list on even more when those are self employed, you know, like it's my own situation. It happens to be that sometimes you can get a lot of ideas, you know, doing your brain times you get a ton off ideas. This happened to me as he shared with you, that maybe it make 2025 notes in a single night. You know, it's crazy on what happens that next day you want to organize those those voice notes, Okay. Sinking sharing area courses on. Then you get to the point where you see that maybe several of those points there things that will take it two or three seconds, two or three minutes to the on looking or there or there things that you need to address right away. But maybe for some reason, you cannot make those in the very same moment you era. So what they second releases about Well, you know how later than myself I go ahead on create a txt file, pay a textile on my my best up on, then. Yes, right down there. You know 11 chore or were thing to go per line. Okay, Andi, pretty much I save it, like, quick to do or something like that on. Then when I have some time to finally do some work on my next things to do, then I before working on the main to the least I work on the secondary to the list. Because most times you can clear seminary things in sort of beer. This thing, you know, or you have to address a few origin things. Maybe, As you know, that releases things that you have working on at this very moment and then think that you have more for the next things to do. Or more for even longer term. Okay, you have immediate middle term on long term. Okay? Anyone goes and everything I've been sharing in prayer courses. So in this one, you're going to yes, have the most immediate things. So you want to address it? Fair. Their second to do at first. Okay. On then, if you have you found yourself in Spain a couple hours working through that secondary to list, then you know that's a bit Doesn't achievement that you can track and you can in your accomplished in your complete section on your to do list. If you have created it, you can add an entry saying something like, Well, they have you at your day like everything and you say a plenty of little things are more people casks or something. Mr. Daniels, you know you can say something like that in order to say what I have. Spend two or three hours into the Windies and making fixes here, there and everywhere. Okay, so it feels to me that this is something that will be very efficient. These least are mentally temporal. You create them and you're going to work on them for them within the next couple days. Okay, maybe today in the evening, tomorrow and maybe even in a couple of days, OK, but you get to a point that you go through all it on you, finish it. You can erase when you go. One thing you a recent UV rays it on, then you raise the whole file when it's done. Okay? Because you're going. If you do all the things, you're going to track them down as miscellaneous accomplishments. If you do a couple tiny things. Well, I guess you probable need toe. OK, so you know, it's also very good toe to do this because it's a great feeling when you hear made our of notes on, then it's something that your brain will continue toe. Okay, it's your brain will continue to give you This is wine. You need to allow it to happen. If you want to make something like more long term in, you make out off notes in your main cruelest is going to be a mess and you're going to meet some of them or origin things. So, doing it this way, you're not going to miss them that much. You're going toe. Be ableto allow your mind to give you plenty of fine yes, if you need them because it makes a difference. You know, if you feel yourself suffocated and you feel stressed, your brain is not going to give you more ideas because your brain want the sire for you. To get even more stress, you need to make it easier for the brink of channel suspicion on your base off. Okay, because on your days off, you might want to bring Tang also on then you want to take your notes and you get on Monday or whatever days off you have. And after they saw, if you get to your notes, you have 80 notes. That's insane. But you know we can happen. It has happened. Um, Andi in the best way to organize them is through the quick duelist on then, of course, we between those notes, there will be ideas for more longer term on things. And then you add them to your normal Pakula's okay, so, Well, this is pretty much shaped for the chicken to the least. You know it's gonna liga. Can you like a channel for you to be ableto move things easier on organize even better yourself. If you don't use a computer, many for work, you can use a post it or you can even use an a note app in your phone. Okay, but it makes a difference, especially for those who are self employed. He was a huge difference. When you make a second degree list, you're missing the 80 s and you get the things that are more urgent or easiest at rest first. Okay, so let's see what comes up in the next bonus glass 15. B2 - Adding reminders to check your doings.: So in this bonus class, we're going to talk about something more related toe organization, okay, self organization on something to even get more out of this. Okay, you're in the relation, you know, if you have seen already doing your brain times, and I know some of you have already completed your course and have an it this to your lives . And I'm very owner either. By the way, I hope it's working wonderfully for you. I know it is, but, you know, and pressure. You have found ways toe. Improve your ways, toe work, even being the scores, know what works better for you, and it's a constant improvement and a constant progress. So in here, what's going on? Well, I have realized that it's great to have anyone folder your mind notes, you know, connected with a cloud that you can have built from your phone. Very convenient for recording. When you're going, bring time, you might have. You know you're mean to Julie's. You might have your accomplished least, which I added in the very thing file, but maybe you prefer to commit several. You might even hand your temporal Togolese because maybe you have a temporal to retractable days. But maybe maybe Monday. Tuesday you have it. Maybe Wednesday you don't. But maybe Thursday, another one. Maybe you clear conspiracy. But then afraid of you, create one Marshall Frady Saturday Sunday. You know what I mean? So what can happen? That's something she could forget to check among all the files. Honestly, it has happened to me a few times, Okay? That I am very busy with work. I barely even have time to go other than the main working do. And I have no time to keep working on creating a staff or whatever. But maybe he has a fairly minutes 20 minutes, and I checked the quick the village, and I go through it and exchange, OK. And maybe from there, I go ahead and do a little smaller thing from the Mentalist. What they forget The voice knows on Maybe I had a voice note that it was something I needed to address that very next day. Okay, maybe in one of my sessions with people, maybe in something we want to create, I realized Oh, no, I forgot. You know? So how you can solve this very saying you can go ahead and gross references. Okay. For instance, in my scratchy my main couples with its where I check every day on the reason I do it, it's because I have different labels, OK, And one labels household on Really well, is it to those? So, you know, it's something I am going to get to use every day, you know? But whether it well, in the upper rose I work at Check boy smells Check a second to lease check the other knows something else I have. You know, it's like 1/2 a few reminders there, Okay? Because I am goingto go for sure. Good file. I got usedto you want to get used to go to your to do every day. You know, it could be more difficult when you have to go toe four or five places like they have to do every day. And you have notes on on things and such looking because that's only aspire does your own in there doing because then you have your emails and you have your messages and you have a 1,000,000 things more. Okay, so in here, you just need to remember to go to 11 place okay on in this one place, you We would remind it because it will be within their on the top. Okay, so check it over to police to check your voice knows to check your other folders to reply your messages whenever it's extra that you may forget you want toe rag it in there. Okay. In the quick toe in the Quinta Village, like always, it's starting with a header that says, check the man coolies check. There was no she figure in the Boys notes folder. I have a txt file that it's called Check your main goods. So this way, wherever I am, even if I'm in a rush, okay, I get there is. And I realize I have to at least check all the other sources for no time things to the okay , because that should be the top priority. Check all the sources of information, and once you have checked them, then you can work on your quick to those and keep going, okay? And you know, mainly this is this is the lesson. OK, it's very simple, but at the same time, I know it's something that makes a difference. Okay? And it's something that it will help a lot. Because when I started doing it, it has helped me alot. Let's forget. Okay, well, let's see what's in the next boss guess. 16. B3 - How goes a typical day with these?: So we are in Our third boat is last on. You know, I have Bean told by having s for me to share. How do I really apply these in my name? Okay. And how is it? Because they for me in this. So this course is all about that. You know, it's a more relaxing class. So you can Yes, a lay back. Listen, have a drink or something. You know, if you like. It's something on. Yes, Enjoy. You know, it's nothing out of this world, I think ask you so here iam and you know a Let's start. You know, by the morning doing next bonus class, I'm going to share something new about morning brain times and something else I go Okay. When I want to create these this chaos, You know, it's before I start doing that. So I'm going to briefly mention it. But I will talk more about it. Next. Gas. Okay. Fishable. You know, I have learned that there are many things a at that upon waking up our drunken. So I will explain more next in X class but waking up for me it's after washing myself on everything. I Yes, go on, do some brain time. Okay? That's how we get there. They start, they will spring the recent later. Okay, then you know I have some breakfast on. I get to work with the people I work with. Once I was done working with his people here. Now, since I work online on I work from home it's easier after I'm done with them, I get to start toe process on I get started normally with either the voice notes or the main to the list. OK, If I go to him into the list, then I am resurrected, as explained to you to the voice notes while I am ready record by me in mind. Of course. The fire one do anything. So I go and I check the voice notes. Okay. And then I go ahead and trust fares pretty evenly. Very something tiny. No. This will be the first thing you do after you do your daily work. Once you were done with your daily work, you want to do this so you take your voice notes. You need to organize the voice. Not you know, where you go in the business. I believe you have mentioned it may have a folder that says Old notes. Once these boys notes are organized into the to do lists, OK, then the personal is already in the coolest, so it won't be forgotten. So I go ahead and move the file into they folder owner. That way, they Boyce notes that you can find the root folder from the voice recorder are the ones that you haven't processed yet. This way, you will free yourself from confessions, and you will save time, which is all about these cars. Toe. Get the best and get the most out of your time and your boots. So the first thing you go ahead and organize your boys notes, you write them in your to bullies and you put them in your folder. If they're quick things in your green Togolese, okay, if they are long term, you write it down for more long term something. I also the last to do it when I get ideas for a main idea. Maybe I have the idea for a course on its one single entry, but then I add a commentary. Okay, I add a commentary or excel to be able to add externals. Okay. Could be ableto soup notes like and I got checklist within an idea. Like for a cores. I had maybe several things chickens than once. I go through all of those things. Then the courses completed. Okay, so and they should be the very first thing, anything. OK, then that's a convenient to go ahead with. The temporary cool is if you have it, okay, You might have working things, Whether it's maybe not, may have quick thing stories. Maybe not, but in a good results 1st 1st fortune, then the cookies things once you have from those, you know, make sure you go ahead to your main to the list and they next things that can be can be added. You know, you may at them OK, you may do them on then, of course, at all of these us completed. Okay, so this is pretty much and this is pretty much what I do always for work afterwards. Beginning working, understand? You know, then through they you know, I take up manages off making a lot off legal brain times because sometimes it happens to me and he gets my wife crazy sometimes that she goes for five minutes to the bathroom or the kitchen on when she comes back 1/2 to new ideas and some things, they're crazy. Awesome ideas on. You know what this happens because I have got use. Do be online right here and not on the phone. You know, I have came to a point of. They really dislike cell phone, social media and stuff like that. You know, like I don't like to be connected all time that it's becoming a major addiction in the society. You know, people spend several hours there from every day, and, you know, it's sure it's nice. You say you have five to spare minutes, you grab your phone, you check something, and I obviously have done it every now and then. You know about my first choice. It's not always the phone. In fact, if I am at home, it's more difficult that they would pick up the phone. It's her choice. He finally the mole waiting for something. Then, of course, I might put out the phone because, you know, it's no the ideal place for a Brendan you, even though I go with brain thing many times. Steel, you know, on it. Let's be is significant. But those five minutes off off grace time that you hand in between things, maybe you only have check a few photos on Instagram. Okay, that's great. But, you know, maybe you have thought about the feel things toe act to your very own instagram toe. Have a lot of followers, likes and stuff. You know the difference. I'm sure you know it. Now you can get a crazy idea in a moment than a steel. Maybe it's related to your social media, whatever, but it still is going to bring a lot off extra passes to you. Okay, so this is what I do A lot of brain times through living, you know, on then. Of course, when it gets when it gets 19 I off, obviously. Enjoy what? Some TV with my why I for talking to hair or whatever. You know that he gets to a point that she likes to go to meditate that you know, and and she lost her own bring things in heroin. I need a time. I I remained doing my own brain time. You know, something's gonna go for a couple hours on, but sometimes I have to stop myself from that friend Isi off thinking on. I go to bed, you know, we're going to sleep. So, you know, this is how because how I typically go through away. Okay. Now in next class and going to explain how I'm How are my very early models, like my 30 45? First minute on why you you could apply this to your life and how it's going. 17. B4 - Morning brain times. Good to visualize the day. Early opportunity to be grateful.: Hey, folks. So in this class, as I mentioned to you in prayer class, I wanted to go ahead and share more about my very morning looking may very early morning. I am myself a bit of our early bird, okay? And I like to wake up earlier in the morning. Well, let's say that, you know, in the pants I got used to guess wash my face and do my stuff and such and then both jumping the computer to start working Well, you know, after off a couple of years or three years, after a couple years doing that every day, he reached a point that it became an healthy for me. And for my consciousness, he would add stress even though there was no reason. First, trees in steel at straits. Okay, so I came, you know, with a solution doing a great time, you know, on the solution. It's precisely to very simple. Not wake happened, get busy right away, which is something that our society it's failing toe. But even more than the cellphone of using okay in modern genetic cell phone addiction, it's even worse. Wake up from bed and we want to be busy, Busy, busy, busy. That's terrible. You know, when you see if you have an animal companion on, do you see your can't That has been sleeping for two hours and then the cat slowly wakes up slowly stretches remains like dormant in the same place For a while it started. One place stairs with another place. Looks at you, maybe see miles, we should go string on. Then he slowly started moving and starts to become grounded. Well, we have to do the same we had mined The human time will be very smart and whatever, but we shouldn't forget that we have a physical body that has its needs on its biology. It's really screw up by our constant smashing through it. OK, we're really, really being very tough on our A Selves. So what we do, you know, after washing myself and such, I like to go ahead and sit in front off. Well, in my case, you know this is not required something extra. I have one of these Lumineers lights. You know, these like that. They have 10,000 loom in e and they emulate the sun, you know, and I like to put it in front of me and to wake myself up better. It's very good for your pineal gland and for your consciousness. You know, if your weather where you are is no, like sunny every day, then you know, or you are indoors because maybe sunny, but you are still at your office. You know, you are not getting enough sun and that we'll ruin your circumcising block. Okay? Or it's hard to pronounce. I'm sorry. You know what? Your internal clock will be this corrupt. Okay, so I like to put this light on, but it's something that has nothing to do with the course. Okay? I like to do it. So what I do, it's to put it out in front of me. And I have said in in front of fair when I wake hair, you know, maybe have any ice a little closest the other. I opened them and then I allow my mind rather than pushing for cops like they would do at night. I had on my mind for years is start by itself. Okay, Normally, at this point, you know, I like to go through all the achievements that I have done. They that they prior? Okay, focus when it happened yesterday Whether it's work better soon on this matter And I focused on my prayer They are achievements on. Then I recap what they have to do for today. Okay. Before I started to work, what do I have to? So this way you know I am kind I activate excitement. I am excited already. Uh, you know it early in the morning. I'm excited, already unhappy. So you know this is a great way to start your day because you already said your mood for positive. You know, they say that they woke up with the wrong foot. You know that the whole day's ruined. Well, if you on purpose, wake up with a good food every day You're going to have awesome days every day. Okay, so you know the best way to start is to be and focus. Okay, I've been grateful. Focus on gratitude. Okay. Especially if you're self employed. This is very good for you too. If you are. You know something for you. You only have five hours to sleep and there is no other way for you. We have created a society. It is very tough you know that? Some things you don't even have time, then? Well, maybe, you know, you can find five minutes or something, but it's still maybe when you shower or something, even five minutes. Will you go? OK, Joan, please don't wait Cap first thing in the morning and grab your phone already. You know, I would say yes. You that you don't grab your phone at least within the 31st minutes of the day, OK? And if you for some reason, grab your phone, which ate some things, do it on a recommended to maybe check your cannon. There are many Check. We do a quick check if you want to jump into your computer book. And if for some recent years cell phone is your main tool of work, then you should not do even that. Okay, Maybe you can have paper notes or something. You can check those, but you know, this is something that is an exception. Sometimes that most of the time she won't be doing it anyway. Okay, you will be Yes, saying they're focusing. And yesterday what you have done well, but you have to finish from yesterday. What can you improve from yesterday on. How awesome is going to be today. Okay, we have to focus on that, because that way you feel yourself up with granite, you know, and like, attracts like so, if you have gratitude, you're going to attract people with gratitude. People who have to share people wants to open, You know you will. You will be connecting at a very deep level. You know, much more with the things of the week is you're going to be with a partially behavior. Okay? It's also good through some brie planning off. Very. You know, for instance, I could sing well, today I know that I have about a couple hours of working with with good a work on. Then I really want to do a that those the sayings before I go ahead and work out, You know, I would say it that way. So and it's a it's a tool to help it toe. Reorganize yourself. Okay, Circle, toe, toe. Help yourself. You know, to start organizing today, and that way you're going to have much more confidence because you already has pre planned your day. Then you go ahead to your computer or your phone or whatever. You check everything, but you keep moving forward. Okay? So it's very good also for you to realize that, you know, in doing this is going to bring you a much more clear mind. You're going to be much more care, much more aware. Figure they because you really are going to have your thoughts organized. So this is going to help it toe be more focused. If you connect with people, you're going to have your mind clearer. Also, because you already have organized your mind. You are nothing that stuff meeting giving, viewing the stuff. Needing to your employees, I'm thinking, Oh, wow. Well, yesterday they stalk blah, blah, blah No, no. Because surely have set about earlier. Okay? And have made a note in your domain. Boom. You have to take care of that now. That way, you decrease your mind. Go big. Love it. We thought that way. That's why most of all, we have a very recent mind, You know, I have learned to tame it on guy. Enjoy Silent times. Threw away a lot. Okay, that I don't think anything at all. But most of the times, you know, most people has the issue of not being able to control her mind. And if you can't control the parrot in your mind, maybe your focus or something very specific that requires on being a undivided attention on you get distracted by your own night. That's a That's why I'm doing this in the morning. It's very good working on DNA because of that, because off saying a good mood since earlier in the morning and being grateful, you are going to be much more confident with a much more magnetic, and you're going to attract much more and much better. Okay, so Well, this is safe for the bonus glasses. I want to make a last tiny bonus class to invite you guys toe another casts. Okay, Another course that you are probably going to love. So take a quick look at it. 18. B5 - Breaking tasks into smaller tasks matters more than you believe.: Hey, folks, how are you guys doing? How are those businesses? Those traps? Those life's going forward, I hope. Great. You know, you with the scores, you could make it great as you know. So if you haven't finish it, I invite confirm with us any kind of occasions and questions Me, I can go ahead and replacement. You have more than happy. So they wanted to make a bonus. Class is going to be a brief on its and bonus last, but it's still it's something they want to share. Okay, Because this last six months, I have, you know, simple self involved with a lot of things to do, you know, working on besides our great servers and working on my readings another everything every single day. Andi, even to a point that is your drink down. And another person more casts its fine tonight, especially at the beginning. But, you know, I hadn't seen for years actually morning for years, knowing be the community Sula. And some things you have suits on this asks, maybe, like, you know, like a very big task. And no one could go ahead and break it down into Smaller asks you know, for reasons I have this sank a little things have been so first of all, you know, let's say that you have a very, very big task of your like creating a course different from scratch. OK, So instead of going the cruelest, yes, you can put in the cruelties and create these cars, you know, ongoing. And when you have your own, you start working. You want to create yourself a little more detail coolies. Okay, so you make sure not forgetting anything, for instance, to create a new horrors. What do you when you have the idea? Of course. You ankle boots the course off South's friend Chris, and then you want to go ahead and get started first. Okay, So what is the sea levels for these course, And then you can put them in the coolers were handed this lows. Then go ahead and prepare its class. Go ahead and recorded scraps. Render X class upload organized. You know, there are many, many steps, some things, and when it has its very large, you want to make sure you break it down into smaller tasks. Okay? There's something hanging out because that way it gives you the scene of progress every day . It may mean insignificant my feel. It is Sematary, you know. But it that it doesn't matter because it will bring you toe province more. They would bring to see that you are doing things in now. And they were having doing this in France. Maybe I have a txt file of mine on my desk. OK, on. Then I would title the task, whatever, whatever. And then, you know, in in a small in one Enbridge I worked on having the actual past that show cast. Okay, so it's like I have these areas things to the 25 times total. But when I do it, it's a major accomplished. You know, I've been talking about that by your casts. So you want to go ahead on and you know, when you have a chance, do you want to break it down into smaller tasks? Okay. And heavens, with with seasons have released Who? Excess? Okay, Ondas, you keep you So where your big past you can see you can start scratching both cask or bring an X or whatever. Okay. And then you can see Well, I has done so far all of its and I am only yet to prove its That will bring you more that will anymore. Because it will seem cash. I have done a lot on you will feel excited and even he even perceive it at a subconscious level. You Well, way because you will get a feeling off doing more work, Okay, Because you are doing it. The problem is that you have one going on you don't break it down. You know, in addition to being able to forget some stuff, you also can find yourself using motivation. You having stuffed with think test for a long time? If you break it down into smaller tasks, you want to go ahead and scratch office, you then they wait. I can do it from here. When I headed back into the Excel, I If it's like a cord or something, then inside it's a commentary. I had the check it off. Everything done but sometimes elected. Do you know this is really good for brainstorming also? Okay, some things I do when I have a lot of small cares like array of small pairs that they have nothing to become themselves. You know, like a pre the pages changes in whatever they create these moons was any very years Putin supposed there, you know, like since like that, you know you can doing five, but now you have 30 authority. And if you're Range Storm, you can get looks among the five years of thinking. Well, then you can write something like a range of new ideas or everyday tasks, and then you least all it asked the in the txt cycle, and then when you get it done, you upload it when ones that could be spreadsheet like a big accomplished, you can put a real stairs from the debate and then, in a commentary, will see the hole is looking. So this is something a significant, and this is something important for you to be aware because it will give you a big push. Okay, especially with very big past. Where you have a push on also would help me to keep it ordinates, because first it's nice to have and I really feel task done. You know what? In the end, it's Tyga's much organized when you get who have, you know, Benedict titles that you have a chance on its common carrying all the canoes, a going to do a test that will benefit. Okay, so this is pretty much It's very, you know, very simple. Very straightforward. But still, this is something that people all the time asking me about so candidly about to make this quick glass. And now you guys have more clarity, so thank you very much. 19. B6 - Organizing your work duties in "brackets.": I thought, Hey, everyone, How you guys doing? Well, it has been a while, President. Andi. Hey, I wanted to bring your one more bonus class. As you have seen from the initial cars, a few more bones classes has being res, and it feels to me it is important to keep bringing more fresh information. You know, some of these things, they're very common. They're very mundane, you know, And I'm sure you know some of it. But sometimes we need any reminder on is precisely why I'm coming with this class today. It's nothing out of the The bark is nothing crazy, and it's quite simple. But I have felt myself in the last few months that this is something that a planet in my life has really, really making has helped me to be more proactive, gooey much, much more energy, eyes and looking stressed out. Okay, because I am no in these paths. Texas cars, you know, it's really deal at a very a aggressive way. Focused inextricably thirties expansion, professional development, you know, on growth, Andi, sometimes you know, you need to get going where you need to find a steak off balance. Honestly, you know I you know, I have found out from experience, you know, even with my own on doings and also working with other people that Eric tendency is to say , for those who have their own business who work from home, it's too overworked to a point that you and others and shiny with stress on Do you know you would be all over the place. That was Technically you're following everything in this passage, Chris cars. But you're going to be always in in overdrive here. I was going to be maximum maximum steam ahead. No, wait much focus and work. And we're going to, you know, put a lot of pressure in your physical body on for your mind. And it's going to get home that it's going to drink you out. Okay, so you know, this is pretty much very silly things. Only about getting who organize yourself in breaths. It's how recall Let's say that you are very aggressive person. You are super a worker and you work your work a hot. You know, this is great for workaholics. What? Because that way you get to put some limits to yourself, OK? Because you can have you notice, I said, And shiny are being too aggressive on are overworking yourself. So you know, it's about separating the main working brackets. That said, you work from home, Okay? And let's say that you know what was raised to work with cast tumors on a daily basis, and then you get to create, you know, construction of bats in forex. Okay, let's say you're having an adviser from sorts, but then you're also on the side, creating some courses about construction or whenever Okay, to make something out. No, you you're going to with sire who be able to work with your customers, obviously than if you were here. They're paying your break. How is it you also want to keep on growing, even experiment? The business to grow bigger on could develop on you some things over. Work yourself with both. You're going to end up not well. It's machine those moments that you get a suits in fruits off customers on. You don't have a chance to be able to start scratching off the checks out of those lists on , so you may get very, you know, stressed out from, so it's very important if you have over work with customers who set aside some time. You know it's safe. Something that Martin you know, Ah, beautiful. Fewer were sort or the union that hang to be on the job defense remains its on. Then set aside some time to be able to do something else. That's the announce for website war, cause for marketing. Then another time. You know, maybe for learning maybe for, you know, starting a replica to study spares No. And then the things the same thing in the afternoon or leave. Okay, even at first, you make sure you say have some time to fund. OK, so it's saying we're really working around 98 98 k on Say OK, I'm going to to save and feel a in only some work and then getting to be on the school. But if you can be, you know, if you is, it would be three hours. No, you're going to be only two hours. That thing. We only have work for an hour on a 13 years worth off from time. You can do the next step with you personally recommend, so you could create material for you to create that construction project that I was mentioned to you earlier. Okay. For you to create known estimate work on. Then you can see it sometimes. You know, also, before Lanzi 4000 for lands. Okay, To bring some of your studies, you want to get status? A market? Maybe you went to study somewhere program that also sang, you know, especially when it works from homes to get to know everything. So you're going to find good thing to be able to who? Do some study also. Okay, so that's what you need to set a maximum. I located time for customers. That way, when you get overrun, you can actually you know, a play with it. Because also, maybe you know that we're on our 30 minutes and then of a Maybe you want to set aside another fraction ist time with your with Italians, you know, But then also do in the afternoon, we may find some time to work in council, working with a computer, working with your Grobler cities with your projects, everything you say that your customers are more available on masters. Then go ahead and do in the morning more computer work on, then more customer working. They asked him What matters the most is toe go a step, Bagan, you know, and even more organized and sit such side So much something for everything. The sing goes You are doing your brother since Russian testicle e Well, yes. You can work for three more hours. Don't don't. Okay? Because in the end you're going to want to have those three hours and that's no good. Okay, you need who sets a maximum thing for that. And also you should forget we should say something for joint something for having fun and something for taking Brinks. That's essential. It's very important. Okay, you got when you can control bear the growth This we're going to get up Very, very growth are going to extend Going to sign yourself out there like more or the nights you're going to be able to do everything. I never feel stuff. Okay, maybe you want to go ahead and and finish Approach it And if you say and do some stand When I were everything, then I am wasting my and dealing you know, like see you From where? Days? The project. Well, something super So it's then go for it. But if you're working beforehand now, organists have mattered when you're going to have plenty. Thanks for that. Critics of the worries that I could Do you know who end up you said Just finishing the month, one particular having to study on going into the race, that something else will come on. You want good study grain and rendering your first trade additional testing for everything you know, interesting that you want to do what can happen sort of a month and say, Well, I haven't starting. I have been having breaks and I have been able to completely You're going to see a more complete and it's also going to help you with the customer flow it said were growing very fast. And you see your Uncle Maximo elevated hours. It's surpassed every single day you can surpass it by. You can come in that the waiting time is becoming larger. This means street racer price. It's it's this music connection changes in nearly every heights. On with this organization, you will help discover these. They asked this on the most, which is quite okay, so, as you can see is quite simple. Nothing, Office warned but I really if he was going to share with you all and to hurt, aspired off his car. Need the rich success. You would need to go ahead and have even better organization on avoid overworking and be able to attend to the 1000 beauties that those of a several break. Okay, so I have enjoyed the glass on CNN. 20. B7 - Path to success taking time for you: everyone. How are you guys doing? How are those lives going? I hope you guys are able to find more and more progress every day. On that. You're able to accomplish your goals and dreams. I am sure that by now, especially those of you who already joining the course earlier in this bonus class are experiencing big changes in life. But I come with a quick and easy bonus class about this topic because there is something that maybe we haven't touched based very much over the course on That's about don't overdo in it. You know, some people might be more or less aggressive, but some of us are really gold organs, you know, and we aim some things way too high on while bathroom success. You know, I created it to be able to manage everything. There is a limit to everything on something that you can happen to, though it's to forget to sit quiet time for yourself. And I don't mean the brain times. I mean, maybe picking up your family and going for the at the beach or blame some media games or yes, playing some sports, you know, whatever. It's important to remember that while you do have a very aggressive schedule and things were going steam fullest in my head and it's awesome, you need to remember that you need your own time. Two men very rest because if you're accomplishing goals constantly and progressing in and constantly doing more and more and more, it's great. You might feel wonderful, but you're going to exhaust yourself. Okay, you're going to exhaust yourself if you overdo it. So it's very important to also make sure to include in your schedule some time for yourself . Somethingto reward yourself, especially after a breakthrough after finishing a project. I also time for you. You know when you're working in one, because that will allow you to rest and you will be able to come with clearer ideas. Easier awareness says that will allow you toe even improve things. You know, even that you are guessing the beach. Then you might have a random idea. Sticking out of it on it will pay off a lot, but it's important toe also take your own time because you know you show gratitude to the universe when you show gratitude to yourself on when you show gratitude to the universe. You get more, do you receive more? You progress, more things go easier. So it's very important to be very happy with everything you have done on. You know, maybe they're those rainy days that you do very little. You know that you feel Connecticut full field or unit gets the point with everything that you get used to. Some be leather, love off work. And then maybe someday, because of computer problems or whatever bump on the road, you know, got you to waste three hours and every year only took care off your clients and data feel extra things, and you feel like you haven't done anything. They be where with that. Okay, because there's a different scene realizing that you have lace it out or a difference, Then maybe it's after away from your control. Or maybe you know that they unique to rest a little. And that's why it was good for you to do a little. Because even if you do a little even if you don't get much done, you still have to be happy because you have progressed because you have over overcome something else. You know, it's even if it's five minutes, 10 minutes only. You know, tomorrow you might work three hours and might get out of things done. But even if you have gotten a small amount, don't worry and expire of it. Not every day. It's going to be a lot, okay? And in fact, it wouldn't be good, you know? So it's important to be happy and to feel content and grateful in many those days that equal in chief alone. But at least you have been trying. You have in moving forward. And you have bean putting your fort, okay, And you have had some results. Be grateful for those results, Okay? And if you find up that you're upset because you are not meeting your standards, then you can obviously, you know, going to bring time and get yourself some help with that. Okay, on. That's pretty much it for this bonus class. Economic wanted to bring that reminder to you, because he's something important that it's easy to forget, especially with how this card was going, that it was all about moving forward and a achieving olds. So now you know that you also have to put yourself into consideration and they could care of yourself and your own needs as well. Okay, so with have been said, hope you enjoy the glass and more will come see then. 21. How to meditate.: Hey, hang everyone. You know, I wanted to bring on additional bonus class that I find that it will be extremely helpful in every single course. In fact, pre matching every single course, if not all of them. I have been asked how to meditate. So I'm going to give you guys a brief video. You know about meditation. I do have a block. Made it with Fernando that come that if you search how to may take, you will have a complete guy. Okay, But first of all, it means share a few things. A get started with many myths that are not true. Maintaining is not about setting yourself in Lotus position on starting tenting on four hours pretending toe work. No, definitely. That's a wonderful type of notation that it's a mantra type of meditation that you may practice with or without the lotus position. But definitely that's just one off the many, many, many mate is yourself there. Okay, so you don't need that. You know, it's good for you to have a specific spot, communicate, you know, there that is the that is not the best place. Even though sometimes there is no other option and you have to go with that option. Expended another, made a little. But if it share or a room that you can specify it for maintaining them, that would be ideal. Okay, But that's the only thing you needing. No toe. Be able to set the right seven setting. Okay, Like if you have a family, you noticed everyone. Hey, I am going to may they now, So I don't want to disturb than you love yourself. Even if it's in your bathroom, that's fine. Okay, If you have any dogs and cats, you know, you definitely want toe prevent them from access in because they are going to access, especially care, because they feel drone toe a greater source of energy. Always and they're going to be covered. Your meditating that your energies concentrating on the cat will love to go there to put the poor and to receive some love. Trust me, I live cats, so I know that well, So you want to be the Easter you know on to make it the place comfortable for you. If you have an office and you feel it stressed out, then don't maintain their knighted somewhere else. If it has to be your room. Then find so be it. But make sure that they places the right A seven saying is very important. You may want to, you know, version insensitive You want, or like, a candle that it's not really necessary. Okay, you have to make sure that you are able to relax to lay down or sit down whatever you more comfortable with, you know, on make sure you're not going to be the start, Cain. Now, when you get to that there many many wish to meditate. And for me to give you guys a simple one, it's a simple US breathing exercise. Okay, us went toe. Get yourself comfortable. Okay, on. Then, allow your bring to go on its natural pains off surf you're reading. You can even question your Renick even think about oh, and bring faster and green slower. I feel that I have to take many deep breaths and the insured breaths that I don't recommend them. But every now and then you will and things like that to a point that you yes, allow your brain to keep on its own on for you to be observing it. Like if you would be watching a tennis match. Okay. You are? Yes. Observing You're not interacting. You're not questioning the athletes your years looking at their gaming until one scores. Then here. You just want to look at your breathing until in Aatish is over. These will put your mind at very relaxed state. And yes, out from that, you are going to find the huge difference. Okay, try it on. You will see. It will definitely make a huge difference on I want invite you to try this with some instrumental music. But also I want invited with without it. If silence disrupts you, then put yourself some instrumental music. I understand some people struggle with silence, Will even a very nicest society. But then put some instrumental music. Okay on when you can try some saying moments even if it's in the middle of the night because you woke up to go to the bathroom. Okay, but here to try, because you will see how much it pays off. Also in convention that I have a host of guide Nate ations in May date with Fernando that come and over there you can get medications to help you sleep to help you. Okay. Your shackles to Luthi. Dream toe. Check your akashic records to connect with your guides. Toe. Amplify your shack, Grass toe. Do in a research. Empower your self esteem. Everything okay? You can find it there on one less piece of advice. He's not so much about meditation, but it's about a man. Falls for you to try to go easier with life. You know, we live in a society that it's mad. The average person wakes up checks, their phone goes toe weather teeth both to breakfast, a coffee, checking the phone again while you do all of that driving and some even checking the phone , wondering they go to war Working, working, working, checking your phone, then talking here and there. Have to win this place. Other place, then activated in the afternoon. Think that it's here. Over there. Over there, you get a home exhausted, give cook dinner. You trigger something again. You're watching TV, checking your cellphone and talking with your friends, and then you go to bed exhausted with your suffering. Hand the secret by to your very best friends. You know, that's awful. And many people are going the page No. You know, you need to tack on constant activity and constant steel. You have to find moments off silence. You have to find moments off relaxation. And if you can decrease in the amount of things, they're not a festival. You're doing all these long then better. Because if the mind is constantly at 100,000 MPH, it's not going toe to toe down. Not even if you're trying. So you need to also have my finished in a day to slow it down. Okay, so with this, try both and you'll see how much easier meditation gets. Okay, so see an express.