Path to Success - 5 Life Hacks to reach abundance. | Fernando Albert | Skillshare

Path to Success - 5 Life Hacks to reach abundance.

Fernando Albert, Your daily dose of Light

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20 Videos (2h 5m)
    • 1 - Get to know me and get to know how and why I built these techniques.

    • 2 - Why applying these methods?

    • 3 - Commitment is key, comfort zone is your demise.

    • 4 - To-Do List & Scheduling your calendar.

    • 5 - Organizing your life and setting priorities

    • 5 - Assignment - Create/Update your To-Do and your Calendar

    • 6 - Brain Time! Have a date with your mind!

    • 6 - Assignment - Spend 5-10 minutes a day on "Brain Time"

    • 7 - Visualizations that accomplish and materialize.

    • 7 - Assignment - Visualize a desire.

    • 8 - Why proper communication is crucial?

    • 9 - And now what?

    • 10 - Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • B1 - Why a second quicker To-Do list helps a lot!

    • B2 - Adding reminders to check your doings.

    • B3 - How goes a typical day with these?

    • B4 - Morning brain times. Good to visualize the day. Early opportunity to be grateful.

    • B5 - Breaking tasks into smaller tasks matters more than you believe.

    • B6 - Organizing your work duties in "brackets."

    • B7 - Path to success taking time for you


About This Class

Are you seeking changes in your life? Do you want to empower any area of your life? If you answered yes, then definitely this course is for you! You will learn five easy techniques. You will not be required to buy additional stuff or to make major changes in your life. I know that sometimes schedules are very demanding. However, you can apply these techniques during your free time. No free time? No problem! We all can find five-ten minutes during the day to work on these, and I will help you how. You will be surprised at how easy are these techniques. I have been transforming my life through the last several years, slowly shaping and improving these techniques. I have shared with hundreds of people these techniques, and I received fabulous feedback when these were applied. For this reason, I have decided to create this course! Now, you can go through this course (as you can see, it is not a very long course!) and start to applying these techniques TONIGHT! I can guarantee that while these techniques look easy (and are easy) in the short term, and especially the long term, it will bring astronomical changes in your life! See you there!





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Fernando Albert

Your daily dose of Light

Fernando Albert is a very gifted Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. He speaks English, Spanish, Galician, and Catalan. Fernando believes in constant learning and both personal and spiritual development, so he has both attended and taught spiritual workshops around the globe. Fernando follows his life purpose in being of service to others. He dedicates himself full time to providing psychic readings, energy healings as well as coaching and teaching others.

Although Fernando is extremely ...

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