Past Lives Healing Emotional Wounds & Repeating Patterns

Karen E Wells, Tutor & Best Selling Author

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10 Lessons (1h 15m)
    • 1. Past Lives Intro

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About This Class

Explore your Past Lives that explain the emotional wounds & repeating patterns that keep happening to you over and over again in this lifetime.

Whatever the emotional wound is that you have experienced, the root cause of it may go way back into your Past Lives. It could also be because of the karmic package you have bought into this lifetime from your Past Lives. This course is an in depth self journey into significant points in childhood in this life and Past Lives. If you are ready to let go and to heal these repeating patterns, events and no longer carry these emotional wounds - this course is for you! 

In this course we also explore Karma and exactly what that means and why the effect of things in your Past Lives could be affecting you today. 

This course is aimed at those who want to heal certain aspects of their life and move forward, having let go of the past. 

We offer 24/7 support for this course via email from the course tutor - Karen E Wells. We believe support during the course is absolutely essential but equally if you do not require our support that is no problem at all. 

Karen has worked in the field of Past Lives for over 12 years. As well as having a successful Past Life practice in the UK, she has also worked around the world (UK, Europe, USA, Australia, Far East) teaching the subjects of Past Lives & Between Lives. Karen was a member of the Newton Institute (TNI) training team in 2009 & 2011. She has also worked with renowned Spiritual teachers Mike Robinson & Jo Le-Rose. Combining Regression with healing techniques, this course material & techniques are not found anywhere else. 

Karen is the author of 2 bestselling books: Past Life Regression; Exploring The Past to Heal The Present and Hypnotherapy; A Simple Solution in a Complex World. 

There is no time limit for this course, so once purchased please take as long as you need to complete it. 

This in depth  course covers: 

  • What Are Past Lives?

  • What Is Hypnosis & How This Is Used to Access Past Lives

  • Identifying the Repeating Patterns In Your Current Life

  • Karma & Emotional Wounds

  • The First Point of Pain & Why This Happens

  • The First Point of Pain Hypnosis Session

  • The Past Life Hypnosis Session to Heal Emotional Wounds & Repeating Patterns

  • Further Healing Techniques to use after listening to the Hypnosis sessions

  • Moving Forward After Letting Go

  • And Much More...! 

We are an accredited school of CTAA (Complementary Therapist Accredited Association) and you can join this upon completion of the course (additional cost However, your certificate for the course is included within this package.