Passive Income: Convert Your Skill into an Online Course! | Bryan Hong | Skillshare

Passive Income: Convert Your Skill into an Online Course!

Bryan Hong, Online Teaching Excel Expert

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20 Videos (41m)
    • Introduction

    • What Is This Course Not About

    • Getting the Most of This Course

    • Proof of Earnings - It could be yours as well!

    • What Do I Need to Start Recording?

    • Goals of Learning

    • Why This Process?

    • What Skill to Learn

    • How to Learn Your Desired Skill

    • About Udemy

    • About Skillshare

    • Comparing Udemy and Skillshare

    • Your First Course

    • Your Succeeding Courses

    • Quick Tips in Udemy

    • Excel Formulas Course

    • My Excel Course in Udemy and Skillshare

    • Photoshop Techniques Course

    • Photoshop Course in Udemy and Skillshare

    • Thank you! Get FREE lifetime access in my Udemy Courses


About This Class

See how I learned new skills and started teaching these skills in Udemy and Skillshare! Learn how you can do this too!

Please see the proof of my passive income in the promo video above. And I'll teach you how to create your own passive income stream! I have started small, and have seen my passive income grow month-by-month!

When was the last time when you couldn't convert your new skill into making money for you? Wherein you are frustrated of being unable to create passive income for yourself? Of having to work long hours to be able to earn money?

But it doesn't have to be this way!

This is a no-nonsense course that goes straight to the point, so that it teaches you the process that I do in the shortest time possible.

You Will Walk Away With...

  • Work smarter, not harder!
  • Learn new skills that you will actually enjoy!
  • Monetize these new skills online!
  • Create a repeatable process to increase your passive income!
  • See how each of this "Learn to Earn" process is used with my own real examples!

After this class you will be able to:

  • Expand your skillset!
  • While being confident that you can monetize your newfound skills :)

If you're like me, you want to continue growing everyday and learn new things. The greatest feeling is to use these skills to help people, and get paid in the process. It's the ideal win-win situation.

This course will provide you with a system of Learning and Earning, that once you have built your business assets, they will give you passive income every month, every year without any additional effort needed. This is definitely working smart, not hard.

If you're ready to gain full control of your learning and your passive income TODAY, take the “Passive Income: Convert Your Skill into an Online Course!" right now!





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Bryan Hong

Online Teaching Excel Expert

With over 10 years of IT and teaching experience, I love sharing what I know through online classes. Whether it's creating websites, programs, spreadsheets, editing photos, or anything computer-related, I will explain complex ideas to you in a easy-to-understand lessons. Feel free to reach out for any questions!


Join me in learning the following this growing list of skills:

- Mastering Top Microsoft Excel Formulas

- Mastering SQL Que...

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