Passive Income Affiliate: Extract Hundreds of External URLs from YouTube Search Results Pages Fast

Kibibi Jett, Uncovering How to HACK Your Way To Rapid Success!

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    • Extract URLs from Youtube Intro

    • Extract 1000+ URLS from Youtube


About This Class

In James Canzanella's EXCELLENT Course  on How To Promote Affiliate Offers On YouTube Without Even Creating A Single Video, ( )he walks you through an easy way to get into affiliate marketing 

This course shows you a a way to automate some of the steps to find expired domains with Free Youtube traffic in 5 minutes.

This course DOES not get into details about James system, for that you'll definately want to watch his course so you get the all the details and most importantly his process for determining which expired domains are good vs bad.

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Great teaching and valuable information. Thank you.
lovely course and awesome explaination





Kibibi Jett

Uncovering How to HACK Your Way To Rapid Success!

My passion- is fashion (Bustacious ) and the velocity of results...

Meaning how fast can I go from no results to massive results and how much will it cost me to get there, you feel me?

  • Just the other day I built a list from zero to 1,495 followers in just two day...It was an easy hack to apply, cost me a teeny tiny bit of money, and shockingly was totally counterintuitive to what I thought would work.
  • Earlier this month I got a new, high value, 4-figure website and marketing strategy develop client.....WITHOUT even having a website.  Again it was an easy hack to apply, cost me a teeny tiny bit of money, and went totally against my thought process in how you're supposed to get website development clients.

These low cost hacks aren't just out there freely, often times it takes me weeks of intense studying and devouring of content and courses and books before I discover these gold nuggets...and I like to give reviews and shoutouts to teachers who have taught me some great hacks.

I also teach some classes on Skillshare...focusing on things that have not been rehashed already...and at the time of my publishing were not well known/ or only known in insider circles by SEO, marketing, and automation masters.