Pass Go: Design Your First Table Top Card Game

Grant Rodiek, Producer/Designer

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11 Videos (1h 51m)
    • Introduction

    • An Exploration of Card Game Mechanics

    • Build your creative space

    • Brainstorming Mechanics First

    • Brainstorming Theme First

    • How to focus creativity

    • Advanced Brainstorming Mechanics

    • Fundamental Questions to Answer

    • Designing Your Cards

    • Creating some Basic Rules/Structure

    • Testing and Iteration


About This Class


Learn how to design a game to call your own! This class will start with a discussion on brainstorming and conceptual design, then shift to creating a prototype out of your idea and ultimately testing it with friends. The goal is to open your eyes to the highly innovative realm of table-top game design.

Creative and curious folks of any skill level are invited to learn new approaches to the creative process and develop what may be your best game ever. Join us as we create and experiment together! It'll be fun, like any good game.

First, we'll talk about games, specifically card games, as that's what we'll be creating. We'll discuss inspiration and brainstorming, followed by putting those nifty thoughts into something tangible. Then, it's time to build and play your game. 

As a professional game producer and designer for 8 years, published board game designer, and blogger, I'm eager to share some of my favorite design practices with you. Before long you'll be delighting gamers with your own innovative creation. 

This class will cover an introduction to the game design process, including:

  • A quick overview of card games and game mechanics
  • Using inspiration and effectively brainstorming
  • Converting neat ideas into potential mechanics
  • Building your prototype
  • Iteration through testing

Would you like to play a game? Yours? Then sign up for the class!


Why Game Design? 

Game design is the perfect fusion of so many creative skills. It is a great destination for writers, illustrators, musicians, and even folks like woodworkers to create something fun, tactile, and thrilling. Game designers are toy makers. They bring people together to laugh and share a great evening. Your game can be the reason people enjoy their night.

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Grant Rodiek plays and works for Maxis and the experiences and opinions he said in this course are details and on points. I especially like how he said, "go simple first" as creating complicated gameplay we are more likely to give up when we just first started.
I absolutely recommend this class.It is very informative and motivating. i am interested in make real time games and not just online games and the resources are few for that, These lessons are very helpful in addressing aspects that I would not have considered. I hope there will be another class addressing creating board games. Thank you, Grant.
Some real gems hidden in this one. I wish it were a little more visual (I would've liked to have seen the cards from Grant's games as he was illustrating points, for example), but Grant clearly has been in the trenches of game design and really helped me get over a couple of stumbling blocks on my ow project.
Peter Meyers

Marketing Scientist at Moz





Grant Rodiek


Grant Rodiek has almost 8 years of experience developing best-selling digital games as a producer and designer. His first published table top game, Farmageddon, funded via Kickstarter, won a Parent's Choice award in 2012 and is on its second printing. Grant blogs openly about developing his table top games at 

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