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Party Tricks: Illusions and Magic tricks

teacher avatar Daniel Platt, Yo whats good?

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Make a CARD VANISH Instantly

    • 2. How to ROLL a COIN Across Your Knuckles Part 1

    • 3. How to ROLL a COIN Across Your Knuckles Part 2

    • 4. How to ROLL a COIN Across Your Knuckles Part 3

    • 5. Make ELASTIC BANDS PASS through one another

    • 6. Make a COIN Pass Through a TABLE

    • 7. Make a PEN go INTO your hand

    • 8. Cap and pen GAME (magic trick)

    • 9. The BEST way to OPEN a Pop Can

    • 10. SPIN a PEN around your THUMB

    • 11. INSTANTLY CHANGE a card

    • 12. DOUBLE LIFTS. Making a card TELEPORT

    • 13. Make a COIN DISAPPEAR

    • 14. How to THROW UP Cards!

    • 15. DEFY GRAVITY with a COIN

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About This Class

Learn to perform magic tricks to wow a group of people whenever and wherever with whatever is on hand!

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Daniel Platt

Yo whats good?


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1. Make a CARD VANISH Instantly: Oh, welcome back to another video of the random stuff. That way. Life in this one. We're gonna take a deck of cards just going like this. Okay, so you put it down, and sometimes if you get it right, stick it to your hand, CAC, and then you can lift it off. So it's just try that again. Just like that. Just disappear. Also, another thing you can do. We're just gonna grab card here. You put it right to the edge, right at the edge of your index in your middle, your fingers right there and then use. Come in. You just started. Come back. So things that we're gonna make this trick effective if you do it a couple times to make him believe it. Just like I showed in the coin trick where I make a coin pass to the table. If you do it a couple times first for real, that makes it so much more believable. If you do it the second time or 1/3 time without it, Do it a couple times. 1st 2nd show it beneath your hand. If I just go like this, it's pretty obvious. But if I show it on the other side of my hand makes it so much more believable. And then take this hand. I can't really do it here showing. Yeah, I want to get rid of this hand drop to the size that people might think. Like, pass it really quick. No. So do that. Get rid of this hand. Oh, look, it's right there. You have to do it. So if you want to pass it to a table, you go. OK? Watch. Ready. Oh! Oh, that is That is nice. The second way you can do it is if you see right? Right. You can barely even see the card right there. You could see here. You can see there, right there is when you grab it. So you show your bottom I come in, I grab it. And right in that moment where turned sideways, I slide my thumb back. You just want to make this really nonchalant, just as if you could grab it a couple times people. So yeah, I'm weird. Grab, grab card. This way, I show. Yeah, this is your card, OK? And then But a back deck, for some reason, then you go to grab again. You showed the bottom yet? That's your card, K Boom. It is over there. The bank magic. Practically. All right. Glad to see that you made it to the end of this tutorial video. If you like to, you should check out some of my other videos. I've got plenty of different tricks that you can learn how to do. Yeah, so go check some of them out. 2. How to ROLL a COIN Across Your Knuckles Part 1: um, welcome to this tutorial. I hope that you enjoy. Um, yes, this is going to split up, are just split up into first of all, the the hand position on the second ball, we split up into the actual rolling thirties in the recovery. On doing so. I hope that it all works well on. Um, yeah, I hope that you learned you do, though. Yeah. So how to do it? I guess the first big stuff it is just making sure that your hand is in the right spot. All right, so if you have trying to do it with your hand horizontal, it's not gonna work very well. What you want to do is you're gonna take your hand and put it about about there, all right? About 45 maybe even further. And you You don't want to like this. This doesn't work. Don't flex your fingers. You wanna make a fist? But Lisa, halfway like you're playing the piano. A second important thing when you hold your hands sideways, you want your hand like a waterfall. Okay, Because what's gonna happen is one finger's gonna go down next on the next. I like to think of it as a waterfall. So camera 3. How to ROLL a COIN Across Your Knuckles Part 2: Welcome, Teoh. Total Glad you made it. This far means a lot. And now, um, for this one, this is all about how to actually do the role. This will be fun part. And this is just getting it down down the fingers to start the top. Get to the bottom. All right, let's go. You start with your thumb on your index, and with your hands and waterfall position like that, you just gonna push it, you know, like it stopped by the middle finger. All right, that's really important. That's when the waterfall thing is cause you get stopped there. Then you're gonna bring your index finger up your finger down your trap it He's gonna keep that movement going until it's on to the back of your middle finger. Then your ring fingers. There is what he stopped it. Just gonna be ring finger down middle finger up that pinky in spot, and that actually just fell in. Let's try that again from here. Just gonna fall onto the back getting a nice piano looking fingers pushing down, bringing up. I think it's stop pushing down, up Stop. So the pinky goes fast, then to recovery. Do you take your thumb underneath, Okay? What? You're here. You're gonna take your thumb underneath, grab it and you're pushing along the top. Do you think bomb of your fingers back up to the top? Then here's again. You started here. You go down. You keep your hand. Like I said before, pretty angled. 4. How to ROLL a COIN Across Your Knuckles Part 3: Okay. Read this far. Hope you're doing all right. Okay, Hanis and cramping up too much. And now you're onto the woods. Difficult parts of it. It's the recovery. So get it from the bottom of the finger. Talk to keep watching. Are you gonna take you some underneath? Grab it and you're pushing along the top. Do you think bomb of your fingers back up to the top. Then here's again. You started here. You go down. You keep your hand. Like I said before, pretty angled. But last thing once you do that, you want to be able to just transfer it one. Drop it in your next hand and go from there so you can just do a continuous fall. There goes. That's gonna happen. Lots. All right. So let me just thank you. So thank you for watching this tutorial. In case you want to learn some others. Check out. I'm gonna have lots, hopefully coming up soon. If you done this, I want to see proof. So send me a video. And also along with the video, I want to know how long it takes you. Because I didn't time it and I can't want No. So if you do this, if you learn it posted and, uh, yeah, right 5. Make ELASTIC BANDS PASS through one another: Hey, welcome back to once again, Another fun little party Trick video. This one is super easy. You just gonna get to over bands. All right? Preferably you should look about the same. You take two rubber bands just like this on. Let me show you the trick. Here you go. Down. You're gonna have them linked. All right, So you say, Look, they're connected. You can't go one way. Can't go the other up down There are 100% connected, and you're just gonna gonna fall apart. Nice and simple like that. Once again, it's gonna look like this happen together. You could just quite that and fall apart. Great trick. You sure know how to do it. This is really important. What you gonna do to start off? You know, hold your 1st 1 between your index and your thumb, you do the exact same for the other. All right, You're gonna have here, and they are truly connected. There's no if buts or ends about it. They're connected. 100%. But this is the special trick. When I come down, I show like together. I can't go out Right, left up, We're down. I take my middle finger here. I pinch it onto my index. Then I come down now, emotional coming down like that, he's freed my index. Okay, Now it's just on my middle That I'm gonna reach back to here can grab this where my thumb is. Then I'm gonna come up and let go. My riddle? That's right. I like that. So watch again. I come middle finger on top, come down my index fingers free. I feed it right beside my thumb, and then you let go, just as you do that. That's when you push it back together. Just kind of what? We're gonna part. I'll say that those Adams, they line up and they just let the elastic band slip right through. All right, so you did that one. But you also might notice that I also did this. Freed it. This is the same exact same idea. Except instead of coming down, I just pull out, get this middle finger switch it outs on there, get my index up, I come release my middle. That's right off. So this was a really fun one that you just do about anywhere because it's only takes a couple seconds. Uh, Yeah. So go practice that. Make sure it's a smooth as possible before you go and show it to people that already. So see you, Uh, you're another video. 6. Make a COIN Pass Through a TABLE: Welcome back to another tutorial here we are gonna be learning once again another queen ship. The first thing that we learned is the knuckle rules. If you want to learn that, that's a previous video and this one is a simple trick, or you just take the coining right hand. You hit a couple of times passes right through the table, down to the bottom of the first part is gonna be the fake, passing it to one hand, actually keeping it in the other. So for what I did, as I said on the edge of the table and I came in with this hand, this hands here, catching it, and I come on, grab it as a favor to grab it like this, but I don't. I let it fall into the bottom hand for a year pass when doing it really practiced to try to make it look as real as possible. So when doing it, I suggest practicing just actually grabbing it, grab it, record yourself, or have a mere set up of you grabbing it and you dropping it and practice until they look the exact same. Something that really helps is if you grab it before you do your trick. If you grab it like this a couple times and just make it normal Oh, yeah, I tell you, picked up this corpse. He slides them off the edge of the table. Then all the sudden, don't It's gone. Then, once I have that, I take this underneath the table of the exact same time as I tap here. This is one of most important parts you tap with the coin on the bottom off the table, and that is what gives it the sound. The realistic effect is from that one point. So you could have that big hit it. And that as you put your hand flat, you make sure to hit this flat against the table on the bottom side. And then you can do your vanish and show that has passed through the bottom of the table. All right, so thanks for learning this. I hope that you enjoy that. You can use this, Teoh. Wow. Some people, Teoh, have a nice little effect. So yeah, See you in the next video. 7. Make a PEN go INTO your hand: Hey, everyone, welcome to nothing to 12. Video, I think one, we'll be taking a pen. All right, So nice. Best if it's sharp, it's a little bit edge to it. We're gonna do is we're just gonna lay a hand foot. We go. 123 Stop writing. I mean, just pull it right. I was. Okay, so let me show you how that's done. So, first of all, this is a secret. You don't actually stab your hand. What you do. Is it very important how you hold the pen? You know? Hold it right at the tip. Your finger, your index finger is going to be right on the top. And this is really important because as you go down, your index finger pushes forward, and that's gonna tip the pen. Said push my next year for it to tip it back into your wrist. So we're gonna tuck that away, hit right into the palm, make sure that they can't see anything. All right, so that's that's the That's the entrance to go from here. Stab writing. All right, then, to recover. So this one is very important about angles. We're not going to like this Okay. They can see that. You're gonna keep it down, Stamberg Right in, then to recover. Are you gonna do this? One's a little bit. Parts. The tricky part. You're going to take your ring finger. Look underneath and you're gonna push up. But you're going to push it up against this hand. Do you go from here? You don't blind them. Get nice angled. So from here used to pull because here, we're going to flick it over. Pull out 23 out just like that. All right. So that was a pretty good trick. So hope you enjoy that one. Hope Gallons. Sounds a real shocker. Best to use this one when people aren't really paying attention. When you just talking, you kind of get to notice. And then you definitely, uh, Scotsman shock value. All right. You in another video 8. Cap and pen GAME (magic trick): All right. So we're gonna play a game. Here's the cap. Here's the pen. I did. You just got to keep track of the two on two. Difficult. I take the cap, put it on the Penn. Makes it look like it disappears when really, it's simply behind my elbow. I put that back on the pen. The pen is gone, the pens behind my ear. Did you catch that? Watch again. You probably got that one. So I'm gonna take the cap. Put that back on. The pen cap is gone. Is your caps here? Everyone glad to see all your bright, smiling faces once again to learn another magic tricks. Another pen trick. It's important to this trick that you have a pen cap and step one of the trick. Get yourself pen. Obviously stepped to the trick. Is learning how to do the first move? The putting the cap on the pen, making it look like vanishes. This is really simple. All you do is you take the cap and before and while you're holding it, you're going to places in your hand and palm it. So that's trying to make your hand look as open as possible. All right, then, once it's there, you're going to try to close it, or I like it. Your hand is grabbing something, and then you can open up your hand when you say All right, so take the cap. But that back on the pen, it looks like the cap is gone. But really behind my elbow while you say that now it's blatantly obvious, right? I'm taking the pen and putting it behind my ear appear when I say is behind my elbow, I close my hand into a fist to make them still think that there might be a pen in there. All right. And I come back up to the front and now I'm going to draw their attention down into my hands. Say, All right, I put that back on the pen. The pen is gone. Alright. Depend is behind my here. Now let And then here I do a full scraps. You can do whatever false grab you want. You could I could grab it like that. That's a little obvious. Most people know that what I do is I toss it to one hand. I tend to toss it to the other. So tossing it into this hand on getting your thumb in front. As you drop it into this hand, really make try to make it look as natural as possible. Then hold this hand out in front to drive their attention to this hand because obviously, this is where it is. And then this is the hardest move of the whole thing. You're gonna take the captain's cap and put it up and slight. Press it against your head, slide it down, and while you started down, it's gonna push the pen out. I depend in your hand and you're gonna come out with a pen and you put the cat back on pen . Obviously, the captain out there, you say never. Cap is behind my ear, and that's really the end of the trick. That was a great one. You just asked people, Hey, you want to see a joint CIA puzzle or it won't play a game like Oh, yeah, this is easy. You just got to things. So let's write it through one more time just so you can just really focus on how I'm doing it now that you can know that you know what's going on and you can follow along with me. All right, so for this one is actually games. What you're gonna have to do is you have to do you follow the cap, You gotta fall pen. All right, So if I take the cap and put down the pen, it looks like it disappears. Really? Is behind my elbow, but that back on the pen, pens gone. All right. Depends behind my ear. Did you catch that? Now watch closely and you take the cap. Put that back on the pen. The cap is gone, and the camp is behind me here. All right. Glad that you stayed to the end of this video. Thank you so much for watching this. Go and learn something new. I hope on, uh, see you another video. 9. The BEST way to OPEN a Pop Can: welcome to another video way. This time we're gonna be opening a delicious pop of any choice or can with a Sharpie. All right, let's see what that looks like. All right, So you're gonna be rubbing back and forth back and forth at a white there was. All right, so this one's pretty awesome. It's Nobody knows about this. Nobody has ever seemed to hear about it. I can't remember where I heard it. I don't know where it was all where it started or who figured out. But this one is awesome. What happens is I don't really know how it works. If you weaken the metal with your Sharpie and you and of opening a pop can with a bang. So this one, you're gonna need, obviously some sort of pop best. If it's a fizzy pop, I'll be honest. I don't know if your cans work for this. I don't believe that would, because of the fact that it needs to be a fizzy kind of pop. That's the important part for this most pops work. I don't know that ginger ale doesn't work. It's not busy enough, but I'm all over all of their ones. I've tried. They they seem to work, so yeah, let's get to it. So how it works is you're going to be taking the end of the Sharpie. It doesn't have to be a sharp. It could be any type of pen with a around edge like this. And you're just going to press it right into the running to the front of it, right with it would normally open. And then so here, you could get good. Sometimes it takes a while. Oh, come on. All right, So you're gonna be rubbing back and forth back and forth at a white. There was quite a lot of force, and then it blows. All right, Open. And you can see that, actually, yes. Get you better image of that. It actually opens outwards. All right. But I opened with such a bank that it's quite the quite the party trick. You can use it, Teoh. Surprise people. People don't usually expected to blow like that. So go power. So thank you for watching, um, show toe all people who are prescribed this. Charlie, not you gotta make my day every time I see you. Another followers. Yeah. I just bring my day. I hope that I've read yours with this and that. You can surprise some people with this one. So there's another party trick for you. This one is not necessary. Magical, I guess. But yeah. There you go. 10. SPIN a PEN around your THUMB: hello and welcome to another one of Danny's to toils. All right, so today we're gonna be worth learning how to do the thumb pence span. I'm sure a technical name for it. Yeah, I'm sure there's a technical name for it, but, um, so we're gonna be learning the pence hman. So how it works is you're going to be spinning it around. You don, you do the whole time. So let's get into that. Is gonna be split into three parts. Initially, there is the hold. And so how you position that way, How you hold it. The push to catch writes there's of the three parts. Let's start with the hold. So the grip of this is you're going to be holding it in between your index and your thumb, all right? And your ring finger is going to be positioned just resting in front. Uh, it doesn't provide any support. It's not really pushing. It's just there. All right, then you're going to be holding this a boat. I like to keep my thumbnail straight up in flat. Okay, so it at least pointed towards me. It it's not gonna be directly vertical up, but it shouldn't be too laughter to the right. It should be centred and could be. And you can angle it up and down, depending on your preference, I prefer to keep it not quite flat, but just a little bit up. All right, so now that we've gotten into the hold, we can move on into the push, and the push is the hardest part of this whole thing. Uh, because that is what's going to be dependent upon whether it goes like this or like that or it goes, Yeah, So, um or was it right whether or not you'll be able to catch it? So for the push, what's gonna happen is you are going to have it in the basic all and then you're going to release your index finger. Are you gonna drop your next finger? And when you bring your index finger back, that is going to cause your thumb and your middle finger to come together and thus spinning the pen. All right. Another note I've wrapped in mentioned that it should European should you should be holding your pen behind the balance point. So right there is the balance point. That means I can throw it from anywhere behind it. So on this side, if I try to go from front, it's not gonna work. It doesn't matter which side. Uh, you hold your pan on. Alright. So back to Bush. Like I said, you're going to remove your index finger. Just bring it back and squeeze your thumb and your middle finger together. Now it's not really hard. It's not like your pushing it really hard. Um, yeah, I'm It's not like you're pushing really hard. It's just a gentle nudge. It's like, Excuse me, can you just go that way? You just go in this direction and you're going to completely close your thumb or your middle finger to your thumb. Think about it. All right, Uh, so now when working on this, you should attempt to get it to spin in between your thumb and your index. So open up your thumb and your index and just try to land the front of the pen in between. Okay. Like that. And now for the catch, I imagine you can probably figure this part of yourself. You don't even need to me to mention it, but all you need to do is you close your index and your finger, and then you've got the better. All right, so you can practice that. So once again, you gonna hold it. This is overview. You're gonna hold it with your thumb and index finger with your middle finger resting just in front of your index finger, but not weight on it. Just resting. Then for the bush, you're going to release your index finger, thus pushing your thumb and your middle finger together and catch. You're going to closure Index finger granite. There we have it. All right, so now you understand. Oh, man, you understand how to do it, But the ability to do it is very different. And so I suggest that you just sit down and for a little while he just practice and practice and practice. And so I know if you have a pen in your hand, that's great. If you don't doesn't have to be any fancy pen, any pension work as long as it's not too heavy or too light. Um, yeah, So this grab a pen and now just do along with me. I'm just gonna do this for the while so that you can watch and you can see how I do it. No. And, uh and you can just do it along with me. - Hold on a second. I just gotta try from this side just so you can get a different angle that might look a little bit better. - And also, you can do it backwards to so starting in front, pushing it backwards. That's something that I'm gonna be teaching in the next lesson after this. All right. So thank you for staying to the end of this video. It's been a pleasure. Seeing all your smiling faces once again, actually, can't see your smiling face is all I can see is the inside of my living room. But I imagine that you you're smiling. Faces are there. And so thank you once again for watching this and go check out some of my other videos. If you'd like to learn, Um, some other penn tricks, Uh, such as this. This is one of my favorites. Actually, I was a little bit more tricky. Um, leaving the comments. I said that voting thing in the discussions area. Nobody has voted as far as I'm aware. So go and vote. You can tell me What? You want to see what you want to learn If you wanted to learn more card trick, vote there. If you want to learn more 10 tricks there. Yeah, there's just a whole bunch of stuff. Eso go check it out. Go leave a comment or like for a vote and I will see you all next video. You actually saw the hold on. Let me just No, no Yourself used you Still stop that mm way go! So I meant to do like that. Look, it's it's it's gone. 11. INSTANTLY CHANGE a card: All right. Welcome to this video. We are going to be learning the color change the flick color changes, going to look like this. We're gonna take the four of hearts, and we're gonna hold it by the quarter. Just gonna get a flick and boom, all the sun It's changed. So if you want to learn that, just stick around way. All right? So you might have noticed that I This sounds a little bit different. I have recording this audio afterwards. Just so you're aware, um, getting tries in different. So for this one, we're gonna be taking the nine of spades. And what does it matter? It could be any card. And as we grab the nine of spades, we're gonna grab a pinky break with the pinky. This is done by pushing out the card and just slip in your pinky underneath. This causes us or this allows us to line up the cars perfectly to make it look just like one card. When really we have 21 on the back and one on the front. So once again, we take the car, we distract with a little flourish, and that allows us to get that pinky break here, we're gonna grab onto the corners back, left top, right with the right hand and then the opposite corners with the left hand. This is the tricky. You have to make sure that you don't allow the other person to see the cart. You're going to bow the card, and while pulling down, you're just going to squeeze until it flicks out of your hand. And this is gonna cause the card to rotate around. If you ensure that, uh, the your fingers are out of the way, you should be able to spend the card as it goes. Um, once you have been able to get the spin, you want toe place your middle finger in the way of the rotating card to allow that to stop onto your finger just like this. So, just like that, it prevents the card from rotating all the way around again and just gives the effect, uh, a crispness to it. All right, so once you have completed the rotation, you're going to take that card, pack it, put it on the top, placing the bottom card down onto the deck and taking that top card off. If you could do a one hand cut. That is perfect, because that Berries that card into the middle of the deck, this allows for when people ask Oh, can I Can I see the top card? It's not the card that you used, and so this is perfect. Um, just create that wonder for this one. You can change it to any random card or thing that the name is a color change. Uh, you can cause the card to just look like it just changes color just like this. That's really cool effect. I enjoy doing that as well. All right, So, um, and then there's that one hand cut again while distracting with the card. And I had just a little just a little conflict there. All right, So if you cannot get the flick for the life of you, no matter what you try to do, that is OK. Another thing that you can do is you can rotate it with your finger. So an example of this is you're gonna reach with your index finger up to the top with the bow still engaged, and you can just rotated around. Obviously, you can't just have it just not moving. You have to shake the card a little bit. And that allows the that would be fooled if I can't track it. And then all the sudden the car just changes while you're shaking it another way that you can do this in grabbing the opposite corners. And that allows for almost a crisper rotation. I find. All right, so thank you for staying to the end of this video. I hope you've learned something. You wanna go check out some of the other videos? I've got plenty of card tricks or other illusions. If you like this kind of thing on my posts, a more color changes up. You can also go check out some of me more in depth card tricks. Those are just on the main channel. Just different illusions that you can go check out. Yeah, so hope you have a good day. And thanks for sticking around. I'll see you in another video. 12. DOUBLE LIFTS. Making a card TELEPORT: all right. So welcoming to this tutorial, we're gonna be learning the double lift. And so this is what that looks like. So let me just take the top card here. That two of spades. And so if critic that two spades put it on to the bottom of the deck snapper fingers we can get jump right back to talk to deck are less than all right. So the double lift there's many are very many different forms of the double lift, the double lifting me translate into a triple lifter quadruple lift if necessary. But essentially what it is, it's it's taking, um, the top card, which actually is the in this case, there's 50 top guards, so let's get into it. I'm gonna teach you how to do it. Um, so starting off there's gonna go over three different ways to do a double lift. The first way is you simply run your thumb up the back until you reached the top two cards . Then you just stop on top to get a pinky break. I think you just slide it over when you hold it, though, you want to catch it with your thumb. Because if you go all the way down, then you have to do that. Pulls sliding up again just to turn it over. But if you catch it with your thumb, then you can kind of push your thumb to this side and then it it jogs the top card there. Then you can just grab both. Flick it over that that's one one way. Uh, that's very handy, because you can quite usually get through year four lifts at a time if need be. Um, another way. The second way is, if you were to just hold this card, push it out like this, you can do that handy little thing, get a pinky break we've learned about in a lot of our other classes. And when with that pinky break, then you can now put that card back on top when we have to. So which is very similar to the snap change, Exactly the same premise except effective would say. OK, so we have. So the top card is the Spain's and take that put on the bottom, their fingers and it comes back to the top. So that's the second way. So the third way we just take the top card here, and that was a double lift right there. And so the way that I did that is I just push out with my thumb push, pressuring it against these fingers until it spreads out the top cards. And then I just take my index, find to them, put my index on the top of the second card, take my thumb on the first card and I just pinch him until they lined up, and then they oppress them into the palm of my hand. That's allowing an easy pivot, and then I generally just slide it into this position with my thumb on the left Index finger on the right are my next thing on top of the fingers on the right side and the pinky having a break so I can usually flip that back over. Haven't changed their so it's very handy trick not to get into how to make sure that a person doesn't tell that you're doing a double lift is, too, for this one. At least you hold the deck and by doing so, makes it rather difficult for them to see like, because if you're just like this, you can see Well, it's hard causes the white bottom, but you can see that there's two cards quite easily. But once you push up like that, that makes it much more difficult to realize that Yeah, there is that double lift there. So, uh 01 more. I forgot to mention, um it's very similar to this one where you're running your thumb up, but it's actually so it it's a trick in itself because, well, you'd say, OK, so I want you to say stop anywhere. Stop it there. Are you sure when you put your thumb in and then just like how? Here we riffled up until they were two cards here. We're just gonna riffle down two cards reach in. We pulled out saying, All right, so that's your card right there. And then immediately you've already given their selected card has a false card on top of it , and you can do whatever you want with that. You can get them to hold on to it, and then you say, OK, so watch and can control your card always back to the deck, because this is this is where it always wants to be. So it's actually gonna replace itself. 123 God, IATA, whatever lies you wanted. So that one's very handy. Especially since you can if need be. You can get three very easily. You can get a triple lift. A quad lift, Um, very, very easily from that. So that's a really handy one as well. So I thought I mentioned that one. How would this work? In a trick you might ask? Well, thank you for asking. Say you said to a person can once you pick a card, there's a car depict normally wouldn't see it. That's the four of diamonds they go when they put that right into the middle of the deck. And just like before, how we learned with Oh, what's it called? You know that in the invisible card we're gonna control their card up to the top of the deck, but into the second from the top. So we have We've shuffled the deck, and so now I'd say, All right, I have magically called your card up to the top of the death. But you know what? The funny thing about this car is that it always wants to come to the top of the deck, if always wants to be first. So if we take your card and put it here, we can snap our fingers and it always jumps back to the top and then you can. So that's a very simple example blend. If we wanted to make it disappear, we can snap our fingers again and then take that top card and it's disappeared. But the funny thing about the queen that if we take the queen and put it into the middle and snap our fingers, the queen also wants to come back to the top. You can just get going. It's very, very handy. Yeah, that is how it's to do. That's been how to do the double lift I hope you enjoy. And I hope you use this to fulsome friends and maybe working into a big routine. If you want to go and learn some of my other tricks, such as the snap change. That's a very fun one, Uh, or anything else you can let me know and I'll be sure to let me know in the discussion area , and I'll be sure Teoh make a tutorial on how to do it, because I love to teach you guys more on how to do some of these tricks like this one. Watch this. Ready? 1237 Back on top. All right, so I'll see you. 13. Make a COIN DISAPPEAR: Hello and welcome to another tutorial. This tutorial. We're gonna be learning how to do false drops. Let's get right into that way. All right. So, like I said before, we were gonna be learning some false drops. And so what that would have false drop is, as you can probably tell by now, it's just when making you look as though you put the coin in one hand when really it's in the other. I've covered this a couple times. I think, in the pen trick Penn routine, Um, where you have to make it look as a few chance for the petting captain toe one hand and it's not. And also in the passing a coin to the table in which, um, you pass it from one hand to the other. But it was only that was two types. Um, but if you haven't seen those, I'm just gonna go over them so that you can practice long. So grab a coin and practice along with me. All right, now. So for the 1st 1 this is called the French Drop, and I'm not sure why it's called. That is just the name. Don't question it. Seafood plate So you're gonna hold it between your thumb and your fingers, just like this. Just Aziz, you go to take it as if you were only pick it up like that. You are just going to let it pass beneath your thumb and then grab. Now what's really important isn't making sure to practice is if you were to actually grab the coin like that. So you want to do that a couple of times and then you want start doing it without it. That's to make it look that it's exactly the same if you can get it to look exactly the same. That's when you know that you'll be able to fool somebody. So for this one, would I generally do that same? I genuinely I'll start a trick coin trick with my sleeves rolled up. All right, this is for one reason because, well, people always think, well, his sleeves a rule that he could be hiding the queen and sleeves. So what I do to start is if I'm going into a trick, um, I'll say All right, let me just roll up my sleeps so well in my right hand, and then I'll do a false pass into this hand. I'm gonna roll up that sleeve. And so now everybody already thinks it's in this end because they saw me pass it to this and and so you can get right into it. All right, so that has been the French drop. We're moving on now, Teoh. Not sure what the name of this one is. I'll be honest. I only know the name of the French drop, but that's the move right there. So you passed from one hand to the other. So essentially you just go like this and then stopping one time on the final one. You just stop so you can You can make it really ridiculous and pass it back and forth. But I feel like most people would catch on to that. But if you're just tossing it back and forth a little bit than this really simple. But let's start at the very beginning. So for this, you're going to, um you know, start and just as you you're essentially doing this, you're just tossing it into this hand. I notice that when you tossed into the sent this hand goes down naturally to catch it on your figures come because you don't just toss it into your hand in your hands. Stay still. So that means that I wouldn't just toss it and close my hand with that. Honestly, my hand on it kind of automatically does that just from so much practice, but for you make sure that when you fake toss this hand drops as if you're cushioning the coin. All right, So you have this just in your fingers, and just as you go to turn it over, you're just gonna take your thumb. He just put it right in the way just at the last second, preferably after your hands turned. If you can, because then then your hands hiding it. And then you just kind of pinch it between here fingers. I think that and then you can makes your hand look pretty empty. Go. So once again, So in full action, you can go just like that. I like to have these hands touch and have that hand kind of scrape along. The bottom of that hand is if I'm really passing it to the next hand, Yeah, so have it kind of scrape off and then it's gone. All right, So that is the second version. Now for the final, um, trick. So for the final one came out here, bring you up to speed here, moving over the third coin trick. Uh, for the third false past. I'm going to just have it up here because it just works better for you, you see? So this is what it looks like, I'd say. All right, So look, here's the coin. Now all that's gonna happen. Trust me, you can trust me on this. I don't know why I said just anyway, so watch 123 It's gone. So this one is very simple. You're just placing it on the bottom of your hand there, your bottom of your palm, and then your fingers just go directly over top of it. Um, and just barely so that when you let go of this hand, you can't actually even tell that this hand is moved. Watch once again. So when it's in the right spot, you could just pass it. These hands, these fingers don't even move. They can't even tell. And so effective way to do this is to say, OK, let me just Well, what? My sleeves Here so something such as that that's it's It's not the greatest, but it is possible. Or if you want to be, if you're a person that really talks with their hands, OK, and here's the coin and you just talk with your hands. A whole bunch thistles. Also a very good one. Because just as you cross your hands, you can, um, let that go and then let that slip down. One thing that I would suggest is to make sure that your hand is not up like this. I was just showing you what it would look like. But make sure that your hand is down and flat so that the audience is blind and try to get this hand pretty close. Umm so that they don't see it, you know, following all the way. One other thing is, sometimes you can get a pretty good smack with this hand. All right, so what's this? Like? I said, you can sometimes get a good smack with it if it's moving too fast. You got to make sure that that does not happen. You have toe catch it kind of lightly. I suppose you could say so once again, it's like that. Then you can get into trick. And you can talk the best way that I find Teoh. Once you have passed the coin to your hand, you can kind of make appointing because then it gives a reason to close all these fingers. So we like that. Or you could just ditch this hand and wave this hand about like, Oh, look at that. Look, nothing was gone, and then both hands are gone. Ditch it in your pocket or something ridiculous like that. You know, just be creative. You know, you don't have to learn everything for me. You can take these tricks and do whatever you want with them. You can come up with your own tricks. I think that be awesome. All right. So thank you for tuning in hope that you have learned a new false drop. I hope that you can go and use this. If you want to find a great use for the false drop, you can check out my tutorial of a car or not card a coin through table. I think that's when my favorite coin tricks to do, um you know, besides this one, Allen's my favorite, but I'm not sure if I'm ready. Toe, let that one go. So if you want to learn that one, um, leaving the discussion if you want to learn how to make a coin float, that's my favorite con trick of all time. But I'm not. Yeah. So let me know if you want to learn that, and I might make a tutorial on that one. All right? For me, all of you don't forget to be awesome. 14. How to THROW UP Cards!: All right. So welcome to another Deterrable today. We're going to learn how toe to that. So we're gonna be learning how to do how to throw up cards as it was actually shown in Ant man and the wasp. I did it. I was doing it. I was doing it way before it was cool. So learn from me. So it's pretty simple, as you can probably guess, Not too much to it. The most important part, though, is that the card is not seen in your hand. All right, so hopefully you've got a big enough hand that you can palm the card, So yeah, ideally, person cannot see this cars behind this hand. You're not using a full deck. You use a little less than half. That's what I find. Really? Is the best you're gonna use a little bit less than half. You're gonna make sure which I forgot to in the intro to this video. But you're gonna make sure that you're gonna take this Kardec. You couldn't take the back of the deck and you're gonna face it towards you. And that's gonna be the part that you can see when looking at this deck. The reason for that is the reason not to go the other way is because it looks a lot better when you have all the colors of the different cards streaming out of your mouth. At least I think so. Instead of just a whole like array of black and white toe have the colors and the numbers, it just makes it seem better somehow not totally sure. But yeah, So you're gonna hold it such as this, and then you're going to not get it into your mouth. That's kind of the trickiest part. Bring it up to your mouth and not having it. Scene. You're going Teoh, Like a said Parliament. You're going to hopefully have large enough hands that the other person on the other side of the wall are the person that you're performing to the other side of the camera. Um, I cannot see. Then you're going to bring this hand up to your mouth. And as you release tension, these are going to butt out junk out of your hand like that. And he used that. So you bring it up to your mouth, uh, open wide, and then you're going to release tension and have it pushed into your mouth. I got all right. Once is there, you're gonna bring up your other hand and move this hand to the side. Did you go from here? Yeah. Oh, you better hope that these cards you're using our kind of clean, um or not. You know that networks to so in the mouth to the side. And then the way you get to really look like it's all coming out of your mouth at once is to start with the front and then slowly drop the front cards and keep your thumbs there and really spread it out. And so it's just this kind of like, a little bit action. So is there what looks like, you know, started? Yeah, just like that. How many cars have to clean up now? That's the one thing about this. You always gotta clean up cards. Be back in a sec. Got all of them back. Okay, So where was I? Right. Tips to make this work a little bit better. Um, the biggest, most important part is just to make sure that you get a full cover of the cards that the person can't see it how I pulled my card. Looks just like that. A little bit closer, so I'd vomit. I take the deck, I push it into the bottom and these fingers just like that, and I give it I get a pretty good curve, because, remember, you gotta be able to jump those cards out afterwards. So just like that, ideally, you was correctly. Make sure you have your fingers together. It's it's pretty angle sensitive, but you can keep these and your cash arms until the point. And then, um, or you could have your hands in your pockets, your hoodie pockets. Holy sweater. So whatever works for you, Um, and I'm sure that will be able to do it. Thanks for staying at the end of this video. If you want to get notifications whenever I post new classes, you can follow me, not just follow this class speaking. Subscribe to the gentle, just click on my name, wherever that is. I think it's weight. I think it's there anyway. You click on my name and then you can go see the whole list of all my classes, and you can follow and then you'll get a notification whenever I have a new class up so you can come and learn. Had a 12 cards. See you in the video. 15. DEFY GRAVITY with a COIN: Hello and welcome to another one of Danny's to Doyle's. Today. We're gonna be learning how to do that. It's my favorite trick. You could be learning how to do the muscle weight. All right, so first off toe learn the most passionate to get yourself coin. So go. I want you to grab a multiple different types of coins, different sizes, me times, times, my times, a pretty small nickel quarter looney tune E or whatever. You have mistakes. And, um, for me, I find that the to me is the best size larger, the better I find. But for some people, it could be different. So you should, um Yep. Grab a whole bunch of different coins. And as we go through this, trying different ones and see which ones work for you best. This trick, basically, is all about just popping this up with your hand is all in the bottom hand, and I mean catch. So we're gonna learn. How would you pop it up? I'm going to move the camera so that you can see my hand better, and we'll get right to a few moments later. All right, so we've moved on into the next part. So this is what it looks like. This is the action, right? Oh, come on, camera focus. Focus, people. All right. Says this is the move right here. You take your thumb and you're going to you do a poem, a coin problem just like this. And from the coin poem, you're going to close your hand more and more and more until you're able to just get it to pop out. That's where it's going to start. This is a very difficult to trick. It took me one week straight of practicing, but this is where I started. I just started by popping it up like that. And if you can get it to pop over and you can get it to flip over, then from there you're gonna push a little bit harder. You're gonna get it to pop a little bit. Eventually, that'll start pop up that I was gonna pop more, more so eventually you can pass it right, too. Another hand. Now, once you're at the stage in which you can pop it, but you are unable to pop it really high if you move your hand up and as you move your hand up, you pop it. It'll help too. Move the coin up much higher. If I would just keep my hands still and pop it impossible that high if I move, my hand pops up much higher. Says you can see just from this small little demonstration I have spots on my hands that are actually turning red already, and this does hurt the hand. So you have to be prepared to work through that pain until you build up the callouses in your hand. Because this muscle has not been used for this. The skin on your hand has not been used for this. So it's gonna take a while for your skin to get accustomed to, um, working with this once again for the technique. Just a few pointers and tips. When you're palming it, I find that you almost want opponent with the coin vertical, they almost straight up and down that helps you want to make sure to get the flesh of your thumb over top. All right, flash of your thumb is over top. You're pushing. Think of pushing down with your thumb. Not in not pushing this. Hand your thumb this way. You're pushing your thumb down. So I'm pressing down this way really hard until it pops up. Yeah, just like that. One eternity. Later, House. Now that you are able to pop it up such as this, you just need to catch it with your hand. Uh, this is kind of tricky. It's a lot harder than it seems. I often mess this part up. Men performing the trick. Um, yeah. You just wanted to make sure Close your hand. That's simple enough. Um, so notice how When I go for it, I do bring my hands up I upon it with this hand. Thank you. My hands ready can give a little magical gesture, but given a little tug, you said that he doesn't do it to the side to she do it properly, just like that. And this trick is amazing because it's not like a false grab where it's like, Oh, you know, just just move from one hand together. No person can actually see it move across, um, in front of them without being able to understand it. And you can. Most people you could do this multiple times, and most people can't do it. And then even If they do get well, you're pinching it with your hand. You can give this going to them and say, All right, try it. And they won't be able to do it because takes a week or more to be able to learn to do this . Like I said, it took me a week of constant practicing. And so if you are going to commit to this, it is amazing. Trick is one my favorite tricks. But there is a lot of hard work out of you that you need to do. So best of luck to you. Um hey, uh, Daniel here, just a quick side note that I just wanted added after, if you are able to one hand palm and be able to get into positions, which is that pop it up, that is very, very useful because you can just drop your hand to the side palm it, get it ready, and pop it. We do. That is you Come on, there we go. So if it's in your hand, you essentially Spider Man and grip this So we spread ahead wide, keeping your thumb wide. Spider man, grip it number in your something In that will set it up to go. So it helps if you turn your hand over, get it onto the tips of your fingers, push it into C. I messed up. Flip it over, get it right into that spot. Then you're ready to go and you're go and then you're golden to go. All right. Thank you for tuning into the end of this video. If you want to go check out some other tricks, I have some full in depth card tricks on my channel. You can go follow my channel to be notified of whenever there is a new class published. Tried to make sure to get a class out every two weeks whether it is a large class or a smaller addition to this, um, party tricks, tutorials, one of the other, maybe both. I'll see. I'm gonna really try to put out more content for you guys in this new year. All right, So, best of luck. And Daniel signing off