Part 3 - How To Sell T Shirts With This Incredible Keyword Tool & All Free Traffic!

Kristie Chiles, Dream To Paper

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2 Videos (13m)
    • Income, Sales & Free Traffic Goodies

    • Use This Keyword Tool To Get Intel On Keywords You Can Rank


About This Class

In our continuing training of how to get targeted visitors to your Affiliate link for one of the most savvy t shirt companies online, you will learn how to use a keyword software that will uncover lucrative niches and matching keywords.

Using this keyword strategy will help you to discover the "low-hanging" fruit of keywords that allows you to target internet searchers looking for the Buying term that matches the t shirt link you are providing.

You will watch over the shoulder as I lead you through a screen-share of how to use a keyword tool to find a specific group of people and interests, match it with a t shirt and share that t shirt affiliate link on Social Media.

You may be wondering, what is an affiliate link?  An affiliate link is provided by the company as a complimentary service in exchange for your work to "advertise" their product.  When you sell that product through your link, the company has a pre-determined set of commission that you get paid per each sale. 

It is how I and many other entreprenuers make a full-time living on the internet - by promoting other people's products.  If that interests you, then please do follow along as we get into Part 3 - How To Sell T Shirts with this incredible keyword tool and all free traffic.  It's going to be fun and informative, and could provide you with the knowledge to get started as soon as you complete this video course.

All the best,


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Really interesting thanks - I can't find all the parts to this - is there any chance of re-uploading the whole sequence? thanks again
Instructor shows how to find targeted keywords, using one great keyword tool to sell t-shirts, and sharing through social media sites...
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Kristie Chiles

Dream To Paper

Happy Wife, Mother of 2 Grown Children, and 1 Amazing Grandchild...happy to be working from my laptop after years of teaching elementary school, then College. A few years ago, I found a website that claimed you could generate income online "in your pjs" and I never looked back! I hope that you can find inspiration and guidance to finding your "happy place" working from your laptop too! Catch my newsletter over at my new blog -


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