[Part 3] Edit Video - Let’s Create 1 min iPhone Story Video with iMovie App! DIY mobile film making

Yukiko Sato, SmartPhone Story Videographer Online marketer

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7 Videos (18m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Sample iPhone Story Videos

    • 3. iMovie App Overview - Step 1

    • 4. iMovie App Editing - Step 2a

    • 5. iMovie App Ken Burns Effect - Step 2b

    • 6. iMovie App: Add Text, Voice Over - Step 3

    • 7. Class Project


About This Class

Video worth one million words. Your story video can explain more than words such as your voice and body language in short amount of time.

Step by Step to create your 1st iPhone Story Video together. 

You are interested in an iPhone Video but never edit before b/c editing needs special skills? No I have been creating my iPhone Story Videos started since Nov, 2015 without any filming skill.

This class is Part 3 of 3 series to edit iPhone Video for your story. You will learn about iMovie app Video Editing feature and tips to create your story video step by step in this class.

You crafted your story in Part 1 and shot videos for your story in Part 2.

Now you are editing your story video on your iMovie App

Step 1 iMovie App Overview

Step 2 Edit your iPhone Story Video on iMovie App

Step 3 Add Voice Over and Upload on YouTube

Let's get started!

Let’s Create 1 min iPhone Story Video with iMovie App today! class series

[Part 1] Craft Story 

[Part 2] Shoot Video 

[Part 3] Edit Video (This class)





Yukiko Sato

SmartPhone Story Videographer Online marketer

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