[Part 3] Edit Video - Let’s Create 1 min iPhone Story Video with iMovie App! DIY mobile film making | Yukiko Sato | Skillshare

[Part 3] Edit Video - Let’s Create 1 min iPhone Story Video with iMovie App! DIY mobile film making

Yukiko Sato, StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer

[Part 3] Edit Video - Let’s Create 1 min iPhone Story Video with iMovie App! DIY mobile film making

Yukiko Sato, StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer

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7 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. 1. Intro

    • 2. 2. Sample iPhone Story Videos

    • 3. 3. iMovie App Overview - Step 1

    • 4. 4. iMovie App Editing - Step 2a

    • 5. 5. iMovie App Ken Burns Effect - Step 2b

    • 6. 6. iMovie App: Add Text, Voice Over - Step 3

    • 7. 7. Class Project

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About This Class

Video worth one million words. Your story video can explain more than words such as your voice and body language in short amount of time.

Step by Step to create your 1st iPhone Story Video together. 

You are interested in an iPhone Video but never edit before b/c editing needs special skills? No I have been creating my iPhone Story Videos started since Nov, 2015 without any filming skill.

This class is Part 3 of 3 series to edit iPhone Video for your story. You will learn about iMovie app Video Editing feature and tips to create your story video step by step in this class.

You crafted your story in Part 1 and shot videos for your story in Part 2.

Now you are editing your story video on your iMovie App

Step 1 iMovie App Overview

Step 2 Edit your iPhone Story Video on iMovie App

Step 3 Add Voice Over and Upload on YouTube

Let's get started!

Let’s Create 1 min iPhone Story Video with iMovie App today! class series

[Part 1] Craft Story 

[Part 2] Shoot Video 

[Part 3] Edit Video (This class)

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Yukiko Sato

StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer


Love Tech and Fashion since 1977

Wardrobe stylist since 1988

KIMONO stylist since 1994

TESAGE designer since 2000

Online Marketer since 2009

Affiliate Marketer since 2010

iPhone Story Video creator since 2015

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1. 1. Intro : Do you need my fans or job offer? One minute iPhone started video. We'll bring you more. Hi, I am Yukiko Sato. I am on iPhone story Video Glover to teach how to make one minute iPhone story video step by step. I have been teaching online since 2010. We have made 121 story videos past 12 months. I would like to share the tips off making iPhone story video without any special filming skills. Do you still think you need a lot of time to shoot and edit one minute already of story video? That's okay. I thought so, too. When I won my first crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in 2015 Ovidio interns to countries seven hours to finish a two minute crowdfunding campaign video. I thought of that decent amount of time to shoot with a video camera. Later, I realized how fast and easy you can create a story video entirely. IPhone With I movie up iPhone Video quality is now better testable. 10 80 HD three story video. Get there was more information such as your personality from your boys and body language in short amount of time. Additionally, your story makes viewers to be closer to you. The photo is impossible to deliver these information now. I would love to share how to make one minute eye for story video for you to get more fans. What have offers? You can even inspire the world with your eye for a story. Video. Can you imagine a lot of fans of you share your story video to the world, then people inspired by your story video and change their life. This is third off the class. Siri's teaching editing tips of your iPhone story video With I may be up in this class, you re long step by step. IPhone story. Video editing Media voiceover Using my movie app Are you ready to create foreign study video? Let's get started, see you inside of the class. 2. 2. Sample iPhone Story Videos: thank you for enrolling One minute iPhone story video class. Now you're going to watch three simple iPhone story videos for brainstorming first iPhone story video about New York City artist Kiyota who inspired by the book by James Joyce. When I was 27 I read James Joyce, Portrait of the Artist as a young man. The book tells about himself when he comes to recognize that he is an artist and the way he feels is okay because he always felt different than everybody else. And I had this experience on my life. What's the meaning off the way with, Like a stranger? I talked originally. It was most comfortable for me to talk, almost like informs, so people don't understand it. And I thought I was stupid when I was when I was young, something was wrong. I think there is some very short in the beginning that it's more like a song Grace in Ireland, about to go, Hey, and he says, When you in your pens, Attar's its heart and then it's called. That's how we learned around the world. I read this. I can't My name is York Army. I am human being based Oh, did you get inspired from Gildas 30 Video, second sample iPhone story video that it created by me with my real story when I was forced grade in a local elementary school. My parents are building a new house. We lived in temporary place were next to the cattle farm owned by my grandfather. We shared a kitchen with his walkers at the cattle phone. There was a deck worker who fear the cattle's every morning and night. He always smells us whenever we see each other's. Even my brother was making fun of him. He still smiles to us when I become face great, I found out the deck worker at my grandfather's farm is my new classmates uncle. They live in the same house, but he never wants to talk about him. Next day, I saw his uncle with big, beautiful smile. As usual, he never shows his surface. Even he can hear anything. This experience provoked me to think being happy to others is very important thing in the life. All sample of videos were shot by ourselves, who just learned how to edit video with a I'm a B AB. Last November, I created this iPhone story Video class Siri's to share how fast and easy to make you a story video entirely. IPhone Step by step. You can create your iPhone story video easily like our sample videos. Let's get started. 3. 3. iMovie App Overview - Step 1: happy to see you inside of the class before started showing my movie APP Tips to edit your iPhone Study video. I really command you to watch my movie up. Overview video Good, edited by John Scotland, who is my online collaborator teacher. He told me that he has a plan to teach on skills here. He is very busy professional videographer based in Liverpool in UK Hope he would teach his special fuming skills to skill shows. Students in you can access the Think directory by heading Teoh Protect Page. In this class, you really find a link called editing iPhone Video with I movie App by John Scotland simply quickly under link. Then watch the 10 Minutes video to learn about a basic editing function on I may be up. He can pose this class to what's John's video first. See you in the next video 4. 4. iMovie App Editing - Step 2a: Welcome back to the class. Hope you enjoy the Jones I movie App. Overview video. Now I will show you how I edit guilt of story video from over 30 minutes. Interview video into one minutes 51 2nd When you open, I'm movie up since version 2.2 point three after you select new project every open that prevent the media page that is show you recently shopped videos instead of open, empty timeline. Simply select a video footage. You want to do it and click on Create Movie at the bottom. He want to open empty timeline without select any footage is just click on. Create may be at the bottom. It will open up empty. New project Timeline Here is I movie up movie project I created at the shot lugging that shows all the video footage. I would like to edit Bangura's 30 in this project Timeline. By seeing order, my collaborator, teacher John, teaches that editing is about cutting out the bowling bits. Now I'm going to cut some boarding bits on Duritz Story video into five minutes. Rough cut. You're still make, gave bored easily. I'm going to edit in 6220 seconds. That means 1 to 2 minutes. I know Marie Edit in 60 Seconds sometimes ends up 9220 seconds. Depends on the stalled meetings. I'm going to use his voice as a story narration from the main interview video. I will show you how I separate audio from video footage, Teplin says. There's Icon, then tap on the touch. It will do touch audio from the video as you see a blue ribbon. Then, inside the dilated, the footage into Maine video, I will try to much gilded story Select Transition for non all the video footage. I'm going to use gear as a credit music from the video as a background music for this iPhone story video did. That's the audio from the video and top own background to use as a background music. Now you see a green David. It will automatically set from the opening and fairing huge active adjust fading fade out tap on audiophile Step one speaker icon, then top on fate. You can move a yellow our to adjust fading timing. I will set out the music at the end as well. If you doctor audio music, you can download your music. MP three file and out of here you can add Turkistan Step three to finish edit. That was easy, right? 5. 5. iMovie App Ken Burns Effect - Step 2b: next, I will show you how to insert still image to make a moving image with Ken Burns. Effect for your story video. Like a Yukiko story video, Yukiko story was crafted before a shoot a video or photo as a simple video in this class. Siri's because of my story was over 20 years ago and oversee in Japan. I was not able to shoot the dated video about the story since I live in New York. I used a couple updated photos that I got from my family is Facebook and shot some image videos around my house. I opened up empty Project Timeline. Oh my. I'm gonna be up then top on a plus sign to access to my photos tap to select and add on my timeline. After the state of photo was added, I movie up or America reapply came burns effect on the photo to pen what's in the still image To show as a moving image, you can tap on the photo, then click owned us that alot to pinch to position where you start, Then tap to the end Ah, low to pinch or move. The petition took him in. Go out If you'd like to disable Ken Burns, effect simply top on Disable button. Then I add a video footage and edit. Same as Aguirre's 30 video. I hope you can Edit US iPhone Study video with your eye movie app. If you have any questions about edit your iPhone study video, please use Community section below to cost. I would answer you a question within 48 hours. 6. 6. iMovie App: Add Text, Voice Over - Step 3: Step three. Its final touch on your iPhone story video. You edited your iPhone Study video on Step two. Now I will show you how to add a title text and the boys over on your iPhone story video. Let's add a text tap on video Top 20. That means take a cycle top one of the style of text by default. The text shows up nowhere left when you click on opening. He showed that location Tech kissed on the left. He won at the tech, Kissed on the center. Click on middle. If you want it on the right, click on clothing Now you added tech ist. Let's add a voice over top on plus sign. Scroll down to the voiceover, then testy. Your volume green bar is good. Yellow is a bit loud. That is to doubt. Top record to start recording. Stop to finish. You can review your recording If you like the recording, he can top, except if you don't like the recording and collectively take top. We take to start recording. I can't when you're done, kept down click upload icon, Then select YouTube and love in your account. You can't lease to your video. Eat a public or unlisted two. Available to show when someone click Congo Station. You finished your video 7. 7. Class Project: Congrats. Now your iPhone story video is finished and uploaded on YouTube. Did you enjoy editing? Everything is fun, too. Let's create your class project in this class to show off your iPhone story video and share on your social media. Don't forget to add food, inspire you passed on. Go to the project page without your story title and copy your story from part one class project or synapses that is brief summary of your story. Then add your story video link or you can embed your story video in the class project. Please don't forget to upload an image for your story. Select your preference in public. All the classmates tube you your project. Thank you. Create blue button to publish your project. You can share your project by social media to get many likes. I can't wait to see your iPhone story video on a class project page. If you have a question, please use a community below in this class. I will try to answer your question within 48 hours. Thank you so much for joining on iPhone story. Video class Part three. This is the last class off who inspires you one minute iPhone story video class. Siri's Now You finished all three crosses. Hope you enjoyed making one minute iPhone story, but never with me. I will try to share all my skills as a sculpture class. I learned a lot by teaching classes. Thank you so much for taking my classes. I'll hope to see you in another class.