Part 2: Learn to Edit Newborn Images with just Photoshop(using Adobe Camera Raw)

Ria Green, Newborn Photographer

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6 Videos (13m)
    • Introduction

    • What you'll need

    • Edit in Adobe Camera Raw

    • Edit in Photoshop after Camera Raw

    • Edit image two

    • Project


About This Class

In my first class I showed you how to edit newborn images using Adobe Lightroom AND Photoshop. Whilst recording my 'Learn to batch images' class I realized that I should first show you how to edit by only using Adobe Photoshop. 

So this class is for all of you that do not use Lightroom, or that want to skip that part of the processing workflow or even those that want to save the expense of buying the presets for Lightroom! I also show you how to edit in Adobe Camera Raw which is the part of Photoshop that deals with RAW images.

Note that I still prefer using Lightroom in my workflow, as it has so many other amazing features, like organizing your files and creating beautiful photobooks!

Also note that I would still advise you to check out my first class 'Part 1: Learn to edit newborn images with Lightroom and Photoshop' for more details on tools, shortcuts etc in Photoshop, even if you just watch the modules that deal with Photoshop!

I hope you enjoy this class! Please like and review if you did. Also let me know what you want to learn in future, as this will help me to work on classes you need! 






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Ria Green

Newborn Photographer

I'm a photographer specializing in newborns and babies. I reside in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

I am married to Brent, and we have two children, a girl, Caitlin and a boy, Joshua. We have three dogs, two cats, two hamsters and a goldfish!

Newborn babies are my absolute passion, they make me happy! I love being able to work with them! Photography is my second passion and how awesome that I can combine these two wonderful passions into my job every day!