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Part 2 - GIF Next Level - Word Reveal

teacher avatar Sandra Hess, Sandra Rose Designs, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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3 Lessons (23m)
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About This Class

Part 2 of 3 in the GIF Series we take your GIFs to the next level in Photoshop. In 20 minutes, you learn to take a typography message you have made, an inspirational quote or a funny saying and and create a word reveal. Reveal one word, or one letter at a time over your favorite picture or photo. It will really stand out on your blog, your e-vite, email message or social media post!

You will learn how to set up your step files in Photoshop, Illustrator or program of your choice. Then in Photoshop, import them into a stack and set up your timeline and create the Frame Animation. You will edit the timing and export to create an amazing GIF word reveal, ready to use! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Sandra Hess

Sandra Rose Designs, Graphic Designer


"Your 20 year old daughter MADE that card?" I asked my best friend. The card images and text were stamped and embellished with a well-placed rhinestone. A 3-D feel was created by layered focal points and a beautiful ribbon completed the look. She showed me several more cards that she received for her birthday and her recent wedding anniversary. I was in awe and felt so inspired as I saw card after card, each with its own unique charm! I couldn't wait to learn to hand craft my own cards!

And so began my love affair with designing and creating greeting cards. That day was 16 years ago and my passion continues. I love good design. I love greeting cards. I love connecting with people and teaching what I have learned.

I started my career in the fine arts field of music as a reg... See full profile

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1. Video 2 1: using the same Jeff process, you can create many different types of, uh, Jeffs and for many purposes, in this case, we're going to be doing what's called a word reveal where we're taking a pretty image in the background and adding the quote along gradually over the course of time. So here's the jet we're going to be doing today. I'm just dragging and dropping it into Google. And here you see it, the words being revealed for this quote. Emily Dickinson. We turn not older with years but newer every day. So this is a greeting card because I make greeting cards. That is my creative a job, and I'm taking this basic card and turning it into what I'm gonna be using as an e card. This is also great. I use it as a marketing tool when I send it to my stores that sell my cards, potential customers, I can add it on Facebook, text it to someone who's having a birthday, and it just gives a new perspective on this. Okay, so now let's get started. I'm going to walk you through backwards to show you how I created this. I start off with my base. This was my card. My initial pieces that I have here is the front of my card. It's just a J peg. And there is Thean Side left of the card in the inside, right of the card. So I'm going to take that and I'm going to create the difference steps for it. Okay, So I I did this and illustrator, but you can certainly do this in photo shop. So whatever you're comfortable in doing, I would suggest you do that. So I'm going to start off with my first image that I have the first. A couple of words of the quote says we turn in the next one. I've added not older in the next one. We turned out older with years. We turned out older with years but newer every day. And then Emily Dickinson. The next part is gonna be my inside message. May your birthday be filled with newness. Enjoy. And that will be the context of the card. So now when I go into photo shop, go file new and again, Doesn't matter what the sizes it's going to take on the size of whatever images I use, and I just want to comment. The images should be the same size to make sure you have size them the same way each time. All right. And now I'm going to go into my scripts, load files into Steck. Okay? Now I'm going to browse and hopefully find them, pick up the images. There they are. And there are my steps I'm going to be using. So, um, going to enlarge this a little bit, and I'm going to take each of my steps. I'm holding command, and I can yet every other one, would you, my j pegs that I want. And it doesn't matter what order they're in at this point, because we can always readjust the order in photo shop later. And so I'm gonna click open. And yes, I'm going to put them in an image step and then Photoshopped with some altogether they align photo shop, aligns them all, and we're good to go Now. Here I have all my layers you can see here. Okay. So I'm going to create a frame animation here on the lower left hand side. So I click on that. Remember, if you don't have that, you might be showing create video timeline. Just put the drop down. We want to create the frame animation. Now it's important that you actually click on this button, and then it puts this image in the bottom left. Now we're going to click on her little hamburger menu and go to make frames from layers. I click on that. And now Photoshopped puts all of these layers into different frames on my timeline here on the left hand side. So if I walk my way through, I look at this, and as you can tell, these are backwards. I don't want it like that. So what am I going to do? I'm going to click back on my hamburger menu and click on reversed frames. Now, the 1st 1 is here. 2nd 1 with years but newer. Every day. Your birthday be filled with newness. Enjoy. And there are my frame images. If they're not in the correct order, you need to turn something around. Just drag and drop to where you want it. Okay. I'm gonna go back today. We have a nice drag and drop them. Okay. Now, what I always like to do is at the very bottom I like to create a layer that is going to be a basic color of one of one of the images that I'm used. So I'm going to put that here's that color and want to go option delete and it's going to pick up that color that we have there. Now each of these frames on the left hand side match up to one of the layers on the right. This is the one that's visible. Now I click on the 3rd 1 The next one is visible. The 4th 1 The next one is visit one. The next one is physical. All right, so now we have each of these That photo shop did this automatically for us. The only thing I did differently was now adding a base layer that is going to be helpful to us when between it will give us a basic color in the background instead of being transparent in the background will give us a nice firm foundation for between process. Okay, which we're going to get into that in the next video 2. Video 2 2: Okay, now that we have, our image is ready to go and they're all in the order that we want. Um, if I press play on this button down the bottom, I press play, we can see that it's going through all of the images one at a time, and it's very fast and we're going to correct that a little bit. We're going to adjust that, but there it goes through. Now, before I do anything with the timing, since it's going so quickly at this point, I'm going to click on the lower left here where it says once, and I'm gonna click forever. And that's the loop. So it's gonna be going over and over and over again with this. So let's go ahead and just press play. I'm gonna press the 1st 1 meaning it will start here on the first, um, the first frame, and now it goes through over and over and over again. And that's the basis of our Jif. That may have. Now we're going to make some changes with the editing off the timing. If I look underneath each of these images, it says zero seconds. Hey, we we can change that we can change it individually. I can click on this one and say I want this one for one second, okay? And that the other one I can keep changing each of these or the easier way to do, is to select all of them, or is whatever you want you want. And then if you go to the drop down, whatever I select if I go to 0.2 seconds noticed they all change 2.2 seconds. Okay, um, I'm gonna leave it a 0.2 seconds. For the time being, as we do, our twinning twinning is going to be where we're adding images in between to make a transition from one to the next. So again, waken, do it this way. Okay, If I use the two seconds, let's watch what happens from the two seconds. So it's kind of hard to read. All right, But let's actually let's go through and do longer instead of the two seconds. Let's give it one second each and see what happens. I click play and each of these words come up. Each of the phrases come up and that's pretty nice like that, isn't it? So that could certainly work. If you would like to do it like this, I'm going to add one more thing, which is the tweeting to this process. Okay, I'm gonna hit Hit. Stop there. Now instead of one second, I'm going to start with my 10.2 seconds because I think that always makes a nice twinning amount of time for this application. And so I'm gonna click the 1st 2 and I'm going to do a twinning process between that. Gonna go down to this button down here with these multiple images and I'm going to click on there and it brings up a screen between with selection Yes, frames to add. I like to add four frames. I just think it looks nice going with four frames. Keep all layers selected and position capacity effects. These aerial checked Who should be by default This way. But make sure you're adding four frames. Look OK. And now, from one to the next watch what happens is I clicked. Wanted time. How begins to blend from one to the other. All right, so here's Here's our final one here. So we start with this one and we go to this one Now I like to add some more time on a final one. I'm gonna give it one second, so it's easier to read. And my initial one. I'm going to give it one second. Okay, So you can read it and then we go forward to the next one. Actually, we might even go two seconds. Let's look on to let's click on to then we know there's a distinct distinct transition and stopping point. So from here to this next one, Okay, we want to do are tweeting again. If I begin the twinning process right now, what's gonna happen is everything will be two seconds long. And I don't want all of these transitions to be two seconds long, so I'm going to do something different. I am going to click on this little button down here, which is to duplicate the frame just like it is over here on the right hand side and the layers palette when you're going to create a new layer, will this squint actually duplicate the frame that I have? I'm going to duplicate that in here. I'm gonna go back to my 0.2 seconds and use this to Tween with the next one, and I'm gonna click on the button here. The other option is to go to the hamburger menu again and you can click on Tween same process, adding four. So now I have my two seconds that I go my point to point to point to point to look at how it's changing to the with years, okay? And this is my last one. With years. I'm going to make this my two seconds long for the time being. And let's play it from the beginning and you could see what we're doing so far. Okay, so you can see already is making a big difference. So let's go to this one. We're going to duplicate this one, and I'm going to go to our to set 0.2 seconds, and we're going to transition to do our Tween. I'll come up this little button here and we're going to click on between, and that's going to So there was two seconds of our last one. Now we're going between the next four to go to not do it right. I think I didn't do it with years, so I think I didn't have a selected so Let's get rid of some of these Now, if you make a mistake, just drop them in the trash. Okay, so we have are ending with our two seconds here. That so I know we're at this this one. Otherwise, sometimes it can get confusing. So I like to add my extra seconds on the one I'm stopping on. So this one to this one. So again, I need to duplicate this. Here's my point too. Okay? And I'm going to select the 2nd 1 because I want to Tween with this next one. That's that I had forgotten to do before. So you need to select both of them that you're going to Tween animal put between everything is the same. And now let's see what happened there it comes up. But we were every day, years, but new are, you know, between newer and every day. Yes. I'm gonna go two seconds on this one, and I'm going to duplicate that back to a 0.2 seconds. I'm going to Tween between these two, all the layers it iss. So let's go forward and you're gonna finish up the process, but nowhere every day. Now let's check it out and see what? It's stupid. Want to click play? So now we're starting beginning. Two seconds stops, then it moves forward. What? We're every day. Okay, so then we go into our inside section. So, um, I'm going to do the do the next portion. Next. What? We're going to stop right now with this? We tuned newer. We turn not older with years, but knew where every day we'll go to our two seconds at a stopping point here, and we're going to transition between these and I'll go quickly through all these. So we're going to duplicate that. Go back to a 0.2 seconds transitioning between these two. I quit both of them together. I go into the transition, and I know forward with transition to my So this is the one right here. We're gonna make that two seconds. So I know that this is our stopping point here, so we don't get confused going to duplicate this, um, and we need to change the two seconds 2.2, and we're going to turn these, um, So now the tweeting processes beginning at the 0.2 seconds we filled with Here's the ending one gonna make it two seconds and I'm going to dip Lick eight that back to a point to. And I want to Between between these two slept both of them. I click between ing, okay, and my final one is over here with newness and I'm going to go two seconds. Get confused. I'm gonna mark that right away. And then this one back to a 0.2 with on the duplicated one. Both select both of them layers and we're into our final enjoy. And I'm gonna make that two seconds long And let's watch that go back beginning. We have a lot of these. Let's go back to beginning and press play and watch what happens Turned not older with years but newer every day I'm only Dickinson May your birthday He filled with newness. Enjoy. And then it goes back to the beginning again. Okay, so that completes our Jif. And in the next video, we'll talk about what we conduce is the final transition between the end of this one in the beginning of the card and then also how to save it out. Pacey, with the next video 3. Video 2 3: final video. Now we are going to go through the final process final tweaking and I'm coming to the end. And one thing I know that I didn't really like a lot. Let's go back a little bit. I'm gonna play for you the ending here, newness and joy. And then it sort of jumps to this one back to the beginning, which could be fine. But I'm going to Tween from the ending to beginning one, and that really completes the loop. So I'm gonna press stop here, go back to the 1st 1 and I want to duplicate this and I'm going to move this one. Just drag and drop it over to back to the ending, moving it back. And I can always kind of tell which one it is if I get confused cause it's got the two seconds compared to most of the other ones that point to So it really helps me move it over my time. This is a very long one. Does have a lot of words in here. I just want to show you the process and how it all works. So I go to the end. So now I'm going between between this one and this one, and I go through the same process of this one, I'm going to duplicated change it to point to this one. I'm going to change the point, too, because it's this one. I'm changing 2.2 because its members taking us loopiness back to the beginning on that is already two seconds long. So this is just going to 20.2 seconds. So I'm gonna click on both of those are tweeting four layers and we're good to go. So now let's go back to the beginning and click on one and let's watch and see what happens . So we have our two seconds and someone's reading it for the first time. They will take a little bit longer to read after I go through it over and over and over again. I know what it's saying, so I feel like, Oh, it's so long that these two seconds, but it really isn't for someone who was reading it for the first time. So just kind of keep that in mind that when someone freshest reading that, they need a little bit more time to read it all. So there we go now we transition back to the beginning and we're continuing on again. So I think this is good to go. We're gonna press stop. And now we're going to save it out. Now, how do we save the gym? We're gonna go up here. Must be saved for Web. It's the only way you can find the Jif is to the safe for web. So now we're going to be able to change our size and the gym. This is a longer one. So it's taking a little bit longer here. But look up here where it says, Jim, this is where would normally say J Peg or the PNG file. And so now we have our Jim up here, So click on the gym and in the size again, I like to the longest portion. I tend to like this 500 pixels and there, so it's automatically going to change the the other dimension so large, largest dimensional, like is 500 at the maximum. So I'm going to save. And as it's saving again, I just want to remind you that Okay, so I'll put this just put in my dropbox for now and let's say and now you can go ahead and closest without saving it. Why is that? You think? Oh, my gosh. How? What if I need to make a change in here? It's no problem. Okay, so when you go back into it, you just drop it back into open up in photo shop, and it will open it up, just like you saw in photo shop. That will be left it where you commend, make any kind of editing transition times. Okay, that concludes our class. And I hope you liked it. I would love to see what you're doing with your chips and how you're using them. Please tell me you show me what you're gonna do, what you've done in the Jif or tell me what you would like to do. What would you like to use the gym for? In this way, where we're doing the word transition. Okay, check out the other videos that I have in making budgets. I have the one where we're making a that moving between the transition between the two images. This one is the word reveal. And then I'll have a couple other videos out shortly where we're doing some sparkly things happening to call attention to whatever it is you want call attention to and the other one man is moving things that move. That may be when you see Jeffs, this is what you think about things that so those would be upcoming video. So keep an eye out for them. Thanks a lot.