[Part 2] Film Making Plan - DIY 1 min iPhone Story Video with iMovie App! - Who Inspires You? | Yukiko Sato | Skillshare

[Part 2] Film Making Plan - DIY 1 min iPhone Story Video with iMovie App! - Who Inspires You?

Yukiko Sato, StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer

[Part 2] Film Making Plan - DIY 1 min iPhone Story Video with iMovie App! - Who Inspires You?

Yukiko Sato, StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer

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5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. 1. Intro

    • 2. 2. Step 1 - Plan for Shooting

    • 3. 3. Step 2 - Video Shooting Tips

    • 4. 4. Step 3 - Shot Logging

    • 5. 5. Class Project

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About This Class

Video worth one million words. Your story video can explain more than words such as your voice and body language in short amount of time.

Step by Step to create your 1st iPhone Story Video together. 

You are interested in an iPhone Video but never edit before b/c editing needs special skills? No I have been creating my iPhone Story Videos started since Nov, 2015. 

This class is Part 2 of 3 series to shoot iPhone Video for your story. You will learn about iPhone Video feature and how to shoot videos for your story step by step in this class.

Listen your story recording from Part 1 Class, you may already have which scene you are going to shoot?

Step 1 Planning your shoot

Step 2 Schedule your shooting day

Step 3 Prep and Shoot Videos

Let's get started!

Let’s Create 1 min iPhone Story Video with iMovie App today! class series

[Part 1] Craft Story 

[Part 2] Shoot Video (This class) will add mic info video soon!

[Part 3] Edit Video (coming soon late Dec 2016)

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Yukiko Sato

StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer


Love Tech and Fashion since 1977

Wardrobe stylist since 1988

KIMONO stylist since 1994

TESAGE designer since 2000

Online Marketer since 2009

Affiliate Marketer since 2010

iPhone Story Video creator since 2015

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1. 1. Intro: Let's create one minute iPhone study video with my movie app today, this class is part two off the one minute iPhone Story video series. Hi, I am Yukiko Sato, who started to shoot iPhone story video 12 months ago. I was learning by doing creating over 121 iPhones, 30 videos without any fancy equipment. You can also be an iPhone video Glover. After take this craft Siri's You crafted your story in the first class. In this class, you will learn three things. One. Planning your shop with a story. Border tinplate works shit to scheduling your video shooting date and along how to shoot interview style talking head and B roll. Three. Creating a sharp logging with I movie up that is going to be your class project. You re long how to create your sharp logging with I movie app and uploading on YouTube from your iPhone. Are you ready to shoot your story? Video. Let's get started 2. 2. Step 1 - Plan for Shooting: happy to see you inside of the class before I started shooting us story video. I really command to use hours 30 Border template work. Shit. You can access directory by heading to our project page in this class. After you clicked on our storyboard a template worksheet. Simply click on file and make a copy. You can pause this video to copy our storyboard work. Shit! Step one is dreadful shooting. Please open your story. Border template worksheet. Go take your a story. Shit. I feel out all the video information on the sheet. I did the same for Yukiko Story. Sheep two as a sample. Let's go over the story border together. Whiteside indicates seen number and shot number that is also called cut number. The lengths of shop, interior or exterior. That means you're shooting inside or outside and location Story over your seen a out that created a media story script you got? See number one cut number one B kiura SAIDs. When I was 27 I wanted to use his picture when he was young and disrupt, but he didn't have it, so I shot his portly drawing instead. This type of shot called the B roll or inside shot sex onscreen section. I didn't add any text on the screen, so it left bank story script section field by when I was 27. That you're a stays in the shot note section. You can write some knows That's a reminder. You're a story video. Have three scenes and 12 shots in one minute, 50 seconds. I didn't study about the short style. I just paid attention about the B rolls on the commercial film, and other probability was last 12 months. But now I would like to study about all of the shops style. If you want to study about the shot style as well, you can go to the reference tab sheet on the storyboard work shit, then click on the link. The list is pretty easy to understand about it all the shots that it's created by ftv study dot com. Let's go over to sample videos. You can look at the storyboard, work shit and leave you for two shots style. I added notes with shot style to explain. On this video, you can simply click to view the notes to find out. When I was 27 I read James Joyce. Portrait of the Artist. As a young man, The book tells about himself when he comes to recognize that he is an artist and the way he feels is okay because he always felt different than everybody else. And I had this experience on my life. What's the meaning? Off way with, Like a stranger? I talked originally. It was most comfortable for me to talk, almost like informs, so people don't understand. And I thought I was stupid when I was when I was young, something was wrong. I think there is some very short in the beginning that it's more like a song in Ireland about to go. Hey there! And he says, When you pee in your pens, a tourist, it heart and then it's called. That's how we learned around the world. I read this. I can't My name is York Army. I am human being based. Did you get inspired from Gildas 30 Video, second sample iPhone story video that created by me with my real story when I was forced grade in a local elementary school. My parents are building a new house. We lived in temporary place where next to the cattle farm owned by my grandfather. We shared a kitchen with his workers at the cattle phone. There was a deck worker who fear the cattle's every morning and night. He always smells us whenever we see each other's. Even my brother was making fun of him. He still smiles to us when I become face great, I found out the deck worker at my grandfather's farm is my new classmates uncle. They live in the same house, but he never wants to talk about him. Next day, I saw his uncle with big, beautiful smile. As usual, he never shows his surface. Even he can hear anything. This experience provoked me to think being happy to others is very important thing in the life. Hope you get an idea with shot style in the sample videos. A goal without a plan. Adjust to wish. Please plan you're shooting with simple text memo or detailed storyboard. If you have any questions about the storyboard, please use Community section below. To post your question, I will answer your question within 48 hours 3. 3. Step 2 - Video Shooting Tips: Now you're moving into Step two Nets schedule. You're shooting day. Did you finish planning your shirt? Are you overwhelmed with a storyboard? Actually, when I shot Gilded Story, I didn't make a detailed plan because I wanted to shoot like a interview style talking hat and a lot of B roles at the inside shot. What I planned for shooting waas, right? Bullet points of eat saying I would like to shoot. I added the formula to pull the data from your story board to make a shot list on the in. Tackiest, your entry on the storyboard will show up on the tech A street called us Schedule tap. Is that what you'd like to have? Good look at G schedule sheet. How do you see he's scheduled? Cheat. There is only one location and shot in the Childrens. I shot bureaus all the videos within two hours. I always shoot during today because I can use beautiful natural light. You can check the weather forecast to predict what kind of natural light you're going to have. I like quot day, because older color Popes up nicely. If it's rainy day, I will change the shooting day or use more lighting. You can print out a storyboard, but I prefer to go green. I nobody use after viewed a sheet, but when you access the sheet via Google drive up, it may partially view like this. I may take a photo off the sheet on my laptop to keeping my iPhone. Here's some tips for shooting, bidding, cleanup iPhone Linds fully charged your iPhone. Bring extra battery or charger. Clear some space on your iPhone storage. If you have a plan shooting for 30 minutes off 10 80 HD with 30 frames per second, you may need at least four gigabyte storage space on your iPhone. Use a tripod or other necessary kid for shooting shot list and note for direction. Skills show Film teachers demonstrate many different way to shoot video I will explain to basic shooting style in this class. One Talking Heads as an interview shot when I shot Geo's talking head as an interview style . I use my tripod with iPhone holder or a stack of books to hold your iPhone camera face to you. Like the video shows on Teacher Handbook on Skill share on the filming, your class physical demonstration video. I will show you how I set my iPhone video. Kind of. I said, 20 inch away from Kiura and 12 inches off center and angles about 30 degrees off iPhone. Please keep in mind the iPhone ins is off center, as the Yellow Arrow indicates in this light, you can uncle on iPhone to change the person's positions in the video angles iPhone camera about 45 degrees. You can capture the face in the center. You can play around to set right angle to shoot. Number two is a B roll B roll that is an inside shot. I shot his overall studio Flo file. He's art supplies and a bookshelf as a B roll. B roll is an insert shot on the base interview shot To give more information about his story. Let's shoot Video Town on your iPhone. Click on the camera icon. Turn your iPhone size way to horizontally to shoot a landscape video change to the video more then tap the red shadow button to start shooting and used to his hands to hold steady or paying your iPhone to shoot. Please make sure to hold five seconds, then tap to the button to stop video shooting is most important things in the video shooting winning shot story videos are first time I used iPhone earbuds with the microphone to record a voiceover. It's not so bad, but if you have a budget, you can buy better my perform. Enjoy your iPhone video shooting after you finished filming, See you in the next video. 4. 4. Step 3 - Shot Logging: con glad you have done a shooting off your story video. Did you enjoy an iPhone video shooting? Better shooting is fun. Let's create a shot lugging with my movie app on your iPhone. If you don't see and I'm will be up on your iPhone, go to APP Store and typing search box for free. I movie and download into your iPhone. Now we're going to create a South logging on my movie APP Shot. Logging means originally the process by which shoot metadata. It's captured during a film or video shoot, such as the information off their location. Same number take number and more click plus sign to open up their files on your iPhone Quick video file. All or recently added that you shot it within two weeks. Scroll down to find a video for the to create your shop, plugging in order by your story thing. Thank click on the video footage and quick on plus in circle button. To add into your timeline, keep adding all the video footage you want to add on your story video. If you want to add a note, some info on your video footage you can use at Texas feature to add a note on the footage or four year editing. Let's put all you have shooting footage in order. Sat lugging Good to be a first step off. Edit your story video. This will be a great way to brain stone before at it. Also a great way to ask feedback from other students. If you're not sure how to edit, you're a study video. I will add shop flogging as a simple project in this class for your reference after finished adding all your video as a shop logging. Let's upload it on YouTube. Click down like a plot button, then select YouTube and dog in your account. You can least your video either public or unvested, to be available for someone who has your video link. 5. 5. Class Project: Let's create a class project which a shot lugging police share your shot logging of your YouTube video link or embed on the project page in this class, go to the Project page, fill out your story title and copy your story from part one class project. Or it's an abscess. That is three summary of your story, then at a shot lugging good a link. Or you can embed your shot logging video in this class project page. Please don't forget to upload an image for your story. Select your preference in public on the cross mates tube you your project. Thank you. Create blue button to publish your project. You can share your project by social media to get many likes. I can't wait to see your shot lugging on the class project page. If you have a question, please use a community below in this class. I will try to answer your question within 48 hours. Thank you so much for joining on iPhone story video class Part two. Now you finish this class Hope you enjoyed a shooting your story video, but three class we'll be an edit. Us don't even dio see you in the next class