[Part 1] DeClutter using facebook marketplace - Fast way to Post items - | Yukiko Sato | Skillshare

[Part 1] DeClutter using facebook marketplace - Fast way to Post items -

Yukiko Sato, StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer

[Part 1] DeClutter using facebook marketplace - Fast way to Post items -

Yukiko Sato, StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer

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12 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. 1. Intro Class Video

    • 2. 2. Why facebook marketplace?

    • 3. 3. What is your goal?

    • 4. 4. What is Requirements.

    • 5. 5. How it works

    • 6. 6. Before Post

    • 7. 7. Research

    • 8. 8. POST: Take Photos

    • 9. 9. POST: Title & Price

    • 10. 10. POST: Category & Location

    • 11. 11. POST: Description

    • 12. 12. Class Project

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About This Class

Make Some Money while Helping the Planet. Organize your creative space and improve your Productivity.

This class is based on REAL DeCluttering Project last summer. Share Tips about how to sell items (your stuff) quickly. It is like an Online Moving / Estate Sale! 

I was asked by many friends about how I sold 4 bedrooms of furniture and stuff in four months. 

There are so many great tips to share with you before I forget...

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the community below. 

Looking for Change? Let's DeClutter your room together.

I will show you step by step to sell your items on facebook marketplace 

[Part 2] class

[Part 3] class

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Yukiko Sato

StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer


Love Tech and Fashion since 1977

Wardrobe stylist since 1988

KIMONO stylist since 1994

TESAGE designer since 2000

Online Marketer since 2009

Affiliate Marketer since 2010

iPhone Story Video creator since 2015

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1. 1. Intro Class Video : that's your home look like this. That's your mind. Feel like this? I assume you're looking for a decline in conservation and want to have a well organized home and car mind like this. You've come to the right class. The's air actual before and after photos taken last year. Hi. My name is Akiko Chateau. I will show you exactly how I managed to sell 134 items off my friends stuff step by step through the process of selling them using Facebook marketplace while helping the planet at the same time. You really little yourself off. The scary feeling off, decluttering your life. You will be amazed by how easy and enjoyable the reading can be. I've been sharing organizing tips online to that and ate all my students. Felt much happier after tea in my crosses. I want you to be happy to. Are you ready for day clarity? Let's get started. See you inside a class 2. 2. Why facebook marketplace? : Welcome to the class off the clatter using Facebook marketplace. Make some money while helping to fund it pot Once you may wonder why you would be helping upon it while you are decluttering your stuff using Facebook market, Please let me share my story. I received a phone call from my friend last time she asked me for help. The flattering her house because she wants to be located in four months. Original big lettering idea was throwing away or donating to your hot friends. I told her what By night, what a waste in Japanese and asked her, Wouldn't it be nice to make some money by selling your stuff instead of paying for dumb? Mr. I couldn't stand to let her harm the empowerment Since I would teach, I've been teaching there always closer clean out online class. Did you know that we're living in the throwing away? Well, the U. S. Is the worst country where it generates £4.5 of waste per person every day. I am from Japan, where it is a multi non culture. Even Japan generate £2.5 off waste part person every day. I quite surprised by my friend Christie's the clattering idea. I need to convince her to be sell her stuff instead of throwing away and giving to her friends who may not mean. But after she showed me has smile, I began to help her cynical make a list off the item to sell and then started to cost them on clicks. This where I have a soul quickly in the past, we this did you use the furniture and bulky items? First, however, we didn't get any enquiries. Reason. 24 hours as we expected, I had to think off other places to get faster. Enquiries. I recall the Facebook marketplace, which are using 2016 but after the lanced as an alternative to clicks ist. Although it was not successfully setting right away on Facebook marketplace in 2016 it's being a while, and I wanted to give it a try again. I've been posted the same items on Facebook marketplace. The next day I received a few enquiries. Within an hour. I have I was so happy that my intuition was right. I was also amazed that our listing on Facebook marketplace has been viewed by over 1000 people within 24 hours. According to Facebook s a developer. Confidence Facebook marketplace users reached 800 median, while clicks this has 60 million users. No wonder our Facebook marketplace past had more abuse and enquiries than clicks List. We listed 160 items boasts at a CLECs IST and Facebook marketplace. We then sold 90 items on Facebook, 19 on plexus and 25 2 neighbors for total off 134 items sold for total sales of 9000 $30 instead of pain, 600 dollars for Dumpster. Christie loved that result. To be honest with you, we have some price setting argument while we're selling, even though her original idea was paying for a dumpster. But I understand, but that that's made feeling how sales goal was $5000. We almost double that amount. I was so pleased to have made Christie happy. Well, saving the planet as well. That is the reason why I'm teaching how to make some money by decluttering us stuff using Facebook marketplace Hope you motivated by Christians. Story. Let's get started 3. 3. What is your goal?: a goal without a plan. It's just rubbish. You may have heard this court issue tick my other classes before. What? Their goal for taking this class. Do you want to declutter your room within three weeks? Do you have a plan to sell your house in three months? Why don't you say you're smart? Goal As Christie Date, I want you to set you up there. Clarity and goal. Now, Yes. Now why not? Please post this video to think about your goal and type your goal in your class project section? You can save it for yourself. Christie's goal was during the next four months, the clattering using Facebook marketplace to sail her stuff every two states for a hours to work with Yukiko sale 54 items for months. Hope you get an idea of how to set your smart ical if you need help. Pretty is a community billow in this class. This class community will help you to set your perfect go. I also try to answer your question within 48 hours 4. 4. What is Requirements. : what will be needed To use Facebook marketplace, you need to have a three things. The first is either a smart form or computer and camera. The second it's your Facebook account, and the third, it's WiFi access to the Internet using Facebook marketplace. It's a free service. If you don't have any of those, you may ask your friend to help you in our project. Although my friend Christy has most of the requirement. Besides Facebook account, she is not interested in doing any social media activities. That's why she called me and asked me to help product clattering. So in this project, I was in charge to post trust stuff. Using my Facebook account, I will show you how I sold her stuff step by step in this grass cities. Lastly, another important requirement is having a growth mindset that stinks. Possibly when you have a fixed mindset, you may think, as I don't want to share my information with buyers, I don't feel safe inviting the buyers to my apartment. But if the buyer is about person, that's thinking with block positive reaction, Tom negative thinking is to positive thinking, which really result in what do you can sell more 5. 5. How it works: in this video, I will show you how I managed to sell Christine stuff using my Facebook account. This slide shows how it works that is, processing for selling their three easy steps to be sold. Step one. Posting your item. Step two. It's chatting with potential buyers. Step three. Meet the buyer in person to show your item than transacting cash. He here already for media. With online selling, you can link to your PayPal to face the payment to accept as an online payment. If you are a beginner, I strongly the commanded to getting familiar with the cast transaction. First. If you're interested in selling online, I will explain how I process the online sales transaction in Part three class. When the potential buyers see your item on Facebook marketplace, they would like to know if we'd still available. The buyer can then click, ask for detail. Blue button you at the sailor. We received a message in an I'm a singer. Chat like this. You can answer Yes, Sometimes people click the blue button by X. By mistake, I just answer Yes. Then wait for the next message. If the buyer is serious to buy the item, the buyer will send you another message, such as when they can pick up window by asks the next question. You are getting closer to sell your item. Please be nice to your buyer. When you sell big items such as furniture, you need to embody a fire in your place. You are not comfortable meeting a stranger by yourself. You may ask your family members or friends to be home with you. I have sold over 100 items in on Facebook market. Please All of the buyers I met in person one nice people. They were eco friendly and caregivers. But I will share some tips to deal with difficult buyer in part to class. So please don't Wallaby. 6. 6. Before Post: Christine's place a full of stuff like this. We needed to organize what items we want to sail first. Before posting to South, we sorted and organized the island by using clear boxes What we helped to see. The items were we started. Many empty boxes had to be full before recycle. If you have a spare spare room, use one of your rooms in which furniture can be stored. You don't have a room. Just take a photo and make a list. That what we did et home just as messy like this. If so, just organize it, then select the reach items to sell. If you feel overwhelmed, find your dream home photo. Sit and relax. Then imagine how your life would have changed after you had a dream. Whole, like the photo. Please keep in mind. You need to have a gross mindset rather than a fixed mindset that a real block positive reaction. Let's clean up your space. I would suggest selling the book is that first after you see the clear space, you can be motivated to go 7. 7. Research: before post an item or darling posting an item. I suggest you find a similar item by pretend to be a buyer on the Facebook marketplace. Tap to browse, then type the keywords off. The I didn't you're searching. The first item that will be listed on Facebook Marketplace was large furniture that it needed to be pickup locally. When I searched the similar couch type by, the Big told me in so far there was no item came up in a sense. The result? Yes, when I saw City using a keyword coach instead of the world. So far, two similar coaches came up. I always learn from other sailors about better key wars to disk lie. The similar idea. Please do the same to reach a wider audience and sell your stuff much faster. Please be careful picking the right words to describe the item to reach the right buyers. When I passed it, a bunch of large furniture I typed the keyword moving cell on the title. We don't know why we are not sure for some reason Facebook marketplace. Ai suspended our past. We needed to device the ad along with it. New title. Please don't freak out. If similar things happen to you, there is a way to solve the issue. Please keep in mind that a Facebook marketplace it's still in beta. 8. 8. POST: Take Photos: you can post items to sell from either smartphone or laptop and camera. In this video, I will show you how I pause items using both my smartphone and after a computer. Because Facebook app, there's no other us to rearrange the photos. I am using Facebook desktop to rearrange the photos. I also like to type item description using a laptop keyboard, even if you can use a voice typing on a smartphone to feel our information. These days, I'm on Ali adapter of AECOM, a simulation who used to use a computer and camera to have a Yahoo e commerce site. You cannot imagine I spent over $1000 on my digital camera at the time. Hopefully, Facebook desktop will add photo rearrangement feature very soon you may Wonder Issuer used on Lee laptop computer to posson item. That is a little difficult to take a photo of the item because most left up still do not have a word facing camera so you wouldn't have to turn your wrapped up around. I am not sure you could take a photo easy as the smartphone. If my laptop has the camera like a smartphone, I will be able to use only a laptop to take pictures and post my Ivan. Let's take photos off the item. Open the Facebook app on your smartphone. Tap on the store icon at the bottom. My iPhone shows in the middle of the bottom Many. If you don't see one, please tap on three lines at the right bottom off the corner. Then select the marketplace. When you own the market, please pact on sale at the top. Left the top items. It will open up news item for tap on. Add photos, the tap on the camera icon and start taking a photo off the idea. I suggest taking the photos in different angles. That is overview. Front, back side, close up over blending and close up off the pattern. Facebook Marketplace Ello users to upload up to 10 photos. Why not take out a vintage of it? When I take photos of item on a cloudy day or the afternoon? I am using camera up to adjust exposure. It would be nice to know how to adjust the brightness of the camera. I find her. Let me show you the camera up. I use my smartphone as a camera open up the camera up on your smartphone. I am showing on iPhone. Enjoy the Virgin camera. App would be different. Top anywhere on the live play BJU in order to bring up the focus point that it's yellow outline box. Hold on exporter button that appears next to it. It looks like the sun. You will see a slider that otherwise you to move up to adjust the brightness. This feature does not apply in Facebook up. That's why I use the camera up. Take a photo of an item when you don't have enough. Not so like after you finish taking photos cup sale to open a new items form and tapped Ivy photos. Then select the photo. Do you want to pass? Issue. Select the wrong photo by mistake. Greece Top X to delete. You can post this video and take some photos off the item for your new. I didn't born 10. 9. POST: Title & Price: after taking photo off the item, I will talk council, then save as a draft. I am switching to my laptop to access the draft of my past. I just created really agent rearranging the photo as I want type of items. Title What I usually type The title stood with the brand name items name or style color. At least tyro off. This I didn't will be you Apprentice 12. Giovanni Fiorentino, Italy Blue Global and Boston PD. Lower plates, bowls. At least the condition at the beginning. If it's new, I use apprentice to show number. How many contain If I am selling as a bundle, I saw some smart vier typing a pickup location in the title. As a buyer, it will be great to know which area the sailor location instead of distance by mild. That item I'm showing you that's a simple today. It's an actual item I sold. Next is pricing. Enter your price. I suggest you to price a bit. How year then The price you want to sell because Facebook marketplace has a future to notify the vire who beauty your item when you know where the place that is a great marketing future to sail faster. If your price fixed the price, you are not able to take any lower price over. If you price it, it would be higher. You still can take the $2 off offering price by the sailor. If you price too high, you're not able to sell the item as quickly as do you expect. Pressing is the key to sell the I didn't faster. Please think about what is the right place for your idea. 11. 10. POST: Category & Location: next, it's selecting the right category for the item. The blue plea would be a household I did. I read. Select the household. The household. The category has the option to select the condition brand and color. It's depends on the category. If the category you selected that didn't have those options, you still came at them on the item description. Those options are not showing up on the desktop. Birgitte, I always add them on the description. Next is the location type your zip recorded to show where the pickup location doesn't have to be. Your home did good. Some sailor prefers to meet at the mall, she added. The mall locations in court. In our project, I added a Christine's locations in court. I explained why we're selling items at the area off the record in the description. In this way, you can save your time answering pickup location. Enquiries 12. 11. POST: Description: the item description is optional. So is only 50 words too short in description. Potential values will top read more to be the your description before contacting you. So please don't forget to add of three things as follows measurement item condition and pick up time and location. This way, you will cut down on the number of people who send a message to you just asking about the item. You will save time and abduct more. Buyers with a clear description does not have to have a super long description as an eBay item description. Setting your stuff on Facebook marketplace takes time. Take a little time and effort, but the payoff it's will with it helps a planet by. Did you seem trust when you click on Submit button, your area of sell and buy groups will be popped popped up. You can pick the group to submit the post their group at the same time. Order to post the group. You may need to join the group to do so. Now I am managing to the past. I just submitted my computer. No gain to facebook dot com. Click on the marketplace under the watch on the left side menu quick on the month. Manage button, Scroll down to the edit to post the window of your past will be popped up. You can rearrange photos and adding an item description. My example. This accepts description has a lot of information that might be too long for Facebook market, please. That's it. Conquests and posting your first item on Facebook market, please. Ready for the first inquiry from your potential buyer if you don't hear for anything. If you don't hear anything within 24 hours, please take your past shows up in a church result and check your title contains the searchable keywords that people find items. 13. 12. Class Project: Congrats. Now you prostate. The first item to sail on Facebook Market, please. How do you feel? Did you feel scared to try something new? It wasn't so bad. Right now you've got rid yourself of scary feeling. Why don't you post more items? Why? Because people always curious to see what other items you're selling. You have a great chance to sell out of items through the same fire as well. The more you sell, the more natural it becomes to set up your past at Smart. Don't forget to share your items. Link to other students. Go to the project page, click on edit button to open your project. Copy and paste your items. Link on a description and tell us what you're declaring. Goal or story. Then click the publish button to purpose your project. You can share a project by social media to get when he likes and views. I can't wait to see your declaring plan on the class Project page. You have a question. Please use the community. Beto, In this class, I will try to answer your question within 48 hours. Thank you so much for taking my skills here. Class, You've learned how to cost your item on Facebook marketplace In part one class pro two class, I will share many tips on how to manage the potential bias. I'll hope to see you again in another class by happening.