Part 1: Canine Masterclass: Fun Dog Training to Painting with your Dog

Tatiana Ambrose, Classes Helping You To Be Creative

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26 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Why you should enroll in this dog training art course with your dog

    • 2. Hi, I'm your teacher, Tatiana Ambrose

    • 3. Art Supplies Needed for this Fun Class!

    • 4. You Can Change the Canvas Color

    • 5. Importance of Your Project Area

    • 6. Meet my dog assistant, Athena

    • 7. What is the last concrete thing you want to remember your dog by?

    • 8. Importance of Exercise for your dog

    • 9. Look Closer at Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

    • 10. How to Mark and Reward Your Dog's Behavior

    • 11. Keep it Short and Fun!

    • 12. What to Do If you get Frustrated

    • 13. First dog training steps

    • 14. How to Get Paint on Your Dogs Feet

    • 15. Cleaning off your Pet's Feet

    • 16. Complete Your Trial Run on Paper

    • 17. Create Abstract Art on Canvas

    • 18. The Easy Clean Up

    • 19. Introducing new dog, Romeo, to Canvas Panels

    • 20. Morning of Day 3 with Romeo

    • 21. What Happens When you Skip the Trial Run?

    • 22. Final Art Product

    • 23. Protecting Your Artwork

    • 24. Take Your Training to the Next Level

    • 25. Identify Areas of Improvement with your Dog

    • 26. Athena, Romeo & I hope to see you again!


About This Class

Student Testimonials

[5 Stars] Very good so far I'm learning a lot. -Paul R

[5 Stars] This course includes art, but mainly it is about training. That makes a better art piece and a happier bond with your pet. Good stuff. -Shelley C.

+ 9 more 5 Star Reviews from my other students that enrolled in this class!


Do you have a dog? Do you love teaching your dog new tricks? Do you want a painting to cherish forever created by your dog?

I have worked in a wide range of professional dog related fields to get as much knowledge as possible when it comes to a man's best friend: from dog training, to dog grooming and even in the veterinary field as well. Just like you, I am a huge dog lover and I can confidently say my dog, Athena, is my life. Together, Athena and I, will show you the step-by-step dog training breakdown on creating abstract art with your dog. This course is 1/2 dog training and 1/2 abstract art painting This combination will result in not only an art painting you can cherish forever but a happier pet that you can now develop a stronger bond with through positive reinforcement.

Don't worry if you have ZERO art or dog training skills, because 1) your dog will be the one creating the abstract art piece and 2) I will give you, the dog owner, the dog training tools needed to teach your dog the awesome confidence for painting abstract art on canvas. With practice and patience you and your dog will be creating art in no time while building a stronger bond!

You know dogs don't live a long time compared to humans, so why not create abstract art with your dog that you can hang in your house and cherish forever? One thing I know is that this will be a memory to remember for a long time to come because WHO do you know paints abstract artwork with their dog? YOU DO!


Class Goals:

  • Understand and apply basic positive reinforcement dog training steps to introduce your dog to the art supplies
  • Recognize frustration triggers during your dog training sessions and how to effectively manage your frustration
  • Fully understand what makes positive reinforcement dog training so effective in getting the desired behavior from your dog
  • Put into practice the various steps in creating a one of a kind abstract art work with your dog

Enroll today in this course, Athena and I are excited to meet you and can't wait to give you the dog training tools for you and your dog to start creating abstract art together while developing a stronger relationship!