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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Welcome to class by Dr. Lisa Rusczyk

    • 2. Book Options

    • 3. Get Started!

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About This Class

In this class I will show you different options you can choose on CreateSpace when self publishing your book.  This is a great class to see the different books to make the best choices when publishing your book. Please enroll in this class and lets get started. 


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Lisa Rusczyk ❤️

Teacher, Author, Crafter, Blogger, & Ed. D.


I have self-published 300 books, have over 50 classes, and have many of my social media post gone viral. While I earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership, I love to teach online only on Skillshare while I am a Stay at Home Mom. I enjoy creating, reading to kids, and hanging out at my local coffee shop to play Settlers of Cantan with friends.  

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1. Welcome to class by Dr. Lisa Rusczyk: Hi, everyone. My name is Lee Servers Check and I have self published. Many books have been created, a publishing company called Check Publishing. So in this class, I want to show you use. Make this big pile of books. I will explain all the different size responds, colors and options that you can choose. So when you self publish your book, you can choose the options that are best for your book. There's many different things to choose from different colors on the inside if you want color or not on the inside, for example, this book has color, and this book is just on the inside, so there's many different options that you can choose from. And I have chosen to create space to create all these books, that I will explain why I've chosen create space and maybe yoga with great space. Or maybe another company. Maybe you'll choose a smaller book for our larger book, maybe a different color paper, maybe different size, maybe different funds may be different cover options when you create your covers. So this glasses just to see so you can see different self published books and make a choice with new self published your book. So please enroll in this class and I can't wait. Teoh. See, You're finished books in the product section. 2. Book Options: everyone, this is Lisa Rece check, and I want to show you some of the books that I have self published, and I want to show you some ideas that you can have for your book. So maybe what size you want, or maybe the format or different things like that. So I self publish my books on Create Space, and I have chosen this company, and I've only used create space. So that's the only company will be able to show you when you I'm going to create space dot com. You can put in all the information, and then they will sell your books on Amazon as well as create space. And if your book is the right size, it could sell it at a few other retailers. So this is one of the books that I've written. It's called 60 100 Positive Things to Say to Someone else, and you can see that when you create the cover and when you create the cover, it looks like this. They will put the ESPN information on your four years, so you have to remember to leave this section blank. This is a flat cover instead of shiny. Um, you do have the option of shiny, and this is actually less expensive to do the shiny, and I think it looks a little cheaper. So since it's the same price, I suggest doing the flat option. So here is a six by nine book, and you can see how many this book is about 170 pages. So this is what ah book would look like at 170 pages of That's what you're interested in doing. So this is basically what it looks like on the inside to get an idea, and that is that book. So I've also written Children's books, and these are 8.5 by 8.5. And they I think I think the colors are great. And when you do this, this is a probably book, meaning the bleed goes off the edge of the page. So the illustrator had to actually illustrate a little bit more that gets cut off when you go through the editing, our publishing in this book. So that's what this looks like. Here's the back cover. So when you make the cover of books on create space, you have to remember this is the full cover, the front, the back, and then you have to think about this. Fine, too. So there is templates out there and I will share them with you that you can. Then I'll help you with how many P desert are in your books that you could make a template to make the cover, and they can help you create them online. So this the eggs is an example of one I've created just going to Amazon kindle direct publishing and making the cover. So I made this image on canvas that C a, n v a dot com And there they have really good funds and titles, and I put it with an image from the book. And then they will just let you put in a picture with information about the author and then information about the description of the book so you can change it for different things. For example, instead of choosing the offer information here, Bye bye, Butterfly can't stay blue. I see you later, alligator after while crocodile. Because that some text of the book so you can really put what you want there. But that's what I chose and you could choose the thought. So if you don't know how to create a cover, my suggestion is like this book. You go to kindle direct publishing and use the recover creator, then you also to create this page. You go to Cannes by dot com to put the title in the offer information on and then you go to their cover creator and then you'll put in this image, text and description of the book. That's what I have been doing, and I think it's been working very well. All right, here's Children's bedtime stories again. Flat book. If you want to, you can leave the cover blank, but I'm just like before. I just put one image here and they will enter this for you. The ESPN for you. It's pretty simple. Um, here's the inside of this book, but this looks like I actually use images instead of just plain text. So I like how it turned out. This'd is 50 things to know before having a baby. So this is one of the 50 things to know books in the 50 things. No book series. This I'll show you. This is white paper. If you choose white and this This book is about four years old, but it is the off white option, and I think it kind of yellows. So I recommend going with the weight if you have an option. So that's what that looks like. Knock knock jokes for kids. Here's an example of two covers. This is the flat and this is the shiny, so you can see what that looks like. You may choose. You may like the shiny. It's up to you or the flat flats over here. This is the shading. But is the same book flat and shiny and I'm going with flat now, Um, I talked to many people and they like the flat better, so I think the shiny is kind of fun. Um, but I like the flat too. So I attempted to make a coloring book. This is 1600 positive things to say to someone else in coloring but form. Um, the reason I haven't been really promoting this is I think it came out a little fuzzy that the pictures and I wasn't really happy with wine, so I probably should go back in and make them better images before I It's my fault that image quality just isn't as good in it. I told me when I made the book on Create Space, but some people do You like it? So there is a coloring book that goes with my Children's books, which is also a coloring and activity book. So there's activities to do. I think this turned out really nice. This is what this cover looks like front, middle and back so you can put things on the back cover and incorporate where the ESPN number will go. Here's all the current Charlie books are free them by one over the other one. So these were beautifully illustrated by Illustrator really proud of them. One suggestion, if you do get a illustrator, is I have her do all these pages, which I pay for, and then one of these pages where she puts the text and it becomes less expensive, and I think it looks nice. That's how I do the text and I get them. Instead of having her illustrate this page for different. For every page and this page, different for every page, it's less expensive. Just keep doing Excuse me. This one again. This was a fun book I've made with stock photos and it's called The Animal Game. So what am I, a frog and the cat? Ribbit? Bosnia Rabbit Buzz? No. So I had this idea for a book. So instead of and I don't know how to illustrate my illustrators expensive. So I found stock images to make this one with. And again, I just created the cover myself. You could see what I put there. So, as you see, there is a lot of choices. You can choose these. I always choose the 8.5 books for this. And, um, I do like the six by nine size, and that's just a general size for books. This is the six by nine size and you saw the different colors on the inside of the book, which is helpful. You saw the different sheens on the outside. So while these are both six by nine, they may. It may seem different when you hold them because of the thickness of the books. So hopefully this will give you some information and help you decide when you self publish your book. What options you want to choose because you could just choose you know, left or right Which option? And you may not know what it actually looks like. So hopefully and looking at my books, you can understand what you want to choose. Okay. All right. Thanks for watching this video onto the next one. 3. Get Started!: all right. Just as a quick recap, There's many different options you can choose and self publishing your books. I have chosen create space. You can choose glossy and non glossy covers. You can choose what your cover looks like on the front, this fine and on the back. You can choose if you would like color inside your books or not. So this one doesn't have color, and this book has color on the inside. There's a different big price difference. It might be $2 so I like Teoh. I provide this book in color or not, so people can save $2 because if I want to make $2 on this book, for example, they could buy it for $4 or $6 with color. And I don't think the color really matters in this type of book. So you could make many different things, including coloring books, which I have made a coloring book here. My tip for making coloring books is I recommend you make sure the images are really high quality for when you print them. I know this because my Charlie, the Cavalier books are really high quality, and they look amazing. And I love the colors and you can choose. Let's find that one book, the difference between, um, 50 things to know before having a baby has yellow on the inside. So this is what the off white looks like. And this is what the white looks like. So you can see there's a big color different here, and you might like the off, like for reading purposes or the white. But I preferred for my books. So these air lots of choices you could make you could include images on the back with a description or not, you could just have back plane. It is completely up to you and the marketing of your book. So thank you for taking this class. Please check out my other classes that have, um, different parts of the self publishing process. So you can bring your book to the next level. All right. Thank you.