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7 Videos (29m)
    • Intro

    • Tools

    • Coffee

    • Coffee Ink

    • Kids

    • Mark making

    • Sketchbook making and book cover


About This Class


Let's play with coffee and ink and see the magic that will happen on a paper. Here are a potato vacations and I will show you how easy this project is, because we will play with kids together.

So let's boil that coffee and start playing....but if you want you could watch us first while your coffee will cold. Enjoy.

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Hi Lidija! I really loved this class. I loved everything about it. The kids, the mark making and the gift ideas! Fabulous.
Jamie Kalvestran

Licensed Artist and Surface Designer.

I enjoyed watching the kids. Looks like lots of fun.
Linda Mae Olszanski

Mixed Media Artist and Educator

Nice class! great to do with kids as well.





Lidija Miklavcic

Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design

I work as self-employed pattern maker-designer a.k.a. Tutorial Girl. I design everything from shoes to clothes and bags ... anything I need that I can't find. I recycle a lot of old jeans into a new hand painted and free motion stitched surface patterns, so my designs are a little bit more personal to me. I have a big wish to become a surface pattern designer some day and the last few years I'm the happiest if my hands are covered with paint. I've never grown up and I still live like DIY pers...

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