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7 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools

    • 3. Coffee

    • 4. Coffee Ink

    • 5. Kids

    • 6. Mark making

    • 7. Sketchbook making and book cover


Project Description

For class project I would like for you to make something with this papers. You could even use them for origami papers, for collage paper, or you could make sketchbooks or if you like just make scans of photos and you could play with them more in Photoshop and use them as textured backgrounds....

Whatever you will do with this papers, start the project in this class and show us some photos or write some thoughts...whatever.

Most important is, that you are having fun with it. Enjoy, Mik and the kids.


This is what my big passion is. Surface pattern design repeats...yes, made from coffee stains. How fab is that? Right?
Please join me in the class and make something beautiful for yourself or for your love one and share it in our gallery, and don't forget to leave me a review. See you soon in our next class, Mik.

PS if you did like the class maybe you could see my other classes they are about surface pattern, mock-up design, sketching, watercolors, sewing, DIY....

Student Projects