Paper Trees (Origami & Papercut) Holiday Decoration | Kip Perdue | Skillshare

Paper Trees (Origami & Papercut) Holiday Decoration

Kip Perdue, Paper Cutting Artist

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3 Videos (25m)
    • Tree Intro

    • Cut & Fold Tree

    • Geometric Christmas Tree


About This Class

This class teaches you two styles for creating trees from paper. The first is a more traditional origami style which benefits from the use of a few small cuts to create a very distinctive shape. The second is formed of small paper pyramids, constructed by hand, that stack without adhesive to create a flexible and geometric outline. 







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Kip Perdue

Paper Cutting Artist

I am a paper cutting artist based in South London. I moved to London after living in Chicago, Auckland, Oxford and York. I began to teach myself paper cutting in 2012 after recognizing that my previous creative endeavor, creating replica chain mail armor, was not terribly portable, so I switched to paper.

Much of my work focuses on what I would call personal cartography. I like exploring new places, ideas, and techniques. Much of my work is about maps, as they've always fascinated me....

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