Paper + Photoshop: Introduction to Repeat Pattern Making with Paper Cut-Outs | Fern Martin | Skillshare

Paper + Photoshop: Introduction to Repeat Pattern Making with Paper Cut-Outs

Fern Martin, Card Designer, Jewellery Maker, Craft Enthusiast

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6 Videos (28m)
    • Paper Cut Flower Pattern Intro

    • Paper Cut Flower Pattern Cutting

    • Paper Cut Flower Pattern Shadow

    • Paper Cut Flower Pattern Photoshop Edit

    • Paper Cut Flower Pattern Tile

    • Paper Cut Flower Pattern Large Pattern


About This Class

This class is an introduction to making your own repeat patterns in Photoshop, and is aimed at Photoshop beginners and people who are looking for a fun new way of making pattern designs.

Because I always like to add a bit of craft in somewhere, the pattern I create is made from cut-out paper flower shapes that have been scanned in to my computer. Using textured papers adds a 3D element to the design, plus the cutting-and-sticking lets you go back to being a kid again!

(Alternatively, you can make a flower shape completely digitally instead if you prefer.)

If you are more experienced in Photoshop, then hopefully this class will give you ideas for making patterns from paper, and you can make more complicated designs. It's a great way to get the creativity flowing!

Tissue paper, book pages and many other papers could be could even go mixed media! And if you are handy with a craft knife, intricate papercuts look amazing when made into repeat patterns.

I hope you enjoy this craft + graphic design challenge :)

You will need basic materials like paper, scissors and glue, as well as a scanner and Photoshop. Knowing the very basics of Photoshop would help.







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Fern Martin

Card Designer, Jewellery Maker, Craft Enthusiast

Hello there!

I'm Fern. My main loves are crafts and entrepreneurialism, so if I ever have the opportunity to combine the two then I do! I design and make both greetings cards and jewellery, and I also create digital patterns and graphics.

This year I am planning to continue working my way through a 'Crafts I Want To Try' list (it's a very long list), and further improve on crafts I already enjoy such as knitting and sewing.

I have always enjoyed teaching online via writte...

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