Paper Mache: Elephant Sculptures inspired by Salvador Dali | Beth Gatza | Skillshare

Paper Mache: Elephant Sculptures inspired by Salvador Dali

Beth Gatza, Artist in Los Angeles, CA

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5 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction to the class

    • 2. Building your Armature

    • 3. Taping the Elephant

    • 4. Elephant Head - Paper Mache

    • 5. Elephant Body - Paper Mache


About This Class

Learn how to make a beautiful paper mache sculpture based on the painting 'The Elephants', by artist Salvador Dali, and the book Elmer the Elephant, by David McKee. Techniques learned from this class can be applied to any paper mache project. This project is also useful for middle school and high school art teachers. Feel free to use this as a lesson plan tool.





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Beth Gatza

Artist in Los Angeles, CA

Beth Gatza is an art teacher and an oil painter.

Previously, Beth has worked nationally and internationally on over 35 films, music videos, commercials and T.V. shows in art department, including art directing and production designing 16.

Beth has painted 5 backdrops for theater sets, including a 16'10'' x 35' backdrop for Alice in Wonderland in 25 hours.

Beth has production designed 2 fashion shows, and designed a pair of men's jeans as a guest artist for RAWK Magazine. ...

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