Paper Fashion: Telling a Story through Fashion Illustration | Katie Rodgers | Skillshare

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Katie Rodgers, Fashion Illustrator, Artist

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9 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Initial Sketch

    • 4. Background Sketch

    • 5. Adding Detail and Shading

    • 6. Painting: First Layer Watercolor

    • 7. Painting: Second Layer Details

    • 8. Painting: Final Touches

    • 9. More Creative Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

Fashion Illustration is about storytelling: communicating the experience to be had in the clothing being showcased.

In this 45-minute class, PaperFashion's Katie Rodgers takes her fashion figure illustrations to the next level and puts them in a scene. She selects her favorite couture gown straight off the runway and brings it to life in a full composition, walking through such concepts as depth, space and color. You are challenged to tell your own story through fashion illustration and create a composition of your favorite gown.

This class is great for aspiring illustrators interested in improving their fashion illustration skills and pushing their figures to tell a story. 

If you enjoy this class, check out Katie's first two classes, Paper Fashion: Illustrate Your Favorite Runway Looks with Watercolors and Basic Watercolors: Learn Painting with Paper Fashion.