Paper Craft: Making Filigree Heart Earrings with Quilling | Marissa Agnew | Skillshare

Paper Craft: Making Filigree Heart Earrings with Quilling

Marissa Agnew, Sweethearts and Crafts Creator, Paper Princess

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11 Videos (32m)
    • Paper Craft: Making Filigree Heart Earrings with Quilling

    • Materials

    • Making a Coil

    • Forming Hearts

    • Quilling Six Hearts

    • Connecting Hearts

    • Gluing Technique

    • Creating Connector Loops

    • Adding Layers of Glue

    • Adding the Hardware

    • Thank You for Completing the Project!


About This Class

I bet you are wondering...what on earth is paper quilling?

Don't worry.  You do not need ANY prior knowledge to take and successfully complete this class.

Quilling is also known as paper filigree. It involves curling, rolling and scrolling thin strips of paper into various shapes for decorative and artistic purposes, and in this case, a pair of triple heart earrings!

During this class you will learn about what paper quilling is, including where it gets it’s name.  You will get an introduction to essential quilling tools and learn basic quilling skills to make a pair of gorgeous filigree heart earrings.

You can find a great quilling kit for purchase on my website as well as my paper quilled jewelry and art collections, in-person events, and free tutorials.

Please find me on Etsy, Handmade at Amazon, Facebook, InstagramPinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr.






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Marissa Agnew

Sweethearts and Crafts Creator, Paper Princess

I learned to be crafty...

I love paper quilling and making paper quilled jewelry, ornaments, and art pieces. I also make gel medium art pieces often including paint and other mixed media. I then embellish the images with paper filigree, making 3D paper quilled art. Outside of my shop, Sweethearts and Crafts, I love to take quilling beyond "the norm" and love experimenting to see what I can make, including baby mobiles, holiday centerpieces, hair accessories, greeting cards, sculptur...

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