Palettes of Place: Connecting with Nature and Place with Watercolor | Kelly Johnson | Skillshare

Palettes of Place: Connecting with Nature and Place with Watercolor

Kelly Johnson, Connecting humans and nature, creatively!

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5 Videos (20m)
    • Palettes of place Welcome

    • Palettes of place seeing

    • Palettes of place - shape palettes

    • Palettes of place - abstract landscape palettes

    • Palettes of place Thank You


About This Class


In Palettes of Place, we look at landscape as a field of colors and then create watercolor color field paintings from the colors that comprise specific places.

The world is filed with so much glorious color if we slow down to see all the subtle hues, tints, and shades, nature offers us at various times of day and in the different seasons and weather. 

In the videos, we'll create color palettes (some call them swatches) from natural settings, explore "seeing" color, and practice creating the colors you see in the natural world in paint. The result will be a deeper understanding of color in landscape and how to mix those colors, an exploration of the ways you connect to place through color, and the completion of a couple color field abstract landscape paintings.

This course will inspire you to consider the wonder of color and the joy of connecting with places near and far past and present, through the relaxing fun of color!

It's great for beginning watercolor painters and nature journalers to practice color mixing, swatching, and seeing, as well as makes a great warm up or seeing exercise for those with more painting experience.





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Kelly Johnson

Connecting humans and nature, creatively!

I'm your guide into nature inspired drawing and painting, Kelly Johnson!

If you drop by my world on an average day you might find me gardening, making art, snowboarding, surfing, vegan baking, traveling, or helping humans build deep relationships with nature through art and organic gardening!

I have a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design, an MA in environmental studies from Goddard College, an AMS 6-9 teaching credential & 10 years in the classroom, + 20 years experie...

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