Painting with Ink: Create An Ink Portrait of your Favorite Wild Animal | SP Van der Merwe | Skillshare

Painting with Ink: Create An Ink Portrait of your Favorite Wild Animal

SP Van der Merwe, Illustrator & Videographer

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10 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction

    • Summary

    • Equipment

    • Getting Started

    • Undersketch

    • Inking - Part 1

    • Tips & Tricks

    • Inking Part 2

    • Erasing

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

If you share in my love for everything wild and wonderful, as well as my love for inking, this is the class for you.In this class I will teach you how to create a beautifully detailed ink portrait of your favorite wild animal. Whether it's a Burmese Python or a South African Wildebeest, the principles I teach in this lesson apply to them all.

I've been drawing all my life, and have been inking avidly for almost a year. During this time I have sold three of my Wildlife ink portraits to a Fine Art Gallery, and have also increased my follwing on social media. I am still growing in my art capabilities, but the feeling I got from completing my wildlife ink portraits was one that I felt I had to share. Even if you have little or no experience in inking, this course will help you create a work of art which you can be truly proud of, and set you down the path of cretive fulfillment.






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SP Van der Merwe

Illustrator & Videographer

I am an illustrator, writer and videographer. I love expressing my creativity in interesting ways, and I love learning new skills. Since starting my own design and photography company alongside my partner, I've started to embrace the creative life fully.

I studied Mechanical Engineering, and completed my degree in mid 2012. After working in the industry for three years, I decided to follow my true passion full time. It was a drastic change, but I'm loving every second.

I post my...

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