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Painting with Colored Pencils: A Beginner's Guide

Kendyll Hillegas, Artist & Illustrator

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16 Videos (52m)
    • Introduction

    • Types of Colored Pencils

    • Paper for Colored Pencils

    • Other Materials: Sharpeners, blenders and brushes

    • Mark Making: Your Colored Pencil Handwriting

    • Building a Palette With Colored Pencils

    • Making an Underpainting with Watercolor Pencils

    • Working in Layers

    • Starting with Midtones

    • Adding Darkest Darks and Lightest Lights

    • Blend with Odorless Mineral Spirits

    • Layer, blend, repeat

    • Burnishing: Another Way to Blend Once You’re Done Adding Layers

    • Adding Highlights

    • Final Thoughts

    • Bonus: Full Process Demo

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About This Class

Colored pencils are a versatile addition to your creative repertoire, and can be used to create beautiful paintings. Working in layers with various blending techniques, you can transcend the medium of paper and pencil and create artwork that moves beyond the realm of drawing and illustration. In this 50 minute class, you’ll learn how artist Kendyll Hillegas works with colored pencils to create vibrant, realistic artwork, using techniques borrowed from classical oil painting.



  1. To build a palette with colored pencils
  2. To identify your unique colored pencil handwriting
  3. To create an underpainting using watercolor pencils
  4. To layer colored pencils 
  5. To blend using solvents and burnishing
  6. To create vibrant color, interesting texture and detail


This class is perfect for artists, illustrators or anyone who wants to learn how to use their colored pencils to their fullest potential. No prior experience necessary. After completing this course, you’ll be familiar with the foundational principles for using colored pencils, and will be able to confidently translate those to create your own beautiful paintings.


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Kendyll spends good time going over materials and explaining the steps for layering with some photo's of the process at various stages. It would be nice if shown more process of each step as she explains with a slower pace. Even if she showed how each step was processed on individual paper I could make notes along with the exercise allowing a sense for how the colours used were layered and blended. I certainly appreciated the Bonus Video, but I found it to be fast and needed to stop demonstration more than would have liked. Overall, I certainly would recommend the class, well organized, great information and I learned more with this Skillshare class than I've done reading books. Kendyll Congrats on a enjoyable class.
This class gives a great foundation for painting with colored pencil. The instructor spends a lot of time going over materials and explaining the steps for layering. I love Kendyll's style and watch her Youtube videos but I was hoping for a slower, more in-depth tutorial with this class. I would have liked to see more real-time (or a bit slower) footage of the steps rather than hearing her talk about them. I appreciated the bonus video, but it was still too fast to get a sense for how the colors used were layered and blended. Overall I would still recommend the class because it is well organized and has great information, I just would have liked to see more of the actual painting process.
Kendyll offer tips and even comparison shopping. She shows samples along the way.
Deborah Kobelski Robertson

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Kendyll Hillegas

Artist & Illustrator

My name is Kendyll, and I’m an artist from Boston, MA working in traditional media. My background is in classical oil painting, but I’ve been working as an illustrator for the past 5 years, completing assignments for Real Simple, Vanity Fair France and Milk Street Magazine. 

My illustration is used commercially in packaging, on paper goods and clothing, and in editorial applications, as well as displayed in private and corporate collections worldwide. My work has been ...

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