Painting watercolor leaves, convert into pattern (photoshop) + superfast DIY notebook cover

Stephanie Endemann, Artist. Illustrator. Designer

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12 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Planning: Patterncomposition

    • 3. Planning: Colors

    • 4. Painting: Sololeaf

    • 5. Painting: Leafbranches

    • 6. Painting: Leavescomposition

    • 7. Digitise: Scan

    • 8. Digitise: Exempting

    • 9. Digitise: Rearanging

    • 10. Digitise: Halfdroprepeat

    • 11. DIY: Notebookwrapper

    • 12. End

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About This Class

Patterns to paint and to design, with various materials and tools (watercolour, acrylic, gouache, stamps, mixed media, crayon, felt-tip pen, calligraphy...) is a lot of fun. Everything painted and designed can be digitized (Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate) and processed to a pattern. The possibilities are endless. 

And when you see pride in his painted motif, and even prouder in the resulting pattern on stationery, household goods or clothing, the joy is enormous. 

In this course I want to go through the whole production cycle of a pattern from painting to the final product. 

We paint watercolor leaves, digitise and rearrange them to a nice pattern.
Finally we make a superfast „do it yourself“ notebook wrapper

Step 1:
First we will think about the pattern composition. Then you will get tips about mixing green tones and you will learn how to paint different watercolor leaves step by step. So you can decide if you want to make a faster pattern with one or two leaves. You can make a pattern with branches. Or you make a more complicated pattern, with 10 or more leaves. It's up to you.

Step 2:
After that we digitise the painted leaves. And we prepare them in Adobe Photoshop.
I show you 3 possible types of exempting the leaves.
• the easy and fast, destructive way
• the smooth edges way with paths
• exempting with masks, non-destructive
Then we rearrange the leaves to a nice pattern.

Step 3:
Finally we print out the pattern, and stick it on a notebook cover.

aps a nice gift for friends or relatives – or only for you.

Here you can see more of my patterns: 

My Website


Info: If you don't have Adobe Photoshop, you can download a free trial version at: