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Painting watercolor leaves, convert into pattern (photoshop) + superfast DIY notebook cover

teacher avatar Stephanie Endemann, Artist. Illustrator. Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Planning: Patterncomposition

    • 3. Planning: Colors

    • 4. Painting: Sololeaf

    • 5. Painting: Leafbranches

    • 6. Painting: Leavescomposition

    • 7. Digitise: Scan

    • 8. Digitise: Exempting

    • 9. Digitise: Rearanging

    • 10. Digitise: Halfdroprepeat

    • 11. DIY: Notebookwrapper

    • 12. End

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About This Class

Patterns to paint and to design, with various materials and tools (watercolour, acrylic, gouache, stamps, mixed media, crayon, felt-tip pen, calligraphy...) is a lot of fun. Everything painted and designed can be digitized (Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate) and processed to a pattern. The possibilities are endless. 

And when you see pride in his painted motif, and even prouder in the resulting pattern on stationery, household goods or clothing, the joy is enormous. 

In this course I want to go through the whole production cycle of a pattern from painting to the final product. 

We paint watercolor leaves, digitise and rearrange them to a nice pattern.
Finally we make a superfast „do it yourself“ notebook wrapper

Step 1:
First we will think about the pattern composition. Then you will get tips about mixing green tones and you will learn how to paint different watercolor leaves step by step. So you can decide if you want to make a faster pattern with one or two leaves. You can make a pattern with branches. Or you make a more complicated pattern, with 10 or more leaves. It's up to you.

Step 2:
After that we digitise the painted leaves. And we prepare them in Adobe Photoshop.
I show you 3 possible types of exempting the leaves.
• the easy and fast, destructive way
• the smooth edges way with paths
• exempting with masks, non-destructive
Then we rearrange the leaves to a nice pattern.

Step 3:
Finally we print out the pattern, and stick it on a notebook cover.

aps a nice gift for friends or relatives – or only for you.

Here you can see more of my patterns: 

My Website


Info: If you don't have Adobe Photoshop, you can download a free trial version at:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Stephanie Endemann

Artist. Illustrator. Designer


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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is Stephanie Anderman. I love to create patterns and designs. First off all, I enjoyed being creative with brush and paper with all possible materials and techniques. For example, watercolor, a Krulik wash call a pensions Felt depends Fine line US and Kelly graphic tools. The painting is then digitized and protest into a Pedone using modern image processing. Yeah, so many possibilities for digital painting and image processing that completely new parents and two signs can be created. The possibilities are endless, and a fan factors huge. I want to lead you through the whole cycle off creative work to the end product. Stefan Painting, the traditional material, is said to digitizing the painting. Step three, the final product. In this course, we will focus on watercolor painting and painting leafs, digitizing and assembling them into a better. Finally, we stick our pattern on a notebook, a nice gift for France and related Let's get started 2. Planning: Patterncomposition: Then I started petting the first thing that chooses a motive for to paint. Today we want to create a pure watercolor leave pad, um, in green tones without additional design elements. We don't need a mood birth, but we should think about the composition. So let's make little sketches. When I paint leaves, I first paid the media work. Then I decide whether you then, thank you short los. You're welcome to get some leaves from the garden and study their shapes. Firstly, I called much like states. Here he plays Kelly's at a certain distance from each other. Beginner attention, us contrasts and small take. And then this darker and night Elise change the direction. Decorated are not decorated lease. Use the bar or this coach. The second loud I call main element over there. Here we make a leaf composition as a focal point combines three sheets, and for the remaining rights based, it's pay attention to contrasts. Again. For example, a similarly or a stem with many leaves. - The 3rd 1 is chaos, many sheets on them, and over now we have three designs for the pedal. I decide sign and already know which leaves I need before we draw. Then we continue in the next lesson. Carson G and this nation 3. Planning: Colors: Jews, two different blues and what are to yellow colors. Traditionally one Brett orange. I like to mix my grease watercolor painting. Mixed greens appear more ammonia. Strimple chest. Once cost of Carlos, humans can be mixed it up. Places to create new cut come finished. It's a good match for the leaves. I mix three greens to get a beautiful bright May. Then I mixed the same green and at more Luke and again the May green with more. Yeah, these greens are mixed out off this blue. And this in addition to the mixed greens, the Edison on yellow can. Also the Knicks. Two degrees. - A little red orange just also called for you, Chief. You mix this directly into the paint. Your difficulty next to us A. Created. Then you put the pure color next to each other and lit room together. - Attack A blue is included in the paint. Five different plans with different shades of blue and yellow. When you have found beautiful queens, we've paid the first leaves in the next lesson 4. Painting: Sololeaf: did this lesson be paying the suit? This? If you want, you can draw first. But Pence yes, I already mentioned and pained David form. It's my brush. First I take the main green, the next breaststroke I take. But Hillary screen. Since use individual use, they leave itself should look interesting. Beautiful radiance structures or effects are important. - Once the sheet has drived, you can apply paint again and create further judges. My further ties likely things can be drawn. Please do not repaint the entire color area. Only parts of it and no control can be traced a second time. Since they want to digitize and crop the sheets. Our inches here should be beautiful, smoothed and accurately painted. 5. Painting: Leafbranches: now we painted. If branches select, believe and it's for paint branch line. Who must decide whether the branches crew moved straight or CA modeled, I believe, attached to the main branches, Or are there any side branches? Paint the leaves, but first you should decide if you want many or few leaves, small or march leaves. You should further decide how great the distance between the lease should be and what the distance between the leaves and the branches should be to create exciting contrasts here again. One good, for example, paint along in the short brunch or curved bridge, a branch with men short lease directly on the branch itself or a branch off branches for which studies Hank believe shakes also, very sometimes they around and sometimes corn teeth. Another tip is to use the shape off the brush and form the leaf with one or two strokes off the brush and always turned about the core paper so that the brush can be guided in the right direction. Outstanding the hand When you're ready with first layer, let the image drive and paint, and a second later shadows, structures and details. Pain each sheet correctly and with care from our. It is especially important to simply and Choi believe painting. I myself find his painting even mediated and very relaxing. Listen to music you like. That's even more fun and brings a lot of good panting. I will show you sweet more branches, then go on to doesn't five painting leaves composition. 6. Painting: Leavescomposition: Now we pained leaves, compositions. Ah, composition off. You can be drawn with a pencil, but that is not a must. My painting here is exactly the same as the single leaves and branches again. Pay attention to contrasts. Maybe a largely first, then a branch of long, narrow alleys. And these are a boat? No. As a contrast, small elements would look mess here. A just more single leaves our branch with some smaller leaves. Pay attention to beautiful kind of radiance and let the color off. All leaves converge in the first layer. Pain blotches and let's try in a second or third earlier. Paid forever colors ends especially shadows off for winding leaves. For interesting structures, I often take a paper trouble and depth some paint off if you want. Paid several different compositions off leaves you can use, and the most beautiful one in your Petr in the next lesson digitized our paint sheets 7. Digitise: Scan: Now we have painted these. These can be scanned a photograph. I like to use the scanner for my watercolor Multex. Start the program and activate a preview scan now, like the area to be skinned and determine the scared settings. The Callum haute colored public and rights 300 Deeply. I was solution to make it credible in catchment or reduction. If the leaves are too small, you could enlarge or reduce them directly during skin. Are automatic color adjustments off she happening? Yes. Now ask and or sheets with these settings. 8. Digitise: Exempting: Now we will release the scan leaves and collect them, and then you file. I love the layer and layer menu by double clicking and rotating the later that the shock to Command and T. Now I showed her the easy and quick release loss. Select the crop tool. Select Firstly, that kick. Let quick selection to root. Select the white areas and delete with daily Select all comma a copy. Come on, see creating your document come on and settings to child's into food houses, pixels 300 dp I Transparent background cancer believe common green We name that they latched relief you any race, unattractive margins and blotches that you, Raisa, save the documents back to the scan file and in the long window, back to free transform and cut out the next sheet. Repeat the whole for all remaining scared leaves. Now I will show you another way to cut the leaves. That's moose just the past, But many leaves and even branches was many small. This clipping this time choose a pentru and click wants to set the first Inca point, then click and hold to set the next anchor point, Then press the top tricky and delete the kerf setting at the same income point. Now a straight past issues again. From this now said the next Uncle Point said Anchor point for anchor point. Until the past is closed, select the past in the past menu. Now you can did the path again if you want. Select and off the counterpoint with the director or used to convert point tool to change the crew off the counterpoint when the past is finished, then select the past by holding the key command. A selection is created in that selection and clear with the delete and, as before, a select copy and paste everything into the new find. Now I will show you both extension techniques in compassion. One is nice and smooth, the other rougher, and we're afraid. I prefer afraid. Look for my daughter, Carla Motors. For all other motors, the past technique is usually the better chills. Choose what you like better. Let's go cut the leafs. The quick selection toe doesn't provide a particularly good free choice for the composition , so I show you another way to crop pictures, masking the masks, no destructive trust and make the background completely white in the menu image curse. I moved up a right point for the bright tonal values to the left, as likely discolored area remains to write off the image I painted over with the brush and Akala, right? I used to be key for brush to paint over the corner area that the keys control and command pressed at the same time you can enlarge, Introduce the brush tip move mouse Who left reduces move mouse to the right Increases the Russian. Now we select the right area around to she menu Select colorant. Click with the pipette into right area The menu window are you should be nice. And like fussiness control can be used to set which tonal values us still to be Cilic Okay , then we have a selection Deadly convert dramas To do this, click on insert. I came from the left in the layer menu at the bottom Shortcut Command and I Now the selection must be inverted for better if you create a colored background. Earlier in the Lehman, you thought I came from the left. Create a new field or adjustment layer, the first point solid color I choose. If you were now moved a layer below belief in the mask layer. Please direct us more black I can next to our layer I can, I know, fade out that the brush and black color from what should not be visiting. For example, dispatches or unf likely edges and the right color. I fade in what should be visible, for example, the semi transparent leaves or disappeared stars. - The file can be saved separately to keep the verbal the mask more on the exemption. The exception is not finished. Select a mask and drag it to delete. I can delay a venue when asked if the mosque should be deleted. Our plight Sheikh apply. Select everything again. Come on a copy clemency and paste into our document with all the police command. Early in the next lesson, we bring some order to the chaos and a just covers. 9. Digitise: Rearanging: in this lesson for border to believe chaos. Here is my social filed with the name Lay us in this step off peddling, making our what happens into we're confused. I tried to stick to a rough order here over a few off looking steps. Just first position to leave. Kharafi started a largest once divided foreground and background. Send convert all leaves into smart objects. Search correct single leaves for duplicate soon in and out. Full empty areas for around a background. Five Car. Trestman's off Individual and Peck Rongji's six Total color adjustment. Now I arranged leaves roughly and start with the largest wards here strongly orientate myself on my sketches. Created in Isn't one. I also saw my leaves into lease in the foreground and leaves in the background, and most don't entered appropriate groups. Tip. I select the leaves by right, clicking with the mouse on the leaf and selecting failure. Now convert all these into smart objects. Menu layer. Smart objects convert to smart object. If I correctly leave later, all copies off the leaves change. Now I correct individual leaves. For example, Deceive is too restless for here. Extend some areas softer. I start to plicating my leaves and fill in the empty areas off my pattern, I turned and mirror believes, make them bigger and smaller and always pay attention to whether a sheet is in the background are not. - Yeah , - I want the leaves in the background to become dark, so I put a solid color layer over to group for select attacked Lewis Dream from my leave with the pipette clicking the R Key on the setting level groups it that the group you know and only effects. Then I said the hammer toe overlay and slightly richer. Now I moved a few leaves from the foreground to background. I also change the colors off two branches with the same metal as for the background. I changed the color off the branched bridge because it is also too restless. I correct a second branch with steps and place a radiant over it so that it becomes light at the back and where it stands in front of a darkly what remains stark at the lower end. Finally, depending on the taste leaves position and lodged for reduced What? The situation is increased and recused until you're satisfied. - Yeah , - the tetanus ready. In the next lesson, I will show away toe house drop, repeat 10. Digitise: Halfdroprepeat: first select layers and create a smart off checked from them. Has been creating the pattern to poor post year s. The least can still be changed afterwards and it is transferred toe or copies. Then we make the document three times as big as the original document. My case. 6000 to 6000. Now we duplicate a smart off Czech player and apply to offset from toe 30. Or is it now? Mr Pitt on down with vertical slider position is very like it should be an. This value is important to calculate our document size so that the pattern consent lis triplicate the layer and click on off such fluent in the layer you and simply set about you too. It's easier if the letters are named Middle down up Now I combine this Relay us into one. Is this a minute about kept a group? Now make the right part. The displacement various in the officer window are always oriented by the pattern in the middle. First I take the middle pedant and who food around 1800 to the right and $900 the heart off our displacement you Then I take the upper part, um, and move it again around 1800 to the right and $900. Now I don't know a piton around one tells a tender to the right in suit 1007 100 don't now we need a force pattern that feels the upper kip by copying the pop it in and moving it again. Verticality by miners 2700 If the right side is correct to placate the whole group and said all horizontal valuables in the offset, many too negative now because the document to the right size, the formula for this is high and it it's tries the displacement. In my case, one tells us 800 times to see Cruz 3 2600 Now in a menu, edit to find pattern defining name the pedal to test if the pattern fits seamlessly. I created a new document, unlike the layer and fill it with right. Then click on a layer and layer menu to open a layer style menu and select my new pedal under pattern Overly. Here you can change the size and moved a section in the document window. Congratulations. Our leave pedant. It's now Ready. Now you can print out your pattern or go with your files to copy shop if you want a larger print or a special paper. 11. DIY: Notebookwrapper: for our superfast even notebook in the lobe. You need a bound notebook, for example. From the supermarket checks, lines are white. What sketchbook from the art market. You need a poor chest to print pattern to colored paper for insight. Colored paper for the spine. Skacel, a pencil that decided that he's a take hula and Qatar, measured with a notebook for front and back and at approx, 0.4 inch and a top Borton and on one side for the inside pages, cut colored paper. A little smaller approx zero horned, one inch less on all sides. Photo Spy The wick's freely selectable and the height off. You know I stick the paella on the front page. Apply that decided adhesive tape on all sites. Center horizontal and brush outlaws. Now cut off the inside Communist and fold them. I do the same thing at the Bexar now. I blew the green cover paper inside the same they has to cover. Also on the back. Inside finally grew on the spine cover unfolded at the waist. - Ready is absolutely super fast. You, my notebook to give away with your own Petr 12. End: This is the end of the class. Many Thanks for taking part. I hope you had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Don't forget. Post your final project and show us your work by