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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (2h 13m)
    • 1. Intro - what this class is about

    • 2. Painting a little owl

    • 3. Showing some work - tips

    • 4. Painting a forest

    • 5. Summing it up

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About This Class

This class is for everybody that wants to learn more about Paint Tool SAI, especially begginers. Here, I paint a little owl, teaching you how to utilize the only option that I believe it is not obvious, that being how to create a mask; show a few of my works done in this software and give you precious tips if you intend to work with Paint Tool SAI; and finally put in practice all this theory and try to paint a forest (although, I recognize that the result is not the best, but it works as a demonstration of a digital painting). If you are an advanced connoisseur of this software and still manages to learn one thing or two, then I gladly achieve my objetive. So, time to learn!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gabriel Ortolan

Illustrator & Animator


I graduated in Technology in Graphic Arts (almost the same as Graphic Design) by the Federal Technological University of Paraná (Brazil) and also completed a Post Graduate on Comics and a Post Graduate on Game Design. Right now I'm trying to improve my drawing skills. It's not only something I believe I'm good at, but also my passion, although still have a lot to learn. And by doing that I discovered another thing I love: animation. Well, in fact, tradicional animation. Check out my Youtube channel for more videos.

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1. Intro - what this class is about: Hello everybody. My name is Gabriel and I hope you're doing well. On this project. We are about to do some painting on paint tools psi. The objective here is to do a basic painting using what this softer Hess Chu offered best and are lies. Some old work of mine, just to give you tips. And for last, show you my art work process while painting forest. This class is for artists, debt can drive the process and the results of painting. Hen Hao trouble when Franklin to paint with paint site. So let's begin. 2. Painting a little owl: First, I'd like to thank everyone that post MI a feedback on my previous class that had stock. Does software bent to psi. Basically, I came up with this idea, cows of Tibet feedbacks. So thank you so much. And to start off, I'd like to draw something very simple just to use the tools and resources of this softer. And that's something you Alito, cute owl. So let's open the software. Let's go to File New. And I'm relieved. A dune deal with Earth and Height are very, are very good resolution. It's very good as well. And we're going to draw it with the help of masks. You only not so intuitive resource that the program has. In my opinion, each layer is going to be part of the body of the owl. For example, this is going to be the whole body. I am gonna create another layer for us to make the left wink. Another layer for us to undo order, right wing, another layer for the eyes and so on. And that we're going to have to select selection, ban or Penzu. I don't know. I believe it's been Sue. And draw each body Lai De. So first, let's increase the size of it. You can go increase or decrease the size by over a year. Yeah. I guess that's fine. Let's just make a year for her. That's coming true. Start right here. And right there. And we're going to use the help of selection eraser. Put as many, as much time as you want or need. Because this is going to be our mask for us to do, to be able to do the few. So this is going to be this selection of debit mask. The selection of the mask for us to be able to fuel it. This color is just four we select to be able to select what we want as a mask. And I guess it's fine. I don't want to lose him much mark time here. Once we are satisfied with our body, our half body bearing in mind, we're going to create a new Layer Mask. And it's going to appear here as a little dump Nao. Alright, and clique. If we click on the left and begin to proper painting. Let me show here. It's going to appear in the format that we just did. Apply it to the mask. One thing is connected to another. So we feel move one thing, the other is two goes with it. So we can, for example, increase the size of it. Yeah. And body left. Okay. Now, pay attention when you click on the bottom icon over here. Apparently, nothing changes. But if you try to drag our content, it maintains the mask, doesn't leave its place. And the content. If you release the content with the desired CON F, if we press again, let's say for example, right here, the, the content and the mask move as one. So change back the way it was. Apply. This spin over here. And the plantation, when I press the top one icon, it released this content. So we can move anywhere. But the mask is still follows c. So for now, we're going to adjust him by the decent symbol over here. Over here. And we're going to apply it again. There you go. Now, we want to do the other half of the body should do that. We going to layer and copy. Let's erase it. Right? Yeah. And again on the layer and flip horizontally. And then we have our R all over one. Let me see if it's on the line. It appears to be a line. It it works different or from Photoshop. You can select both of these. On holding, shift, our control and nothing is happening. But we feel if you press on the body right, and press over here, it's merged down, do hold layer. But we lost our masks. So I'm not sure if you do if you wanted to do that just yet. This button over here, it merged down and it still applies the mask and the content. So if you merge down, you'd do has our mask and our body. I'm sorry, if I'm not 100% sure of it, because I never use it. I never use masks, should do any of my drawings. So let's create the wink and left. And again, we're going to select just so we can, Yeah. It's just so it can be based on. You can see that we can see through our our selection, Ben Ben Su, and a few adjustments over here and over there. Yeah. And we've recreate a New Layer Mask. It's going to be right here. And we're going to be able to pick a different color. I guess it's right. It's, it's, it's fine to create, do, wink, wink off the wall. And let's make the same steps. Go over here and copy, by the way, these letter that a few commands have. It's not the shortcut. But I know that this is the shortcut. For example, if you want to erase it, just go with this R, D and pressing D. And this is what happens. I don't know what do these letters mean? I have to figure it out. So copy. Wing rights and flip horizontally. Let's then make yeah, kind of like this. What else? It has ice. So let's create another layer. I's this is going to be very easy. I guess. Just create, we see yeah, it just create. We see eyes. Eyes. Between parentheses. There. Because when we want to do these feather over here, these, these, these mass over here in light blue and in light gray. I'm going to choose to not so big. And oh, we can do it bigger. Let me see. Yeah. Because it It's not going to be DIE the proper eye. Yeah. And create another layer and peak in a different color. Didn't leave. It's going to be a darker tone off from the from the halt, the whole body. I guess. Yeah. These and there we go. Just to make sure and create another layer. D.c.'s going to predict proper eyes. Let's select to one right here and one over here, I guess. And the old layer. This time we want to paint with light. So that's, that's created under the layer for good news. And let's create one over here and one over there. I guess. Know. The mask is nice and all, but it's difficult for we do not have any unaligned meant or anything like that on beat two psi. Because is not meant to do this kind of drawing. It's not meant for us to be so perfect. And now, if I had to draw like these, I will certainly do it in Illustrator. But as a matter of demonstration, I want to show you what the software can be. Can Be capable off light, yellow, light, here and here. No year. Kind of. Let's create then. Be whoops. Forgot true. Broad beak. Yeah. I don't know it's moving or not. Yeah. It's moving a little bit to the right. And we want to choose kind of yellow. We want, now. We want to be able to transform the your transform. We weren't true. J. Yeah, nothing of these options is going to help me. So going shrew. I was looking over a year just see if any other option would help me. But I believe I almost cert in a knot. And yeah, it will have to do manually. One L1, t. Yeah, enter dy one over here, we going true, true. Delete. So D. But you do them to do the to the mask. So over you want to erase, delete for good and go. Yeah, it it's going to leave it there. Right? True. And no left. And flip or resume to Lee. Yeah, it kind of looks nice. Next, we want to do we create a one layer up both the body for belly. First. We're settled to the battery. Yeah. Newly unmask, go to it. And just like that, we can create any drawing from masks. Let me move the whole body just a bit. Yeah. And the belly as well. Yeah. I guess it kind of looks like more of 004 last. That's great. Defeat. Or the tunnels. Pick this deduction. Penzu. Just like that. Yeah. Just like that. Yeah. But we have to make it bigger in the future, not so distant future, but this is what I believe bent to cite stands to most because you can select all the colors that we have here and adjust. And this is what I think. And this softer was made for, for us to create the paintings, that digital paintings. And I am going to now create, do other tunnel. My first, I'm going to increase it. I don't know why it takes unnecessary space or you don't know what the limit box that we drew these limits walks didn't have couldn't be right here. Maybe. No. But I'm not question it either. So copy, download, right. Or resume three, and move. This much is neat. And it doesn't matter if you hold out or control our shift, mainly because it won't make a difference. There you go. Dairies, our all just, I just want to draw something very simple and kind of see me I know. But shudder. Just demonstrate one resource that is the masks. And I'm sorry for the other class, where I thought there has to be a folder. And inside the folder, you put the mask and anything else that you want to draw inside demands. So I'm sorry for that. It's going to be done in a simple layer, as you can see here. And that's all. I just want to demonstrate how we can use a resource that the software has to offer. That it's not so obvious, not intuitive at all. But I'm showing you guys and girls how to do it. So there is our little owl. 3. Showing some work - tips: Let's analyze some of my works here. Bind to psi to check what went wrong and what I got right. One of my first attempts in software was D0 CD. I know besides the impossible to achieve perspective, I had trebled trying to make straight lines, as we can see here. What are you thinking? Of course, going to be straight lines in a C Because of the buildings. In the time I was blink transistor and their artists responsible for the art, Gen Z had MS buyers a lot. I needed Binta CD, so I made the perspective on illustrator. Let me show you. Here we go. Well, I tried to, at least then I make a weak colors. King of it is one. I believe it's this one. Yeah. A quick scheme of it. And I one it to be colorful. Having all the colors. I must see I was impressed with the way these software handle color. Let's revisit that there is that yeah. It easily blends one color with another. Daddy's. If you know. The parameter which we have to choose that use Zoom. Let's Bush. Aids D's one. These blending over a year. And under works, the perfect painting software to paint only organic farms. So they option of painting a CD, in my opinion, was a valid choice because I wanted to explore what did they proven have to offer, and didn't find anything inside of it, inside of paint to psi that allow me to paint in straight lines. By the way, does this city took me ages to finish? So basically what you want to change this one, let's create another layer. Let's create a quick example of how the blending works. If I paint right here, it's yellow, right? With blending and a change. And I'm painting are black, brush with 0 blending as well. Now, if I choose to go, for example, 50, around 50, it lowly, slowly gets true. Blends with the other color. These yellow is lighter than this, it is darker. And if we change again, D scholar is a mixture of yellow beneath it and black. So this color is not as dark as the black. Let's try and do it with 100. And let's do the yellow first. Then go. And let's do the black. Let's decrease the size of it and try to with the black tried to paint. I'm pressing in, nothing is happened. Why is that? Because you are with the blending at 100. If it was like, I don't know, 70, it would be Qin Chu paint. And at 0, it would paint like normally. If you'll know how to handle this, you will know how to handle this software. Because it is all about the blending. Of course, there are other parameters, but the blending For me, it's the most important one. Okay? So I try to do the completely opposite than the first one. I kept the idea of making dinosaurs for so long on to Aidid. It has almost no color. And the positioning was everything to the point that I didn't want it to to get out of the shadow. But at the same time, I kept the head of the dinosaur. He didn't. Only the hands are the clause, I don't know. Coming now out of the shadow and 11 leg and one foot. The rest. I try to keep as dark as I could. I also didn't want to define the edges of the background. Because our field of vision works that way. You can't keep focus on all the elements that they're only seen. So although the painting had the more organic shapes, it to head straight lines as well. Over here and over here on the corner. And the only pipes as well. Needless to say, there were the hardest part of For me to paint. And I got hired by the kitchen scene on the Jurassic Park movie. And third, my legal creation collides. I learned my lesson and real only organic shapes and some, some colorful ones. However, I didn't create any for her any background because that was not my intention. My real intention was to make ice 30 of light and shadow. So that's why I drew heavily shadow character, which in my opinion turned out to be very well turn. So my treat tips for you. First, have a preview of your color scheme here. Before applying it to callers. Okay? It may sound our waste of time, but it can really help you in the future. Especially if you didn't make any if you did them have to make any changes over over here? I believe a D18 for these k's in particular, really valued didn't do and only applied with Bearer resolution. So it really helped me. Second, know how to handle wheat, the blending. Because I think daddy is by far the most important. Think. Well Oedipus bolstering part in perimeter that you have at your disposal. Remember, the lowered the number, use the the harder it will become to blend the colors and Mark pure. The callers will come out. And the higher the number, the easier the callers will blend. See, that's supposed to be a black brush at the blending of AD and nine. Ok. So the millennia is everything. You my opinion. Of course you don't have to agree with me. But if you want to learn something here on pinned to psi, once you catch the blending, you gotta eat all on the how the colors work. And third, avoid painting is straight lines in favor of mart, organic shapes like this one are the dinosaur here. Because if you try to paint straight lines, you may end up doing sold much effort and have so much work. And the results actually didn't quite come out as you may expect. So if you have to try and make straight lines, don't use paint to psi, alright. 4. Painting a forest: So here we are, where I have the opportunity to show you my art work process. I believe a done done it already, but we was with a single character and not an environment. So I blend and do it with these forest over here. Let me just let me just decrease it. Yeah. I believe it's enough. Yeah. Let me see if I apply. I do yeah. I blend to do it all in one layer only. In fact, I'm going to create this now for arrest. The individual back, move back and catch. And I'm going to turn demoted from Multiply and turn out around 50. And I plan to do old things in one layer only. But eventually I felt didn't need, I would do and delight the foreground and eventually dish shadows. I'm not sure yet. But let's go. Let me be a few callers that we're going to use. And there's plenty of ways to do that. You can be, for example, you can turn visible, just does one, just that. Or you can turn on the color wheel, for example. Or you can choose to make visible the rebars that corresponded to each RGB. Our issue not satisfied an Earth. You can choose the hue, saturation and value. So there's plenty of ways to do that. But when you choose Jude, do the brush size. It barely is visible. What we can access from now here. So I'm turning it off for now. And we have access to more options or more parameters that we have here for these two. Ok? So what I'm gonna do now is. Turn on just to do a slide of the RGB. And d, one is Gretsch bet for butadiene, all samples of the callers that then I'm going to use over here. And it's simple as that. You choose brush. And for example, these one is apply it. Simple. Painting. Anything you like. All here. I'd like to do a little circle with the color data correctly work with, because when a need that color, I'm just pressing out and peak. See, it's easy enough. Let's try. Is this right here as well? I'd like to fewer. Just select a few of those of those colors just to start off. But I, I never felt the need to reuse them all. So here is an interesting because it's the, in the limit between where I consider Green and what I consider blue. It's a very interesting tone that I, I plan to use a few times, at least. Now that's more, that's go more. True. I yellow side are warm site. Here. Your data input leave. Yeah, even IE. I, I thought it would be equal to one. But it's not here. It's good to pick some, on some corners out of, out of the, for example, the green stuff. Because we, we have the blend modes to apply to. It's a very nice touch. We're going to need to make this piece of wood. That is a February neutral color photo, you can see here. That's right next to it. Although they seem like close enough, but these has more green in it. As we can see here. Yeah, let's start with this one. Let's increase the size of the brush. Maybe a considered these the foreground as well. I still do that. Oh, yeah. Reach reach land. Mi I believe or going to pick this. And I'm going to be very, very little. I don't want to eat too much tension. I believe that's fine. We're going to put here and into the sky with it. I'm going to be this tool. I'm going to choose one. Only. It's base that you can add more colors. It becomes easier for, for us true colors that are already inside of the composition. As you can see here. I barely use these when the painting is almost done. Just when I need to make some adjustments. Dressed adjustments. Right away. I begin to beach over here and paint. But for now I think. And what I mean by doing a preview of the color is like this. You can see I went up a vibrant forest and believe I peeked true and true fuel per ohms. So I'm going to have true. Paste more corners here. Yeah. So far, so good. A little bit more brownish. They want to make it kind of an ancient forest. There is left these grown over here that I want if possible, to emphasize it, lets be the screen to make. Chris here primitive. And its beak disk green, true? True. Right. Brighten it up a little bit till at least and its base debt. We're going to get down here. I'm going to darken it. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. It's working fine. I probably will. We use some of the tunes over here. Yeah. Kind of mirror it. But as these in, for all, these real turn out to be much darker. Let's peek thes one. Yeah. If everything can change in, probably will. But so far, my initial idea is true, kind of mirrored job. And the colors that are over here to over there and see how it goes. And I believe I can change either due to bit. Okay. Yeah, that's look, that looks fine. Actually weren't true. Invert maybe these, these colors over a year. I wanted to put do the bluish on the blue, kind of blue chi that barely appears in this dense forest. As I intend, disease of a dense forest. And go down here and do one more like that. Let's see if it turns up batter. Yeah, it definitely, definitely turns out to matter. Over here I would more darker tones don't diminish. Decreasing the blending. The more of those here. Because I don't want to define it very well. I didn't want the attention on exactly this tree. Maybe in this fan over here and that one. But obviously on the Euro Lasse. Or maybe a darker room? I don't know. Yeah. It's it's going to be better with a darker tone. Let's see. Yeah. It's going to weave Bader like these. I think. It's right there. And you really weren't true. It'll light up these roof over here. What we see is 111, I guess. And that's I think that's good. Now we're going to do the or just for I guess. Now, let's try and make like this. That's made you work like this. Yeah. We don't need to tense. Yeah. I think it's me seeing some bro over here on this region. So I'm going shoe when I'm going to do here. Yeah. And not so much here. And we want to apply some green shrewd do following log. Like it has some kind of a fungus or something. That's turned back for more tomorrow brownish one tones. Obviously, these tree is true. Too dark. So we want to earn, might terminate these disparate help. And eventually like this. Yeah. I guess it's fine. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that to me is it one should be like this. For example. I intend to make the only dissenter often these image to have a more Come or midtone became the tones that I believe have more yellow in it and make the extremes of the, this picture, this painting more cold. That's why I tend to peak the ones that are more have more below it. Try and be yeah. This was what you missing. And would evaluate our our our preview of the callers are done. Let's create one here, 44 round. And being teen. These ones over here. That MOOC. And almost completely black tone. I think our forest is almost rating in terms of callers and peking callers that I'm going to use the most here. And I would like to I like true To do this guy over here or no. I mean, the top of the trees over here. More with more define it, I guess. And a little more dark. And diaries the foreground here. And I would like to make these area and that area on the needle. Alito director. No one wanted to achieve that with these color. With that color. See, you know, like so you say, guess. Whoops. Oh, and also over here. Let me see. Yeah. That's fine. I can fix that later. But for now, it's, it's fine. I need to make more use of these blue tones over here. I guessed. I guess. Like the only part of the forest that these enlight it use over here. I don't want to make, of course there is going to be the light overall. But but I, if I could, I intended to use a more vibrant colors in the center of the image? Especially these one, or just constructions over here. And these part of the meal image, this part of the phone, the ground fan, I think it's good. Nal let's begin trued. Defined more or forest. Right here. Yeah. Let's say the foreground off or know. And let's, yeah, let's set the blending to 0. Maybe on the needle. I want to do is blend together, but not so much. Yeah. First, I think it's a good idea to start from the background, or at least the thing that is most own background at the sky. If you're working on one layer. Because you can define that better and not worrying about oh, damaging this guy that you already have done. Finding it a little bit better? Yeah. First, obviously, these are over here. They supposed to be on the back of it. Let's decrease the size of it. And let's trespassing this line over a year because we want to make the tree of very almost invisible on the top. So yeah, like this. Let me see. I think that this fine. We will see that it saw out, true. See, I think that's fine. I believe that's not defined too much because it's not our intension led him like here. Right here we want to we want to make it very dark. Let's change firm or dark brown border and its increase heat. Yeah. They are beginning to look like clouds on the 4s two very year. But I guess we can make you more consistent. Is not all in the right place like EDs here. Let's make now let's begin to define DC-3 overhead over. Over here and all the elders are in front of it. Yeah, let's begin to define more, better this tree over here. And let's begin by choosing an dark version of it. No one that makes sure these pretty well define it. Let's pick this corner over here. Like this. That's be 2A. Yeah. Right here. We want to eat. Bro. Like yeah, like yeah, that is good. I think it's just at some lights to it. Okay. Yeah, kinda like this. Larry's missing some light over here. Like I tried to do over over there. I want to try to meet over here as well. I'm kind of a kind of but I don't know it's true. Dark. Maybe because it's truth sick. So COO. Let me try it. True. Selected. And try, true. True? True. Yeah. It kind of order. And part of that as well. No. Speak. Different color, darker color. And let's see. Try D. It's just light over here. And then let's try using this. Let's revisit this leaf and try to make a new one. Here. Let's try shrew. Erase thin. Yeah, and make a new one. Let's forget this catch for now. And let's try to raise it. Yeah. And I'm beginning to think that would be better right here. Maybe. Yeah. Like this. And obviously, we have to feel it. It's basically the same, same color here. Like DES. And like that. Now, it looks better. And it looks better if I do this as well. Nice. But now I want to true. Yeah, it's like that that I wanted to do it like that. And meek. Yeah. Fix it. Let's try and make a again. Yeah, I believe it's a different banner. We weren't fixed. Jesus will not like that. Like it's crazy. Oops, I forgot. The is 430. Oh, not told hurting, but just enough room. And let's try this again to draw anymore Oh, perfect beliefs. Yeah. One day didn't come out very well. Yeah. I believe of our forests. It's done. It's ready. These words are more practical. Video with us doing something. And they really hope does help to painting in bank to say because it's a marvelous software. Should paint. The other is stuff I don't recommend at all. But to paint, it has all the possibilities that you can imagine. So I really hope this helped you. And thanks for watching. 5. Summing it up: So to sum it up, what we saw in this glands that boat painting, paint those site. There were we are painting Alito all Checki interests. Some of my work. Why yo I gave him some tips and painting a forest. So that's it.