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Painting on Novel using watercolours

teacher avatar Shanan Subhan, Artist | Art Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Know your colors

    • 4. Techniques

    • 5. Painting #1 - The moon and Pink Sky

    • 6. Painting #2 - Cityscapes

    • 7. Painting #3 Gorgeous Sunset

    • 8. Painting #4 - Forest and the Moon

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

Ever wondered you turn your novel into a beautiful piece of art? There could be multiple reasons to paint on novel; like when you run out of papers, you have read those books enough or even when you simply want to play around with colors.

In this class, I'll cover everything about painting on novels. I'll show you how to mix the colors, teach you various techniques.

You will learn to paint 4 paintings in simple and easy steps.

Without any further delay, lets get started..

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shanan Subhan

Artist | Art Educator



Hello, I'm Shanan Subhan, an Artist currently residing in Bangalore, and born & brought up in Udupi,India 

I am an Engineer by profession and an Artist by passion and everything.

Nature/landscapes are among my favorite subjects to paint. I thank nature and great photographs for inspiring and challenging me.

I started coloring at an early age, even before school taught me to read and write. Unaware of art and the theory of colors, I loved scribbling on papers, books, and walls! All I felt was colorful walls are merrier than monotonous ones. 

Although I loved painting and coloring, because of studies and the competitiveness of day-to-day life, I somehow got disconnected from art a few years ago, but I always f... See full profile

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1. Introduction: ever wondered that you could turn your novel into a beautiful piece off art. There could be multiple reasons to paint on novel like When you run out off papers, you have already read those books Enough are even when you simply want to play around with colors. Moreover, it looks so beautiful to see those words on novel speaking to your painting. Hi, I'm Shannon. Welcome to my towards culture class. In this class, I will cover everything about wimping on novels. I'll show you how to make the colors invite proportion teacher. Various techniques on birds Please accept our You will be amazed to see how painting on at this rate paper details from painting on a novel. Also, I hope you will be able to apply these necks when you work with different kinds of people. Pretty. In this class, you will learn to paint for beautiful painting in simple on easy steps. So, without any further delay, let's get started. Um, equally excited as you wait 2. Materials: the materials that you would need are a novel or any old book. Watercolor bans are watercolor to use, whichever is every label with you. A big round brush on a medium sized brush. I have your size nine and three year fuel paper. Doubles toe. Remove the excess water. I'm cleaned out of water. 3. Know your colors: in this class, I will show you have to Mexico colors. When you're painting or novels, load your brush with water and they equal amount of pain. Make it a thick based. Okay, so this is some medium consistency that I have painted next exam motor and make it a little more than I look. This is a little dilute consistency, and the paper tends to buckle your so avoid using this technique next race concentrated means so we will paint with concentrating Carlos by adding very little water. This can be done while practicing layering techniques. Okay, so the other three techniques you need to remember while mixing the fellows now latest mixed bullshit, apply toe colors on, blend them together with them brush Same way we can do it for three colors as well. Just apply strokes off three colors and blend them with damn bush. Remember, I'm using wet on bright techniques throughout this class. Okay, so let us mourn your next chapter. 4. Techniques: in this way, we are going to look at the individual elements that we will be using in this tutorial. In gets much easier to paint when your practice really well, I will try to break down these elements in the simpler steps so you don't find it difficult doping. Okay, so let us learn how to paint obituary drawn from From bottom photo. You can keep her straight or create a little bent if required. Once you reach the goal part, split the trunk into two or three parts, replicating its branches. I'll be showing you will leave the half part of the three because this is what exactly we will be doing in our painting the wind, some more branches of the previous branches that we've created one tape here I would like to give us as we've awkward make the branches dinner. This will make it look natural. You can darken some branches using dark cocoa, you know, when the bottom of the trunk, with the same color depicting the ground level. I didn't clean water tow. This color helps easy landing. Let us learn to paint the very popular buying three in simple and easy steps Girl Street Lane depicting the trunk on die. The branches on board the sites observed the pattern that I am using to build the branches . I'm following his exact Patton toe pain. The point. This is an easy step toe pain, the leaves departing the Spartan well, as many times as you want 100 drunk, filling the empty spaces so that degree looks more for the next three. We will follow the same method along with some drama. Go easy on arson meetings, toe each, drank on another Z crossing the middle of the previous one. Keep adding many of these execs, the form and old lapping structure replicating a pine tree. The style off painting Bynes is one of the easiest ways that I've learned over the years. It is really beautiful to see these exacts turning into natural looking by increase. Make few corrections wherever required on you are done with the street. Well, we moan. Don't next week draw drunk thicker in the bottom, that is, you have to draw a straight line and keep the bottom particles on. Gradually make it dinner in the top. Start adding the branches one by one, keeping it irregular in shape. Remember, the overall shape should resemble a corn, so I'm gradually hurting the branches. When I'm reaching this lower part of the tree, I'm adding some leave toe the line drawn over here on the big. The same straps toe get a full Audrey. Next is another type of pine tree where we'll be painting the branches in up for direction . I will first draw a trunk and then from the top park, I will start being bingo branches in upward static. And then, as I moved onwards, I will use a ticker stroke. Just press your brush under the paper in different directions. On you will achieve a beautiful pine tree. You can quickly pain the pine tree using this matter. It is really easy. In the next method, I will be painting pine tree by the feeling certain geometrical figures now draw a straight line. I declined. The legs doctor at the golf park repeat the steps by gradually increasing its size on fill in the empty spaces in between. Next week is going to be really very simple. Just I feel random brushstrokes in different places on you were done with this. I know that we have learned various types of pine trees. You can pick a style that you are most comfortable with. Next we will learn to paint. Find forest In pine forests, the trees that are as a from the three point are lighter in color on the ones that are in the middle of slightly darker on the ones that are nearest our darkest in color. So now let's take a diluted tone off green on paint, our first layer off pine trees. I'm rough sleeping Dingle. Find crazier. Just don't give them brief ideal, the fine artist. Before moving on to our final painting. Do practice these elements. It would be really easy for you. Let the first layer dry completely. Then we will want to work second layer. We will paint the second layer by taking a slightly darker tone. That is, by our things are more color to this diluted tone on being the Bynes with the same matador . Now I have the color to the bottom off. The lines are blended, very lettuce lier dry completely. You can get you any number of players by gradually adding that color to it. Next, I repenting the final layer, which will be in its concentrated on Take the same doctors color on blended well with the background to get a smoother finish. So, yeah, we are done with the pine forest. Next we will learn to paint the cityscapes. We will be using the same techniques as off the pine forest By using different tonal values . I will also apply the same new point perspective. The buildings which are far from us, will A pure light in Kanda on one in the middle will be slightly darker on ones which are close to the viewpoint will be in its darkest one. Okay, so let us paint our first layer off cities caves. I'll be painting few rectangles on, then joining them together with the same color. Remember, the rectangle should be all for different sizes. Let this area dry completely. Then we will move on to our second layer. Second layer off the cityscape should be painted for those slightly darker tone. I'm painting the rectangle using the same. Take me. You can even draw on outline off the cityscape on, then fill in the inside wild. Once you're done with painting the rectangles just take the same color on blended well with the background so that we can proceed with the final layer. Remember, every time you paint a new layer, you have to let it dry completely. Then only you can go to the next layer. Otherwise, the last time to bleed into one another, and you Longuet meet edges. Now I'm painting the final layer with the darkest own by using the same techniques that is drawing rectangles on blending it well with the background. Next. Copus learning to pain books No force letters learned to paint a bird which is flying with this being downwards. So draw a slightly career outline like how you would draw amount in when we were kids. Draw another Parton putting the same corners. I fill up the inside areas. So this is how we have been doing the first of all now later Spain, a second world whose wings are facing upwards with the slightly curvy you are. We like structure. No being a zigzag onboard the side join board the ends off the zigzags on in the same make a tail like structure at last, Belinda empty areas inside the outline. Next, we will paint a bird from each side grow and you shape girls depicting its body being that on this area on make it got in size and we will do the further goes by painting through strokes at a time from the same door. Off this go being those drugs in two different directions, I'm finally most this with you can add some more details like legs be on other things, but I'll just draw two tiny lines depicting its legs. Next one. It's been thing Lou style. With random strokes off being, it is basically drawing a V shape on adding small circle toe. Depict the head. It is that simple. There is a shortcut matter as many. You can paint it by marking adores first on the desire location on. Then proceed by joining these dodge, forming a bird's doctor. And then, once you're done with this, fill up the space is with the color off your choices again. You can connect these by straight lines are curvy lines. It's just totally up for you. Okay, so like to spend the next time first paint and old shape on, then on both the sides extent. If it does, the rough you other techniques as well, keep practicing them on. No, it will be easy for you to directly do it on your main painting once you have practiced. So let's no weekly practice these bars. It's super easy to learn and incorporate them in your painting. All you need is a little bit off practice on Qarase tow. Experiment with new things. So next time when you look at the birds flying in the sky, observed their shapes and try to paint them in simple steps, believe me, it's not that difficult. 5. Painting #1 - The moon and Pink Sky: let us get started with our first painting. The colors that I will be using are based all pink darker blues on beach. Okay, so I will choose a fresh page to start our painting. Let me start the painting with base still pink. Use this color in tickle consistency By adding very little Moto applied to Spain dormant The people in the middle region I'm gradually go downwards. Spread the pain evenly. No. Add some peach to achieve lighter shades spirited 12 This idea do not worry. If the paper bubbles up, it will get back to its original state once it dries. Completely painted. Glad you leave the world's its lower half now Just focus on being Dingo Santo part with based on color. Do not keep it, flight. I'd some mix off beach and based on here and there you can leave the bottom part as it is because we will be covering it with pine trees in the darker color later on. Okay, so I have been through this area. Smoot leads next I will be painting in the upper part of the painting with darker colors. I will use Indigo and Co. Barrett blue. I might also add some black in between. Tow a. Do some darker effect. It is good to mix on, create your own shades. I have painted this upper part carefully, but as you can see, there is a sharp look between these two colors, so we need to fix them out. So in order to do that, I will create a smooth transition between them. But how do I get you a transition? I will be mixing bay still pink and blue, which I created toe. Achieve a pistol purple color. We will use this color toe. Build a transition between the two colors, which will give us the smooth on beautiful effect in the sky. Make sure to perform the step when the paper is still well. Now I'll paint some more glue on the top region. Toe at you. Vibrancy in the painting. Let this area dry completely. We will take some warships off blue and made the sky more bright and vibrant and also apply . Some brush strokes are blue color on based on sky to depict the glow, the effect, the colors, Godel ones the day. So we will perform layering on this to achieve greater vibrancy. Now I will repeat the step that is basically going for layering technique. I'm painting a darker blue on the top part of the painting. Doing the step allows us to create a vibrant and beautiful look in the sky. So whenever you want vibrant paintings just over leering, take me. Apply to what really is off. Same color. You will have a vibrant looking beautiful painting. Next, we really pain the foreground layer. I think the same blue paint that we have mixed earlier on paying the lower part randomly covering the remaining area blended smoothly, leaving no sharp edges. I'm painting in the shape off, almost like a girl, because I'm going toe paint. Find trees off different sizes about this play being. Do it thoroughly. Now Let's go Spain. The pine trees. You can use any techniques off your choice, depending on what you're comfortable with. I have used mix off various techniques that have thought in the technique tapper of Leo. Use darkest own toe paint these fine trees because it's gonna look dull once it dries in pine trees off different sizes. Keep some off them smaller, where some of them will be good in size on. Then blend the ends with the background that you have seen there. Now I'm painting the darker phone for the lower part as well. Cover the entire area with the same color blended. Well, now this looks beautiful. You can add some more bimes. Okay, Clean the brush. Let this area dry completely. Meanwhile, I will paint a moon using a white water color. You can use aka legs or wash mean to paint moon and stars. No, I really draw a circle and then will in the inside idea. Remember when you used water colors? It is going to look uh, very light. So you need to be doing some leering work on this that is wanted dries again. Apply some white color. Okay, So now I will be painting some start so that issues ing splattering technique blood. Your brush with white paint Just dab on the area that you want to being. So we are done painting the first layer of the moon. So now I will be painting some tiny details on the pine forest in darker color. So that creates a difference between the two layers. No. Let us paint the lake your we need to create the reflection off the moon on the pink sky. Hence we will be painting it white. Anything in the centre region on keeping the corners duck. Before that, we need to create a base for the league. So let's take some blue color on being dead back evenly throughout the area. On we will be painting is light in color toe the printer reflection. I've some think as well because the color of the sky about the ground level is pink in color. So the reflection is going to be pink pain both the corners with indigo on DACA blue on our some strokes in between to create the depth effect at some highlighter choosing right and wink toe the pig the veils on the deflection off the moon. Do your own island editor and see what works best for you. So yeah, we are done with this painting. Let us move on to our next chapter to learn a new painting 6. Painting #2 - Cityscapes : Okay, so let us learn to paint our second painting. We will be painting a beautiful city escape. In this chapter, you will lead the same colors as the previous being thing. Okay, so let us be in the background now. First, I'll apply some based on and peach color in the center of the piece depicting the beautiful sunset. Blenda colors Well, until you get smooth finished. Look on the upper part of the people. I like some Indian, go to depict the darker sky. Blend these two layers really well on. I've some strokes off the lighter indigo toe the pig. The cloud effect on Avoid keeping it Flak are more layers off, same color to achieve vibrancy on with the diluted indigo, you can add some brushstrokes to create depth in the painting. Let us spend the cityscapes by painting the silver. It's off the building layer by layer first. Later, Spain. The buildings that are very far from the real point. I'll take the lighter shade off blue on draw the rectangular structures keep some of these structures landing. Shame depicting the role stops. We're using lighter shade your because this is which are far from the viewpoint and hence their light in color. We shall paint it in different shapes and sizes to keep it irregular. - Blended well on let it dry completely. Next, we will morninto our second layer which comes somewhere in the middle Eggo indigo color in its maternal range. On repeat the procedure door rectangles off different shapes and sizes. Keep some slopes as well. In between are you can draw some are claims as well on then fill in the inner areas I'm painting inside the airplanes that I was being dead actually being totally on blended well on like a dry before moving on to the last Leo now like to spend the last layer which will be in its darkest own. So I am taking the darkest color or even a black shared will work because we need to show the darkness in the corners of the pending. I'll be using indigo in its darkest tonal value. Lord, a rectangular structures keep it irregular in chief on save this. I have under a dome shape as well in this layer. Feeling the in yours, Leonard, Totally with the Baghlan. So we are done painting this word off the building. Now we shall add some details to these. Since this painting is based on sunset view, I have decided to add some boards. Next, made some bars we call the techniques learned in the techniques after toe easily draw birds in your own state. I'm going to draw some birds off different sizes and shapes, some small and some bigger in size. You may have any number of words, but sometimes less is actually good. I have been landed up hiding so many birds, but it was kind of satisfying and I couldn't stop myself here. Next, I'm going to add some details on the buildings that goes to create some highlight on share doors. This is completely auction and you can skip this. I'm just going toe. Give some borders to the corners. So you have your done with a second painting as well. Next, we will move on door to door painting, so see you there 7. Painting #3 Gorgeous Sunset : In this chapter you will learn toe being glowing sunset Well, the colors that I will be using up a low orange, crimson, red and black Better start a painting By applying Elo on the middle region, you can use any shared that was every label with you. Make sure to make stoppings and tickle consistency. Now take some orange and apply straight strokes off. Pained wherever required. We went around the lower region to create a greedy int between these colors. Once you have applied both the gallows, blend them really well by running or damn brush over the colors blended really well. I'm giving us mood finish now. We will use claim some bread on blended with the orange onboard the sides. - We need our corners to be doctor So we shall make claim some red with black toe achieve a middle A ship being on board the sides on blended really well. The top and bottom part off painting will be really darker, So we will act some more black toe the maroon color that recreating using red and black So that will make it a darker Malone chair. Make sure to create smooth line between all these colors. - Once you're done painting with first layer off colors, go ahead with painting. Second, layer off same colors to achieve more vibrancy in the painting. Keep the middle layer alloys to depict this. Unlike let the colors dry completely. Okay, so our background off the main thing is ready. Let us mourn pain. The foreground. Mayor. We will be painting a tree now, so let's makes the required colors for painting trees. Okay, before we proceed, I'll tell you, feel things about painting trees here. The light here is passing through this area, so the object in this part will appear lighter in color on the area in the bottom. On the top part is doctor, so we'll have to paint the trees in dark. It shoot sort of. That's how you have to maintain the radiance between the darker and lighter radius blended well To achieve the radiant affect in the tree trunk, the branches off the tree are spread in different directions. Use various just drops and avoid painting straight lines. You sums exact movements to create different brush strokes. - Then the tree drunk with the ground Mabel paint another tree, keeping its branches lighter in color and that strong, darker in color. - No , we will add some branches in doctor learn on the top part off the painting and add some branches to it. I think this leaves and for ages will make the three look fuller. That will add to the beauty off the painting, and you can add some more elements, like board or pine trees toe the same bending. That's not guys. We're done with this painting, so let us mourn. But the next chapter on learned to paint our food painting. 8. Painting #4 - Forest and the Moon: In this chapter, you will learn toe paint, a simple and easy beautiful night sky landscape. The colors that I will be using in this painting are or Moshe Lowe lemon yellow, green on black. In the spending, we will create a background first off small Grady INTs between yellow, green and black on. Later on, add some pine trees on this. Okay, so let go start being bingo Baguette On first, I'm painting this Using lemon yellow on one usually go together and straining it in the center part of the people Mix the paint in thicker consistency on Apply it onto the middle of the paper blended really well on its own black Does this go wash alot toe. Make it darker in check. Now apply it right after the local other to have a painter Blenda Poconos reliever No, make some sub green Togo Moshe. So this will give us a beautiful shade painted well. Finally, we will add some black to some green on created darker color on bended at the top and the bottom. But I darker shades on top and bottom which is close to black color. By doing this, we will get a depth in or painting on a local or your will highlight itself, do you? Once the background is ready, we will pay in the foreground the pain. The foreground. Take some diluted SAB green on paying pine trees in a row. This depicts the distinct pine trees later on. Dry on paint, another early or darker color. You can train any number off pine trees, creating depth in the painting. I will be just creating two layers to keep her simple being the pine trees in irregular sizes and shapes, you please let our darker the pig that they are really close to the viewpoint on Once in another life at some distance from the viewpoint eso we are done with painting though foreground trees. Next, we will mourn, hoping the moon and some stars take ample amount off white pain on gross, our killer long semicircle actually the semicircle in the top off the paper I had some white pigment this you can use gosh for acrylic beans. - Next , I will be splattering some stars, so launder brush with implement off white pain, protect the layer off pine trees with the tissue paper on that some pains onto the paper. We will get really beautiful stars on. Yeah, we are done with our paintings 9. Conclusion: I hope you enjoyed watching this class Go find some old novels, books or textbooks on. I'm sure you will fall in love with this process. Don't give it a try on post your project in the project Gallery on Don't forget to tag me on Instagram. I've loved to re share your works in my stories. I'm pleased to leave your valuable reviews that will help me reach more audience. Thank you so much for watching Happy painting on. See you next time.