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Painting on Jeans: Acrylic Artwork on Clothing

teacher avatar Amaya Jade, Artist and Video Creator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Checkered Jeans

    • 3. Paint Splatter Jeans

    • 4. Flower Jeans

    • 5. Star Jeans

    • 6. Wave Jeans

    • 7. Plant Jeans

    • 8. Thank You!

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About This Class

Hi, my name is Amaya!

Painting on jeans is a trend that has been showing up everywhere lately. If you are interested in paint splattering your jeans or painting your own unique artwork on the back pockets, this class is for you! 

In this class, I'll be painting on several jeans, showing you how you can create similar artworks and the supplies you'll need to do so. All it takes is a brush, some acrylic paint, and a pair of jeans. 

You'll be creating:

  • A unique pair of jeans with your own artwork using easy steps from this class.

Even if you're new to acrylic paint, you'll see that it's very easy to use and I'll guide you through each painting process! Hope you enjoy!

Find me here:

YouTube & Instagram





Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Amaya Jade

Artist and Video Creator


Hello! My name is Amaya!

I'm a twenty-year-old artist and video creator. Since 2012 I have been uploading videos to my channel on YouTube (scroll to the end of my page) and now I'm also teaching here! You can find my artwork on Etsy and on my website as well!



My newest class is out now!


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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Amaya. I'm an 18 year old artist and video creator. Painting on jeans is a trend that has been showing up everywhere lately from a paint splattered jeans Teoh full on our work on the back pockets. These genes are being sold at pretty high prices. If you are interested in the paint, splattering your Jane's or painting your own unique artwork onto them, this class is for you. In the class, I'll be painting on several genes, showing you how you can create similar our works and the supplies you'll need to do so. All it takes is a brush, some acrylic paint and a pair of jeans. You'll be creating a unique pair of jeans with your own artwork on them, using simple steps from this class. Even if you're new to acrylic paint, you'll see that it's very easy to use and I'll guide you through each painting process 2. Checkered Jeans: Okay. So for the first pair of jeans, I'm going to be painting a checkered pattern right above the knee. So I have my two paints here that would be using white and black. Got my Jane's right here. I've got the foil to mix the paints on or just put the paints on. In this case, since I'm only using these two colors about water and a towel, and then you'll need your tape. And, of course, your brushes for this pattern, I think I'm gonna be using a pretty small brush. This is a size 12 round. And so this is all you're going to need for the first pair of jeans. Okay, so here are the genes that I'm using. You just wanna lay them out flat? You're just gonna full these up so I can work right above the knee. All right. So for the checkered pattern, you can do them just straight across on just the front of the genes. Or you can also do the back as well. I'm not sure if I'm gonna be doing both sides yet, So once you have your genes let out, you're going to want Teoh tape. I'm just gonna use a long piece like this, and then you're going to go straight across like this. So we're going to do that again, and he's actually might end up going over the knees. So I mean, wherever you want, the pattern to be is totally up to you. Just take this down. And so now this is what you should have. So now we're going to get our paint ready. Also, I forgot to say, before you take down the genes, lay something onto the surface that's gonna be painting on so that you don't get paint everywhere, but I'm about to do that. All right, so here's my paints. Just using black and white. But of course, if you want to use different colors for your checkers and you can totally do that, we can start working on these sketch. Okay, so once you have your genes tape down, you're going Teoh need a ruler and a pencil. So what you're going to do is measure from the top an inch and then you're going to draw a line street across doing that as many times is needed, and then also doing the same thing to the other leg. So once you have all your lines horizontally, you're going Teoh, draw them vertically. Going an inch from the side of the dreams you want, Teoh, Make sure that the lines are go straight and parallel to each other as possible. But it is just a sketch. It doesn't have to be perfect. We will basically just be using these as guidelines for the painting. But the cleaner, the lines, the smoother the painting will look made. All right, so there is that one side done. And now you're gonna go to the other side and do the same thing. Okay, so now on Syria, the painting gonna have my paint right here. Got water right on the side. And also my told you need it. You're just going to start out by what? In your brush? A little bit drying off. I think I'm gonna start with the whites, and then you can just go ahead and start painting. So the reason I chose to show the checkered pattern first is because it's super easy. Super simple. Once you have the sketch, then you only have Teoh fill them in with the black and white or whatever other colors you're using. And also the reason I started with White is because it's really easy toe go over the line accidentally. But since I'm starting with the white first, I could easily go over that with the black later on. So after painting a block in, just go ahead and clean your brush off a little bit so that the acrylic doesn't starts like cake up in it and dry. So now I'm going over to the next white block and filling it in, and you're just going to do this until you've painted in all of the white blocks. You want to make sure that your brush is what, enough so that the acrylic will paint on smoothly. If it's going on a little bit too rough and it's hard to get the color down, then what? Your brush A little bit more. It might be too dry, - so now we want to do. Once the white paint is dry is go ahead and fill in the rest of the blocks with black 3. Paint Splatter Jeans: So the next genes that we're going to be painting are these splatter jeans. These are going to be really easy, fun and simple, but also messy. So make sure that you lay down paper or your painting on a surface such as cardboard. So the pain that I'm gonna be using are the craft smart paints. I have white and three different blues that I'm gonna be using. You can choose whatever colors you want or you could just choose one color and then I have water. You're going to need a little bit more water than you normally use with acrylics because we're gonna need to be able to splatter it. And so it needs to be a little bit watered down. And then, lastly for these genes, we're going to need a big brush. So this is one of my bigger brushes. And since it's flat, it's going to be super easy to splatter onto the genes. So basically all you're gonna dio is later jeans out. I'm using black jeans, but you can go ahead and use whatever James you want. The paint splattered jeans that I have and I wear our light washed. So I'm gonna go ahead and use black jeans to splatter. So I have a black pair. Oh, and then you'll also need aluminum foil again. Or a palette. Whatever you're using to put your acrylic paints onto, place the genes onto the table completely this way so you can go ahead and just slaughter them like this. Or you can tape off the bottom or even the top, Or maybe just like tape off a pattern stripes wherever you don't want to get paint onto, you can tape it off if you want to slaughter them just all over where for like I'm gonna be doing. Then you don't need to do anything else with them. So I think I'm gonna start with White. So I'm gonna dump some out like this, and then you're gonna get your fresh and if it in the water and just drop some water into the P. So you kind of want it to look like this basically just lit up your brush with it and then just take your finger and splattering on like that, and I see people tap their brush like this so you don't want to get your hands messy. Then you can do that. But usually I like to use my fingers because it kind of squatters a little bit better get, like, the lines. So basically the whole time, in order to get good splatters, you want your brush to be loaded with the pain. So get closer to the genes. If you want slaughters that we're gonna be closer together, and then if you want them further apart or larger slashes and want to go higher up. So I think I'm gonna focus the white a little bit higher up on the jeans and then just have it kind of fade out towards the bottom. And then I think that's it for the white. So I'm gonna go wash off my brush in my hand, and then we can move on to the next color. Okay, so I also got a place that I could make some more paint on to. So I'm gonna take my next color, which is gonna be blue, mixed some water into that. All right? And so I'm happy with that amount of blue. So I'll keep this and then add the next shade. Um, using a more see green. Let's actually try and see what this looks like. If I don't mix any water into it, it's a little bit more stringy if you don't add if you don't water it down a little bit. So kind of just depends on the effect you want. If you do like to see the lines, then maybe just skip out of water into it. But I kind of get a little bit more splattered. So a bit of water? Yes, that's much better. Cool. Okay, so I wasn't after this one. Maybe we'll That's all right. So I think I'm gonna stop here. Of course you can keep on going. If you want the genes to be, like, almost completely covered in splattered in paint, you can brush strokes onto it. Also, if you want to make it look more like you were painting in the jeans and you kind of just got it all over you. You're going, Teoh, Let this dry completely under one to flip them over and do the exact same thing to the back If you want. Teoh. That's what I'm gonna dio once this is dry 4. Flower Jeans: on the next pair of jeans, I'm going to be painting flowers, so I'm starting out with white paint to kind of draw an outline of the flower, and I'm using a size around to brush for this. So what I'm doing is mixing a little bit of water into my white paint so that it's easier to paint onto the genes smoothly. So with the paint, I'm just kind of doing a general outline of what the flower looks like. I made an outline of the flowers that I drew and attaches as a file. Under the projects in resource is tab under the class for you to use if you want to paint these flowers. So I have made this outline for anyone who wants to look at it while they are painting. Once you've got the white outline, I'm just starting Teoh fill in the pedals white and then mixing the reds and pinks together . From here on, it's basically just mixing the colors, adding shadows and highlights. It's really not as hard as it looks. It's super simple. I have never really used acrylics before. I've never painted with them that much, and so I'm actually really happy with how these turned out in the end. And so I'm just letting you know that if you've never used acrylics before, you can definitely do this, too. And it's also just a lot of layering. So if you make any mess ups or little mistakes, they're super easy to fix them. Just go back over them with paint. So the reason why I'm feeling everything in with white before I put color on top of it is so that the color doesn't get all muddy looking because it will blend in with the color of the chains. And once again you can go under resource is and ease the template or our line that I attached so that you can paint these specific flowers. 5. Star Jeans: So on the next jeans, I am painting stars, the only color that I'm gonna be using its white. And I'm using a size 10 around brush. So it's super simple. All I'm doing is painting white stars onto the front of the genes. You can do this on the back, on the fronts all over, or you can just do a few simple stars. I covered the whole front with them, so if you don't want it to be, you know that much. Then you can just do a few. So what? The first star I just free handed it. But then I realized that it would take a super long time to paint all the rest of the stars . Doing them free ended as well. So what I did was I took aluminum foil and Drew star, and then I cut it out so that I could use this as a stencil, so that definitely made the whole process of painting these genes a lot faster. So, as you can see here, it's not perfect. When I remove the aluminum, I went back and fixed them with black paint and also using the aluminum foil as a stencil was just like a really quick thing that I figured out it was just the first thing that came to mind when I was like It will make a central. But if you have any other material you could make a stencil out of, then that might be a good idea. I just can never get starts. Look right For some reason, they always look weird to me, but so that's why I made a stencil. But even then, it still wasn't perfect. In the end, I was happy with how these genes came out. So I just place the stencil down and then painted over it with the white. And then once it dried completely, I used black to clean up the edges and make them look a little bit neater. But yeah, you can make a stencil, and that will speed up the whole process a lot quicker. And then all these stars will also look similar to each other. 6. Wave Jeans: So for the next jeans, I'm going to be painting on the back pocket. I'm using a big flat brush and three round brushes, a size 10 size four and a size two. The colors amusing are white black blues, pinks and oranges. And then you'll need tape and then also a pen, as well as water, a towel and something to mix paint on as usual. So the first thing you're going to want to do is tape around the edges of the pocket and then painted completely white. This will give you a nice base and surface to paint on. So what I'm painting on the back pocket is a stylized version of the great Wave off Kanagawa. Those painting is really popular, and I've seen a lot of people paint this on their genes, So I'm trying it out and show you guys how you can do the same. So, like I made a template for the flowers, I also made a template of this drawing. So what I'm doing is just doing a basic sketch of the wave and then adding in all the little details, make sure that the white paint is completely dry before you start sketching so again I will attach this template in the projects and resource is tab underneath the class. So the first thing I recommended you is paint in the background. I'm just using a light pink color. I'm keeping it fairly light at the top and then darkening it as it gets closer to the horizon. And then I also added a few highlights to kind of look like clouds. So I found that it's really easy to paint this by kind of breaking things down into sections and then just focusing on one part of it at a time. So what I'm doing first is painting in the darker parts of the wave so you can see I'm using a dark blue and the blue is the darkest one that I'm using. And then I'm painting streaks, though the lighter blue over that toe add detailed. So as you can see, this is a very simplistic and stylized version of the original painting. I ended up not liking theme or turquoise blue that I used, so I went over it with a more pale blue later on. And then I'm also using that pale blue to go over the shadows on the white part of the wave , so I'm just roughly adding splotches of that on top of the white. So if you don't end up liking something or you do make a mistake, it's really easy to cover up, as you can see here. So then I'm moving on to the bottom part of the wave and adding in the darkest parts first and then painting the highlights over that. So once I have everything painted in, I'm just going over with some white specks toe. Add some detail, do the wave, and then the very last thing I'm doing. You don't have to do this, but I am going over and kind of outlining with a micron pen. But I feel like it looked a little bit more finished once I did this. And then the last step is to remove the tape 7. Plant Jeans: So now on to the final pair of jeans For these, I'm just using white and then different greens, and the brush I'm using is a size two round. Once again, I'm going to be painting onto the pocket of the jeans. For this last pair, I thought I would do something really simple and easy, so I just looked up pictures of watercolor plants and then kind of used to those as reference. But these air really simple. You don't even really need to look at pictures. But if you have anything in specific that you want to paint, then you can definitely use those as reference. I'm just kind, making it look like there are leaves growing out from the pocket and then also on the pocket. So again, I'm using white to start off with, and then I'm going over them with green. So I just decided to repeat the plans and keep them all looking similar. I just painted them different shades of green, and I decided to leave them simple like this, but you can definitely add more and two different kinds of plants. That's about it from the last pair of jeans 8. Thank You!: I really hope that you all found this class super fun and helpful and that you enjoyed it. Don't forget, Teoh. Start your class project and share pictures of your finished genes. I would love to see them. Thank you so much for joining this class.