Painting on Food: How to Take Your Artwork to the Dessert Table | Brooke Likeness | Skillshare

Painting on Food: How to Take Your Artwork to the Dessert Table

Brooke Likeness, Baker and Cake Decorator of good. Baked Goods

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6 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Intro and Supplies

    • 2. Choosing Canvas

    • 3. Testing Colors

    • 4. Rolled Fondant

    • 5. Royal Icing

    • 6. Conclusion


About This Class

This class will give you the skills to transform your artwork into a beautiful edible centerpiece for a party or wedding.  We will be exploring different ways to bring artistic creativity to the dessert table by applying it to an edible canvas. The first canvas will be rolled fondant.  You can use this skill to paint on cakes that are covered with fondant or cut out a shape, such as a circle as I demonstrate, to apply overtop buttercream on a cookie or cupcake.  The second canvas will be royal icing.  We will be exploring this technique on cut-out cookies with a smooth surface such as sugar cookies.  

No matter what you decide to paint, this technique is a great way to personalize your dessert creations for a lasting impression!  





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Brooke Likeness

Baker and Cake Decorator of good. Baked Goods

Trying to find a creative outlet after having her first child in 2012, Brooke enrolled in a local cake decorating class. She fell in love with the concept of cake decorating and baking however, the class left her feeling hungry for more modern and innovative design concepts. With the limits of having an infant, Brooke began researching and teaching herself how to achieve the modern looks she thought up in her head at home.

Brooke immediately began offering her baking services up to...

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