Painting on Candles - A beginning | Stacey Del Fabbro | Skillshare

Painting on Candles - A beginning

Stacey Del Fabbro, Visual Artist

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5 Videos (10m)
    • Painting... a simple beginning

    • Dots and flowers

    • Hearts

    • Candles

    • The end


About This Class

This is a short introduction to decorative painting on wax candles. We will start with a very basic pattern and build on it here, and in subsequent videos. While we start with small dots, they quickly become  balloons, flowers and hearts. Together we will practice on paper then on candles. You can paint along or watch and do it yourself later.






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Stacey Del Fabbro

Visual Artist

I am by no means a master painter but I love to create, write, paint, play music & photograph. I grew up in Montreal, studied there, Ottawa, London, Vancouver and now, Cambridge. My style comes from an eclectic background.

My main medium is acrylics, I paint from the tiniest piece to 5 foot canvases. I love to travel and paint "en plein aire" or outdoors. It has really helped me grow as an artist.

Recently, I began teaching others in workshop/party environments. Most times the ...

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